11 Amazing Facts About Morenosaurus You Would Be Surprised To Know


The Morenosaurus, an Extinct genus, is a type of plesiosaur that was discovered in California. It was said to be from the Cretaceous era. They were quite predatory. The name of the species, Morenosaurus stocki was given to it to honor Dr. Chester Stock by Samuel Welles based on a holotype specimen. The people behind the discovery of the species are Arthur Drescher and Robert Wallace in the Moreno Formation, Panoche Hills region, Fresno County. The skeleton can be found in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, California.

Morenosaurus Interesting Facts

How do you pronounce 'Morenosaurus'?

The name Morenosaurus can be pronounced as 'Moe-ree-noe-sore-us'.

What type of dinosaur was a Morenosaurus?

Morenosaurus stocki is an elasmosaurid as well as plesiosaur.

In which geological period did the Morenosaurus roam the Earth?

Based on the fossil remains found in the Moreno Formation, Panoche Hills region of Fresno County, California by Arthur Drescher and Robert Wallace, it can be said that the species belonged to the Cretaceous era.

When did the Morenosaurus become Extinct?

The Morenosaurus belonged to the Cretaceous era, however, it is unknown when exactly they became Extinct.

Where did Morenosaurus live?

The Morenosaurus preferred living in large water bodies since they were piscivorous and living in water bodies would give them easy access to food.

What was the Morenosaurus' habitat?

The structure of the Morenosaurus is similar to a plesiosaur pointing towards the fact that they had fins or flippers. They were aquatic dinosaurs who lived in large water bodies.

Who did the Morenosaurus live with?

It is not confirmed whether the Morenosaurus lived in herds or moved individually.

How long did a Morenosaurus live?

The average lifespan of a Morenosaurus is not discovered yet.

How did they reproduce?

There is no evidence that suggests whether the Morenosaurus stocki were mammals or laid eggs.

Morenosaurus Fun Facts

What did the Morenosaurus look like?

The fossils of the Morenosaurus found in the Panoche Hills region of Fresno County, California, suggest that the species was 26 ft (8 m) long. Not much can be said about its head and the length of its neck. The species belonged to the Cretaceous era.

Morenosaurus Stocki was discovered in the Moreno Formation of California.

How many bones did a Morenosaurus have?

Although the fossil of the skeleton found in California is mostly complete, there are still a few bones missing, like the skull, therefore the total number of bones is undetermined.

How did they communicate?

The method of their communication is not yet discovered.

How big was the Morenosaurus?

The Morenosaurus stocki of Moreno Formation, California was about 26 ft (8 m) long. The weight, however, is unknown. In comparison to other dinosaurs of a similar genus, they were medium-sized. They were bigger than Venaticosuchus rusconii.

How fast could a Morenosaurus move?

The species had fins, but their speed has not been discovered yet.

How much did a Morenosaurus weigh?

The weight of this plesiosaur of the Cretaceous period is not specified.

What were the male and female names of the species?

No separate name is given to the male and female species of Morenosaurus.

What would you call a baby Morenosaurus?

No name has been given to a baby Morenosaurus.

How aggressive were they?

The level of aggression of this species is unknown.

Did You Know…

This Extinct genus was named by American paleontology and vertebrate paleontology expert, Samuel Welles, in the year 1943.


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