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Cursive 'J' Worksheet

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Students in the third grade areat the perfect age to add some personality to their handwriting by experimenting with different styles.


Cursive J Worksheet.

With this exciting and fun worksheet, third-grade kids can perfect their cursive handwriting, focusing on the letter ‘J’. This worksheet is an engaging activity to trace cursive letters, write them out and repeat them. They can then put this handwriting into practice in sentences.

The sentence ‘Jackson drank juice from the jug’ is constructed to help students write out the cursive ‘J’ in a full sentence including upper- and lower-case letters. This worksheet is designed to build up kids’ confidence in writing step by step. They can then use these skills independently throughout their education!


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Written By
Sarah Hallam

<p>With a Diploma in Education specializing in Fine Arts (Painting) and a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Illustration and Visual media from the University of Arts London, Sarah previously was a London-based teacher who brought her passion for art and culture to the classroom. Her creative endeavors include painting classes and experimenting with new recipes. She draws inspiration from the world around her and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others while sipping a cup of tea.</p>

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