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The Best BBC Sounds Radio For KS2

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BBC Sounds is an amazing resource for kids to discover new music, podcasts and radio.

The app that accompanies the website is designed to learn from your listening habits, so if you help your kids to download it and get set up, every time they go into it there will be new content tailored just for them based on what they like!

We have highlighted the best of BBC sounds for KS2 kids,  it is definitely worth having a browse yourself to see what your kids might enjoy the most as there is just SO much to discover, hopefully, the bits and pieces we have picked out will get you started! There is quite a bit of educational content on BBC Sounds, alongside the BBC Bitesize content, and there are also 'non-teacher' teaching guides for different subjects, so if you are now finding yourself homeschooling- take a look for some serious inspiration!

A lot of this content can be downloaded to listen to offline, and you can keep an eye on what they get up to using the BBC's parental guidance lock, you can create a pin so that certain topics can't be accessed, which will put your mind at ease and allow the kids to browse freely on their own.


Lockdown is an excellent opportunity to introduce your kids to your favourite music, School of Rock style, however that said, it is also a great time to help them develop their own taste, and learn the joy of discovering something new and passing that on! The BBC has an amazingly broad range of radio programs and playlists available- these are some of our favourites.

Annie Macs Mini Mix and the Power Down Playlist

The Mini Mix is quite simply little snippets of various artists, and a great way to discover new music! The Powerdown Playlist is live pretty late on Monday nights, but can be found on the BBC Sounds app the next day, it's a mix of chilled out songs curated by Annie Mac, new, old and remixes- definitely a good one to relax to after a long day of home school.

6 Music Festival Brittany Howard's BADASS WOMEN

A variety of artists from the 6 Music Festival have curated playlists covering all of their personal favourites. We especially liked this one from Alabama Shakes Brittany Howard, for a major confidence boost and a big dose of inspiring tunes!

Sing-Along Anthems with Rylan

A snappy little playlist of super upbeat fun songs curated by none other than Rylan, definitely one to listen to together!

6 Music's Jukebox

A super cool radio show, usually on at 5 am but all available online, this show is a rare treat of back to back music! A total mix of genres, let the musical education continue!  

YolanDa's Live Jam

You may already be familiar with the wonderful YolanDa from Cbeebies' YolanDa's Band Jam, well this is her radio show where she will be learning about a new instrument in each episode by chatting to a 'mini musician'.

Child listening to BBC Sounds


BBC Sounds has an amazing array of podcasts, lots are suitable for all ages but it's worth having a listen yourself just in case there's a spot of bad language! These are our favourite, a great mix of entertainment, learning opportunities and brilliant storytelling.

Once Upon a Time in Zombieville

This award-winning podcast, now on its second season- has been described as a comic book for the ears! Super inclusive storytelling with two lead characters with visual impairment and dyslexia, Zombieville is ideal for those who might struggle to read, but still love to listen to a great story. It is a little bit on the spooky side so recommend for the older side of KS2, ages 9-12.

Stuck at Home

This is a daily entertainment show, from the radio show Fun Kids. Each episode is between 15 minutes to half an hour so just right for short attention spans! They have celebrity interviews, random facts and things to learn about, and ideas of things to do at home- there are already 30 episodes available to catch up on!

You're Dead to Me

From the creators of Horrible Histories, each episode of this podcast will feature an expert historian, and a comedian to cover historical topics excitingly and hilariously. Updated weekly, with 29 episodes ready to get listening to straight away!

KS2 Child listening to BBC Sounds


BBC Sounds has a selection of audiobooks available, these are updated quite regularly so it is worth checking back. This is a great way for kids to hear the classics, especially if they aren't big readers, audiobooks also help improve vocabulary and spark imagination in much the same way as reading! These books have been uploaded chapter by chapter, so perfect for dipping in and out of.

The Railway Children by E.Nesbit

This classic story was originally published over 100 years ago! The story of three siblings who leave London to live in the countryside after their father mysteriously disappears, they form a bond with the staff of the railway and spend their days waving to the trains and solving the mystery.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

The weird and wonderful world that Alice falls into will spark the imaginations of all ages, and is a lovely book to discover during lockdown-perfect escapism.

Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Introduce your children to Ratty, Mole, Badger and Mr Toad as they have fun on the river, escape from the weasels in the Wild Wood and deal with the antics of the extravagant Mr Toad. This is a well known classic that is a lovely listen for any age.

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