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13 Best Nashville Nicknames

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The name Nashville contains more than one meaning.

The meaning of the name is 'near an ash tree', or 'near a place called Ash'. Known for the type of country and western music that originated there, the city is the capital of Tennessee.

Nashville was founded in 1779 and named after Francis Nash, a general of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. This is a very eclectic city because the city offers outstanding and various kinds of arts. It is heard that Queen Victoria attended the splendid performance of the Fisk Jubilee Singers, who were from Fisk University in Nashville.

Nashville has many landmarks like the Country music Hall, Centennial Park, Ryman Auditorium, and Bridgestone Arena. The names given in this article have their own unique meaning and have a history behind each and every name and also seeing the characteristics of the city.

Catchy Nicknames For Nashville

The name originated from western culture as the music city or eclectic city, now people of the whole world recognize the home city by nicknames.

1. Cashville - This name is related to the record label based in Nashville founded by the rapper Young Buck from the same city.

2. Gnashville - The name of a singer, could also be the Nashville Predators' nickname.

3. Smashville - Smashville is a town home to the Nashville Predators and is a place where big hockey hits meet the smash hits of country music.

4. The Protestant Vatican - Nashville has over 700 churches, several Christian music companies, a number of seminaries, and is the headquarters for numerous publishing arms, giving it this name.

Cool Nicknames For Nashville

Here are the cool nicknames of Nashville that will surely amaze you. These names represent the place and also create an image within our minds whenever we hear these names.

5. Music City - A city home to many singers and major record labels, giving it the popular nickname music city.

6. Nashvegas - A popular nickname for Nashville is Nashvegas for its Broadway neon lights and lively nightlife that give the feeling of being in Las Vegas.

7. The Buckle Of The Bible Belt - It is home to the largest producer of Bibles and the majority of the population are Christian families or companies.

Unique Nicknames For Nashville

Here are some of the unique Nashville nicknames given below.

8. Athens Of The South - Has over 20 universities, making it the hub of education like the city of Athens in Greece, thus giving it the same Athens of the South.

9. Little Kurdistan - The Iraqi–Kurdish conflict forced the refugees of Iraq to take shelter in South Tennessee, and the town of the Kurdish community came to be known so.

10. Powder City - An old nickname owing to the city's contribution to World War I, thanks to the Old Hickory Munitions Plant built by the DuPont Company that produced black powder around 100 years ago.

Funny Nicknames For Nashville

Some of the nicknames are very funny, so here are some of the funny nicknames of Nashville below down here.

11. The Birthplace Of Country Music - Considered as the place country music was born.

12. The Hot Chicken Capital - Origin of the local specialty cuisine: hot chicken.

13. The Volunteer State - Owing to Tennessee's long history of military service.

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