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Found in the Sichuan Basin of China, Xuanhanosarus was a carnivore species from the Middle Jurassic epoch. The species was identified with primitive-looking vertebrae, and was known for its robust shoulder and arms that helped it to catch prey. While the carnivore from China was known to be just like other theropod species, a paleontologist from China, Dong Zhiming, suggested the species to be quadrupedal as the arm length of this species was found to be greater than usual carnivore theropods. On the other hand, other scientists refuted Dong's theory related to this carnivore. Xuanhanosaurus, or the Xuanhan lizard's name, was inspired by its excavation region in China called Xuanhan County from the Qilixia town.

Xuanhanosaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Xuanhanosaurus'?

Xuanhanosaurus is pronounced as 'Shwan-han-oh-sore-us'.

What type of dinosaur was a Xuanhanosaurus?

Xuanhanosaurus was a genus of the Theropoda dinosaurs of the Middle Jurassic age, existing around 167.7-161.2 million years ago. Xuanhanosaurus was identified and named after uniquely being identified as primitive, yet belonging to a new family.

In which geological period did the Xuanhanosaurus roam the Earth?

Xuanhanosaurus roamed the Earth around 167.7-161.2 million years ago during the Middle Jurassic period.

When did the Xuanhanosaurus become Extinct?

Xuanhanosaurus species supposedly went into extinction by the end of the Jurassic period.

Where did a Xuanhanosaurus live?

Xuanhanosaurus' partial skeleton was found in the Lower Shaximiao Formation, based in Xuanhan County, Sichuan Basin, China.

What was a Xuanhanosaurus' habitat?

This theropod dinosaur inhabited terrestrial habitat in China, known to be full of geographical variety such as grassland, dryland, wetlands, marshes, desert, hilly terrains, or forested areas.

Who did a Xuanhanosaurus live with?

Xuanhanosaurus lived at the same time as other theropod and sauropod species.

How long did a Xuanhanosaurus live?

This dinosaur belonged to the Theropoda clade. The lifespan of a Xuanhanosaurus is yet to be estimated.

How did they reproduce?

Xuanhanosaurus, just like other dinosaur species, were oviparous and laid eggs to reproduce. Xuanosaurus' clutch size is unknown, but it must have been similar to other theropod dinosaurs.

Xuanhanosaurus Fun Facts

What did a Xuanhanosaurus look like?

Xuanhanosaurus' appearance is a matter of conflict among paleontologists as many people refuted the popular theory presented by Chinese vertebrate paleontologist Dong Zhiming. Dong Zhiming named the theropod based on the location it was found, studied its partial skeleton carefully, and concluded the dinosaur to have been a quadrupedal meat-eater dinosaur. According to Dong, Xuanhanosaurus' robust arms were used to catch prey and walk as its forelimbs were comparatively big for a carnivorous dinosaur. It had a weight of 550 lb (250 kg).

Xuanhanosaurus was a theropod dinosaur.

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How many bones did a Xuanhanosaurus have?

This theropod species from the Middle Jurassic period is studied based on its very limited skeleton remains without a skull. Only one specimen could be found in the Xuanhan excavation composed of a partial skeleton with one forelimb along with shoulder girdle and fourth metacarpal retention in hand, four dorsal and two cervical vertebrae. The shoulder bones and breast bones were found to be larger than usual theropod dinosaur species, making Xuanosaurus a unique find.

How did they communicate?

Paleontologists are yet to study communication mediums amid Xuanhanosaurus flocks and other species roaming around the same Xuanhan region.

How big was a Xuanhanosaurus?

Paleontologists studied the limited partial skeleton fossils of Xuanhan lizard, drew comparisons with other species, and estimated the Xuanhanosaurus height to be 7 ft (2 m), with a weight of 550 lb (250 kg) and a length of 20 ft (6 m).

How fast could a Xuanhanosaurus move?

Theropod family was known to be among the fast-moving dinosaurs. Xuanhanosaurus is assumed to have moved with a similar speed to other theropods as it has been described to have been an actively mobile species.

How much did a Xuanhanosaurus weigh?

The theropod dinosaur's weight was around 550 lb (250 kg).

What were the male and female names of the species?

Xuanhanosaurus was studied with limited partial remains from the Middle Jurassic age; hence, undertaking the lack of specimens, it is unsure of having a name for male and female species of the Xuanhan lizard.

What would you call a baby Xuanhanosaurus?

There are no specific names created to refer to a baby Xuanhanosaurus.

What did they eat?

Xuanhanosaurus was a carnivore, possibly a meat-eating quadrupedal dinosaur, according to Dong Zhimming. There are no records for its exact food, but the theropod dinosaur may have eaten smaller animals and dinosaurs existing around the same region during the Middle Jurassic period.

How aggressive were they?

Xuanhanosaurus fed on smaller animals; therefore, it is more than likely for the theropod dinosaur to be aggressive and attack other smaller dinosaurs. The Xuanhan lizard is also known to have a robust structure with a large shoulder and breastbone depicting the presence of powerful arms to catch prey and walk at the same time.

Did You Know...

The species was identified by its remains from the Sichuan Basin, China, comprising of front limbs and six seemingly primitive vertebrae.

Dong initially assigned Xuanhan lizard in the Megalosauridae phylogeny. In the year 2009, Roger Benson re-assessed the remains and found the Sichuan Basin species to belong to a primitive Megalosauroidea lineage. Further studies by Benson and his team concluded the species to be the most primitive known member of the Metriacanthosauridae family, though the year 2019 brought another change in the theory. Rauhut and Pol re-assigned Xuanosaurus out of the Metriacanthosauridae family and defined it as the basalmost member of the Allosauroidea superfamily.

The arm length of this Sichuan Basin theropod dinosaur is comparatively larger than other bipedal theropods, which were reduced in the successor theropods such as Tyrannosaurus rex.

Dong Zhiming found Xuanosaurus remains in the year 1984.

Xuanhan lizard arm was supposedly longer and more powerful than other species, with a length of 2 ft (65 cm). The arm of this dinosaur belonging to Theropoda clade was also equally heavy in weight.

Experts considered the idea of pronation of the lower arm of Xuanhanosaurus to be impossible.

What are four-legged dinosaurs called?

Four-legged dinosaurs are called quadrupeds. Dong Zhiming claimed in his study that the Xuanhan lizard was a quadrupedal carnivore dinosaur. Although primitive remains imply a build capable of being a quadrupedal, other paleontologists refuted Dong Zhiming's theory of these dinosaurs being quadrupedal meat-eater dinosaurs. Conflicts still persist among Dong Zhiming's quadrupedal Xuanhanosaurus and the prominently believed two-legged dinosaur Xuanhanosaurus.

Are there any four-legged carnivorous dinosaurs?

There are no four-legged carnivorous dinosaurs found by paleontologists. The Xuanhanosaurus of the Theropoda clade from the Middle Jurassic period, Sichuan Basin, is supposedly one and the only quadrupedal or four-legged carnivore according to Dong Zhiming, but its status is still conflicting. Later paleontologists believed the theropod dinosaur to have walked on two hind legs, just like other theropods, while using the forearms and strong shoulders to catch prey, ultimately denying theory by Dong Zhiming.

We've been unable to source an image of Xuanhanosaurus and have used an image of Megalosaurus instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of Xuanhanosaurus, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at [email protected].

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