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The name Zocha is Polish, meaning 'wisdom'. It is a diminutive form of the name Zophia, which is a Polish version of the name Sophia. Sophia is taken from the Ancient Greek name Sophoa, meaning 'holy wisdom'. The ability of wisdom or the meaning of ‘Zofia’, is how a person acts by using both their brain and their heart. In Ancient Greece, Sophia was the goddess of spiritual wisdom, famously prayed to by women in spirituality circles. She is also known as 'The Divine Feminine'. In the Septuagint, which was the Greek replacement of the Bible, the word 'sophia' was used for 'wisdom'. Zophia also has Hebrew roots as it was taken from the word 'hokhmah', which also means wisdom. There are also many other variations to this name such as Sophie, Sofia, Sophia and Zosia.

Movies & TV featuring Zocha


Lauren Socha
Kali Rocha
Alexandra Socha
Munro Chambers

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Zocharti loch

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Zochauer Heideweg

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