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SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

Did You Know? 15 Incredible Bahariasaurus Facts For Kids

Bahariasaurus facts on a theropod dinosaur.

There existed a total of 700 species of dinosaurs in the world. Bahariasaurus is one among the same family. The Bahariasaurus is known by its scientific name Bahariasaurus ingens. Bahariasaurus (Bahariasaurus ingens) is primarily a carnivorous dinosaur and fed on insects as well as small animals that existed back then. They lived in the Cenomanian of the Cretaceous time period.

Bahariasaurus (Bahariasaurus ingens) lived in forests, oasis and grasslands and was found in current-day Egypt in the Bahariya formation in North Africa and Morocco in the Kem kem beds of North Africa. These dinosaurs from the late cretaceous period is a dinosaur similar to deltadromeus. The known fossils of these species were destroyed in world war two. This theropod species were large in size and compared to other late cretaceous species like the tyrannosaurus and their contemporary genus Carcharodontosaurus. Bahariasaurus deltadromeus has had long limbs and an overall big structure. For more relatable content, check out these Paranthodon and Nanosaurus facts.

Bahariasaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Bahariasaurus'?

Bahariasaurus ingens was a late cretaceous dinosaur, pronounced 'Ba-ha-ri-ah-sore-us'. Their name means 'Bahariya lizard'.

What type of dinosaur was a Bahariasaurus?

Bahariasaurus belong to the genus theropod found in the Bahariya formation in Egypt and the Farak formation of Niger of North Africa.

In which geological period did the Bahariasaurus roam the earth?

Bahariasaurus lived in the geographic period Cenomanian of the Cretaceous time period. They were predominantly seen in North Africa.

When did the Bahariasaurus become extinct?

Bahariasaurus became extinct similar to other species of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, after living on the earth for 165 million years.

Where did a Bahariasaurus live?

Bahariasaurus lived in the same habitat as the deltadromeus near forests, oasis, and grasslands. They are seen in Bahariya formation in Egypt and the Farak formation of Niger of North Africa.

What was a Bahariasaurus' habitat?

Bahariasaurus habitat constitutes forest range and grasslands where they could find insects and small animals easily. They name in Arabic means northern 'oasis' probably drawing reference to their habitat. They are seen in the Bahariya formation in Egypt and the Farak formation of Niger of North Africa.

Who did a Bahariasaurus live with?

Bahariasaurus lived with other theropods within their habitat range. These species were found along with Gualicho, Aoniraptor and deltadromeaus to form a poorly known clade

How long did a Bahariasaurus live?

The exact age the Bahariasaurus lived is not evaluated. The Bahariasaurus specimen lifespan cannot be estimate.

How did they reproduce?

Bahariasaurus is a theropod dinosaur that reproduces sexually, similar to other species of dinosaurs. They are equally involved in raising their young. The male releases sperm into the female and post fertilization the females lays eggs. The exact number of eggs they lay is not evaluated. They hatchlings are dependent on their parents for food and other requirements.

Bahariasaurus Fun Facts

What did a Bahariasaurus look like?

Bahariasaurus height has not been evaluated. Bahariasaurus is a large dinosaur species. They have an overall basic structure including their head, neck, spine and tail along with their forelimbs and hindlimbs. They have a small face constituting of their eye, mouth and teeth ,which is not as sharp when compared to other dinosaur species. Bahariasaurus deltadromeus had long limbs and an overall big structure; deltadromeus are similar species. Deltadromeus live within the same habitat range. Deltadromeus is a similar theropod dinosaur. Their length is 36.1-39.4 ft (11-12 m).

Bahariasaurus is a large sized dinosaur as per description that lived during the Cenomanian of the Cretaceous.

How many bones did a Bahariasaurus have?

Five different specimen of these species have been found by paleontologists. Bahariasaurus bones constitute their skeletal system. Their skeletal system includes the Bahariasaurus skull, neck, spine, and their tail. They also have a ribcage which protected their internal organs. Their forelimbs are shorter than their hindlimbs

Bahariasaurus skeleton is different from other theropod dinosaur species. The fossil Bahariasaurus remains of such theropods was described by Ernst stromer in 1934. This specimen was destroyed during world war two. Their length is 36.1-39.4 ft (11-12 m). They have sharp teeth, which they used to bite into their prey.

How did they communicate?

This theropod was effective in their communication. They communicated primarily via visual and auditory means. They communicate via body language. They also would have engaged in fights with other species.

How big was a Bahariasaurus?

Bahariasaurus is 36.1-39.4 ft (11-12 m) in length which is around 30 times bigger than that smallest horned dinosaur in North America i.e. Morrison and measures 1.6 ft (0.5 m) in length. Bahariasaurus size comparison is similar to the Deltadromeus.

How fast could a Bahariasaurus move?

Bahariasaurus megaraptor exact speed is estimated to run at 18.6-24.9 mph (30 to 40 kph). This is a relatively good speed for dinosaur species. They destroyed anything that posed a threat to them.

How much did a Bahariasaurus weigh?

Bahariasaurus remains suggest that the dinosaur would have weighed approximately 2204.6-6,613.9 lb (1000-3000 kg). Argentinosaurus was the heaviest dinosaur ever in the world.

What were the male and female names of the species?

Male and female species were not addressed differently. Male and female dinosaur species were similar in appearance and only differed in reproductive functions.

What would you call a baby Bahariasaurus?

A baby Bahariasaurus was called a hatchling since they hatch from an egg. The hatchlings were dependent on their parents until they grew and were capable of living independently.

What did they eat?

Bahariasaurus consumed a carnivorous diet. They consumed a meat based diet on the basis of the insects and animals available within their habitat. The diet of juveniles was similar to its parents.

How aggressive were they?

Bahariasaurusis was an aggressive being and a predatory carnivore. They posed a major threat to their prey and destroyed most things in the process.

Did you know...

Dinosaurs were destroyed as a result of a big meteorite that crashed the earth and destroyed dinosaur species leading them to starvation and ultimately death.

The first dinosaur remains were found in England nearly 11,000 dinosaur fossils. The remains have been unearthed worldwide.

How did the Bahariasaurus get its name?

Bahariasaurus stands for 'Bahariya lizard'. They are a large bahariya lizard. In Arabic their name means northern oasis drawing reference to their habitat where they probably existed. They were first described by Ernst Stromer in 1934 and are found in Bahariya formation in Egypt and the Farak formation of Niger of North Africa.

Was the Bahariasaurus bigger than a tyrannosaurus?

Bahariasaurus is similar to Deltadromeus. Although, the link to their remains is impossible to establish. Their length is 36.1-39.4 ft (11-12 m) as per their remains found. They are among the largest dinosaur species uptil date although most of their fossil was destroyed during world war two.

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