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Why Blaziken Nicknames?

If you love someone, you want to call them by cool nicknames. A nickname provides an alternative name and strengthens the bond of friendship. If your friend is a Pokémon lover, there is nothing as good as giving him the identity of his favorite character. Blaziken is a Generation III fire and fighting-type Pokémon with incredible agility and fire-emitting powers. So wing up and read this article to pick your favorite Blaziken nickname for your friend, family, or game character.

Cool Blaziken Nicknames

1. Ares- Ares is the Greek God Of War, and this is a suitable nickname for Blaziken, a fighting-type Pokémon.

2. Billison

3. Blaire- Means 'battlefield', a suitable nickname for the battle-hardened Pokémon.

4. Blake- Blake has several meanings like 'dark', 'black', and 'shining'. Perfect for a fire-type Pokémon.

5. Blakeney- It is a perfect nickname for online games.

6. Blayson

7. Blaze- This nickname perfectly describes Blaziken as it shoots white-hot flames during battles.

8. Blazer- Those who don't prefer 'Blaze' can go for the less common alternative, 'Blazer'.

9. Blesso

10. Blessyn

11. Fiery- It is a term that makes for a cool nickname, as Balziken is a fire Pokémon.

12. Fire Beast

13. Fire Force- A power-packed nickname.

14. Fireblissed

15. Firefighter- This is an excellent nickname for Blaziken because it fights with fire.

16. Flame- Blaziken shoots white flames from its wrist, so this is a perfect nickname.

17. Flare- Another alternative for 'flame'.

18. Hot Wing- Blaziken has wings, and it emits fire.

19. Ignite- As the Pokémon's wrists burn during battles.

20. Ken (Celtic origin)- Meaning 'born of fire', it would perfectly suit Balziken's persona.

21. Knuckles- Flames sprout from the Pokémon's wrists, enveloping its knuckles.

22. Phoenix- the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes would be a perfect nickname for Blaziken.

23. Roaster

24. Scorch

25. Spitfire

26. Ziken- Short for Blaziken.

27. Zuko- from 'Avatar'

Best Blaziken Nicknames

28. Ball Of Flame

29. Blasting

30. Blasty

31. Ember

32. Emrys (Welsh origin)- Meaning 'immortal', is a unique nickname.

32. Fire Dragon- This is a perfect nickname for fire-shooting Pokémon.

33. Firecracker

34. Firehouse- It is a perfect nickname as it houses a lot of fire inside its body.

35. Firestone

36. Flair- Means 'style' or 'verve'.

37. Flaming Gold

38. Flaming

39. Grenade - Because the Pokémon essentially has an explosive personality.

40. Helios- Meaning 'sun', is named after the Greek God Of The Sun.

41. Hephaestus- It is named after the Greek God Of Fire And Metalworking.

42. Icarus- Meaning 'follower', is named after a character in Greek mythology who flew too close to the sun.

43. Ignacio- Means 'born from the fire'.

44. Inferno

45. Nuclear

46. Pyro- Means 'heat' or 'high temperature'.

47. Rage

48. Ruby- Meaning 'deep red precious stone', an apt nickname as Blaziken's body is red.

49. Scarlet- Another word for 'red' that describes the Pokémon's body color.

50. Snapdragon

51. Star fire- Meaning 'the flame of a star', is a good nickname based on a fictional character's name.

52. Torchic- Blaziken is the final form of Torchic, another fire-type Pokémon.

53. Warlord

Creative Blaziken Nicknames

54. Athena- This is named after a Greek Goddess Of War And Wisdom.

55. Bigfoot- As it has strong muscular legs.

57. Eclipse

58. Firepole

59. Firestorm

60. Firetruck

61. Flamethrower

62. Flaming Beast

63. Hercules

64. Ignea

65. Lava

66. Fawkes- The name of the phoenix from 'Harry Potter' who always played with fire.

67. Mega Flame

68. Magma- Refers to the red-hot fluid of lava.

69. Scorching

70. Slayer- This is a term that defines the way Blaziken slays enemies.

71. Solar Flare

72. Solar storm

73. Spicy Flame- Who does not like this nickname? It is perfect.

74. Storming

Funny Blaziken Nicknames

75. Angry Bird- Blaziken is a flying Pokémon, so this nickname is adequate.

76. Ashy

77. Battle Beast

78. Big Flames- The Blaziken is renowned for damaging its opponents with big flames.

79. Blaze Kick

80. Blaziqueen

81. Blazking

82. Boom

84. Extinguisher

85. Fire Pool

86. Fireburst

87. Firepan

88. Firewing- It is an effortlessly funny nickname.

89. Flame-ingo- A funny take on the bird flamingo. It could be used to mean a flamingo emitting flames.

90. Flammy

91. Flamzy

92. Flashlight

93. Flashy- It is another lighthearted nickname.

94. Fried- Bring a good laugh with this nickname.

95. Grey- Blaziken has grey streaks all over its body, so this is a suitable nickname.

96. Hellfire

97. Hyper Flame

98. Kickin Wing

99. Nugget

100. Ra- Egyptian God Of Sun And Fire.

101. Red - The color scheme of the Pokémon.

102. Ryu (Japanese origin)- Means 'dragon'.

103. Smash Fire

104. Valkyrie- A group of people in Norse mythology that symbolizes battle and victory.

105. Vulcan- Roman god of fire and warfare.

106. Wing Fire

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