17 Amazing Arcusaurus Facts For Budding Paleontologists


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In South Africa, remnants of the Arcusaurus were first excavated from the dig site of Spion Kop Heelbo in 2006. The genus is composed of two juvenile specimens of the Early Jurassic epoch. Fragmented fossilized remains of a small skull and some parts of the limb and vertebrae were retrieved from the Upper Elliot Formation in Free State, South Africa. 

The generic name 'Arcusaurus' translates to 'rainbow lizard' as the Latin term 'arcus' implies 'rainbow' while the term 'pereirabdalorum' has been attributed to honoring the discoverers of the fossils, namely Lucille Pereira and Fernando Abdala.

Scientific study reveals a close connection of the Arcusaurus with the Efraasia genus. Paleontologists are yet to confirm the origins and evolution of the genus.

Arcusaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Arcusaurus'?

The pronunciation goes like 'Ar-ku-sore-us'.

What type of dinosaur was an Arcusaurus?

The Arcusaurus was a saurodomorph dinosaur.

In which geological period did the Arcusaurus roam the Earth?

Research reveals that the dinosaur inhabited the planet during the Hettangian-Sinemurian period of the Early Jurassic era.

When did the Arcusaurus become extinct?

The exact timeframe when the population of the dinosaur species was completely erased is unknown.

Where did Arcusaurus live?

The discovery of Arcusaurus fossils from the Elliot Formation hints that the dinosaur dwelled in modern-day South Africa.

What was the Arcusaurus' habitat?

The habitat of the Arcusaurus encompassed the terrestrial ecosystem.

Who did the Arcusaurus live with?

No conclusive assertions can be made as the social behavior of these dinosaurs requires detailed research.

How long did an Arcusaurus live?

The average lifespan of the dinosaurs is also shrouded in mystery.

How did they reproduce?

Probably, it engaged in oviparous breeding like typical sauropods.

Arcusaurus Fun Facts

What did the Arcusaurus look like?

Descriptions of the appearance of the dinosaur are lacking due to deficient data. Therefore, questions on its appearance are quite inconclusive. However, the skull of the juvenile was pretty small. 

Arcusaurus facts are about ancient animals that the world is curious about.



How many bones did an Arcusaurus have?

Fossilized remains of a partial skull and postcranial pieces of two juveniles were found. Therefore, the number of bones that compose the skeletal framework is yet to be discovered.

How did they communicate?

It can be deduced that these Early Jurassic dinosaurs engaged in both vocals as well as visual modes of expression like all other dinosaurs. 

How big was the Arcusaurus?

Unlike other sauropod dinosaurs such as Diplodocus, Barosaurus, and Apatosaurus, the size of Arcusaurus couldn't be estimated because the specimen belongs to a juvenile. 

How fast could an Arcusaurus move?

The movement speed of these juvenile dinosaurs remains a mystery.

How much did an Arcusaurus weigh?

The specimens unearthed from the Elliot Formation in South Africa have shed light on a few elements of the genus, but the weight of the juveniles couldn't be determined because the fossils were fragmented and incomplete.

What were the male and female names of the species?

No specific sex-specific designations are attached to dinosaurs.

What would you call a baby Arcusaurus?

A baby Arcusaurus is commonly referred to as a young. It's also called a hatchling since the babies hatch from eggs.

How aggressive were they?

It can't be stated with surety whether Arcusaurus was aggressive or territorial, although its herbivorous diet hints at non-violent tendencies.

Did You Know…

Researchers confirmed that the type specimen belonged to that of a juvenile because the bones that were extracted lacked the fusions that are commonly perceived in adults.

Arcusaurus is not as complete as the other prosauropod dinosaurs like Aardonyx, which was also excavated from Elliot Formation, South Africa.


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**We've been unable to source an image of Arcusaurus and have used an image of Styracosaurus instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of Arcusaurus, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at [email protected]

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