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Did You Know? 17 Incredible Albertosaurus Facts

Read some excellent Albertosaurus facts in this article

Albertosaurus' name means 'dinosaur found in Alberta'. They were given this name because their first fossil was found in Alberta in Canada. Albertosaurus were huge meat-eating dinosaurs who belonged to the family of tyrannosauridae. They were one of the big tyrannosaurs who roamed the Earth during the Late Cretaceous period around 70 million years ago. It is believed that they were present on Earth until the mass extinction event and then, with the other dinosaurs, they were wiped out. Albertosaurus had a big head equipped with a strong jaw that had razor-sharp teeth attached. They had sharp claws in both their hands and legs for wounding their prey. Albertosaurus tooth is still preserved in museums.

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Albertosaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Albertosaurus'?

Albertosaurus pronunciation is very easy. It is pronounced as 'Al-ber-to-saw-rus'. Albertosauruses were meat-eating dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous period. They resided in the western province of present-day North America around 70 million years ago. These inhabitants of the Late Cretaceous of western North America ate other plant-eating dinosaurs.

What type of dinosaur was an Albertosaurus?

Albertosaurus was a carnivorous animal in the genus of tyrannosaur. They were inhabitants of present-day North America. They belonged to the dinosaur clade Saurischia and Theropoda. These animals were the member of Tyrannosauridae family. They belonged to the subfamily Albertosaurinae and their genus name is Albertosaurus. Their scientific name is Albertosaurus sarcophagus. These predator dinosaurs were very much similar to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In which geological period did the Albertosaurus roam the earth?

In the natural history of dinosaurs, Albertosaurus were flesh-eating dinosaurs who were found in Alberta. They inhabited the earth during the late cretaceous period around 70 million years ago. These meat-eating dinosaur species were big and powerful.

When did the Albertosaurus become extinct?

Albertosaurus inhabited the continent of North America during the Late Cretaceous period. According to scientists, these predators were present on Earth around 70 million years ago and got wiped out during the mass extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous period ending the Mesozoic era, the era of dinosaurs.

Where did an Albertosaurus live?

Albertosaurus dinosaurs were predators who could kill big herbivores. They were present on Earth around 70 million years ago. Albertosauruses were found in the continent of North America. They inhabited the western province around Alberta in Canada.

What was an Albertosaurus' habitat?

Albertosaurus dinosaurs were similar to the meat-eating dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. They were terrestrial predators who roamed their habitats in search of prey. They would have inhabited forest areas and open land areas.

Who did an Albertosaurus live with?

There is no proper information on either they were social animals or not. Some experts say that they had hunted in packs while others say that they were solitary predator species. It is more likely that they were solo hunters. Their fossil remains that were found tell that they were theropod dinosaurs.

How long did an Albertosaurus live?

Studying the evidence, it was clarified that these lizard species had an average lifespan of 10-20 years. These theropods were several feet long and were related to Tyrannosaurus.

How did they reproduce?

Albertosauruses were big carnivorous theropod dinosaurs who lived in the Canadian state of Alberta. We all know that reptiles lay eggs in order to reproduce, now Albertosaurus must have had done the same. They also would have had their breeding season and after mating, they also would have laid eggs in order to bring their new ones to this world. Proper information on how dinosaurs had reproduced is not available.

Albertosaurus Fun Facts

What did an Albertosaurus look like?

Albertosaurus inhabited the earth around 70 million years ago.

Albertosauruses were similar to tyrannosaurs and were inhabitants of North America. Their first fossil remains were discovered in the Canadian state of Alberta. These species of tyrannosaurs roamed the earth during the late cretaceous period around 70 million years ago. These animals were theropods who hunted other dinosaurs for food. Paleontologists say that they were similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex in looks. Their main body features were big and they had a tough skull, a long and flexible spine, strong legs for running, and a big tail for balancing their body. Studying the Albertosaurus skeleton, it was discovered that they were several meters in length and weighed several tons. Albertosaurus skull was huge. They had a big and long nose opening that allowed them to smell flesh from a large distance. The jaws of these dinosaurs were extremely powerful, capable of landing bites with enormous force. And to make their work easier, their jaws had razor-sharp teeth attached to them. These teeth were sharp enough to rip their prey apart. Albertosaurus had a big body with a strong bone structure. They were bipedal in nature, and being theropod lizards, they had hollow bones in hind limbs or legs. They had four fingers on their legs equipped with massive claws for wounding their prey. Unlike the legs, their hands were extremely small with two fingers on them. These hands were mainly of no use. To balance their huge body, they had a heavy and long tails. From the recovered specimens, paleontologists discovered that these dinosaurs had a body length of around 26–30 ft (7.9-9.1 m) and adults weighed around 1.3-2.5 tons (1179.3-2268 kg). In short, Albertosaurus size was huge. It is assumed that Albertosaurus were brown in color.

How many bones did an Albertosaurus have?

Albertosaurus sarcophagus were predatory dinosaurs who were several feet long and weighed several tons. There is no exact information on how many bones they exactly had. They were relative species to the dinosaur tyrannosaurus rex who had around 200 bones in their body. So maybe Albertosaurus also had a similar number of bones.

How did they communicate?

According to paleontologists, Albertosauruses were carnivorous dinosaurs from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation. Albertosaurus sounds are not really known but we can assume that they had a screeching voice growth. They might have communicated through roars and other types of sounds.

How big was an Albertosaurus?

Albertosaurus were members of the family tyrannosauridae and were bigger than most other tyrannosaurs. According to their fossil remains, they were around 26–30 ft (7.9-9.1 m) long and had a weight range of around 1.3-2.5 tons (1179.3-2268 kg).

How fast could an Albertosaurus move?

Albertosaurus could run at a decent speed. As per the specimens, they had a pneumatic bone in their legs. They roamed around their habitat in search of prey and hunted them. Albertosaurus' running speed was around 8.7-13 mph (14-21 kph).

How much did an Albertosaurus weigh?

Albertosaurus roamed around their habitat in search of prey. They were relative species to the mighty tyrannosaurus according to recovered specimens. They were around 26–30 ft (7.9-9.1 m) in length and weighed around 1.3-2.5 tons (1179.3-2268 kg).

What were the male and female names of the species?

There are no sex-specific names assigned to the males and females of this species of dinosaurs.

What would you call a baby Albertosaurus?

Like all other baby dinosaurs, baby Albertosauruses are also known as hatchlings.

What did they eat?

Details that were collected from their specimens say that they were carnivorous in nature. Albertosauruses were ferocious hunters who killed and ate other leaf-eating dinosaurs. It is not yet clear whether they hunted in packs or not but this is clear that they were expert hunters.

How aggressive were they?

Albertosaurus fossils that were found say that they were carnivorous dinosaurs. Now being carnivorous, they must have displayed aggressive behavior. They might have had territorial conflicts. Albertosaurus were around 30 ft (9.1 m) long dinosaurs.

Did you know...

Albertosaurus was named by Henry Fairfield Osborn in the year 1905.

How was an Albertosaurus born?

As per the fossils, Albertosauruses were around 30 ft (9.1 m) long tyrannosaurus like dinosaurs who inhabited the earth during the Late Cretaceous period around 70 million years ago. But there is no information present on how this species gave birth.

How many fingers does an Albertosaurus have?

Albertosauruses were around 30 ft (9.1 m) long dinosaurs from Canada. They were bipedal and moved on two legs. Their hand was extremely small and was probably of no use. There were four fingers in their legs and there were two fingers on their small hands. All the fingers had sharp and pointed claws attached.

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