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Early Years Resources

Get your nursery and Reception aged children involved in simple crafts, gently start teaching them to read, investigate science for the under 5s and more.

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Little girl sat at the table doing fairytale arts and crafts.

Fun Fairytale Craft Ideas For Preschoolers

A baby boy is laying on the floor, playing with a soft book.

15 Best Musical Books For Babies

Boy sitting on the floor and plays with wooden tree and garden goods.

17 Fun Frog Activities For Preschool

Mum reading a book to 1-year-old.

18 Perfect Books For 1 Year Olds

A Numicon set to help guide EYFS parents

Numicon Guide For EYFS Parents

Boy reading on the floor following the Oxford reading tree

Oxford Reading Tree Explained For Parents

Braided bands for men

History Craft Learning Activities For Kids

geography craft activities kids

7 Geography Craft Learning Activities That Rock

Star Crafts For Preschoolers

27 Star Crafts For Preschoolers

Rhythm Stick Activities For Curious Kids

11 Firefighter Games For Kids Birthday Parties

Little child holding up rainbow in the sky.

25 Children's Books About Weather