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At this point, many of us are already feeling like seasoned home-schoolers!  

Armed with our weekly but somewhat flexible routines, days spent at home are now jam-packed with new opportunities to learn and explore as a family. So why not squeeze in some easy listening for the kids during downtime?

We all love tuning in to a podcast or radio station and BBC sounds offers an impressive selection of free, fun kids radio shows available to listen to on most devices, at any time during the day. We've highlighted the top picks for key stage 1, from popular stories to music and drama that are sure to help keep children educated, engaged and most of all entertained!

If you also have kids in Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3, we have plenty of suggestions for them too.

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Best Sounds In Entertainment & Comedy

Swashbuckle: Seaweed Radio

Arrrr! Let these popular Pirates entertain the kids and follow their wacky 'sea shanties!' Based on the well-known TV game show, this podcast focuses on music, adventure and lots of fun.

Do You Know

Bored at home? That might be the story a little more often than usual given the lockdown. 'Do You Know' will help get kids thinking about people, places and things as well as creating inspiration to explore all kinds of inanimate objects around the house!

iSpy Sound Detective

Turn the volume down on the speakers, get the headphones out and have your child zone in to help iSpy and Buster solve a big mystery. A great listening experience for those in the 6-7 age bracket, this will enable them to problem solve and feel like they've transported into the story thanks to 3D binaural technology!

The Funny Little Sketch Show

Want to get the kids belly laughing? This is a fun show packed with jokes, silly narrations and a bunch of other stories that will tickle their fancy! A perfect listen for 6-7-year-olds that will lighten the mood and take their minds off learning for a while.

Best Sounds In Drama

The Tales of Beatrix Potter

Who doesn't love the tale of Peter Rabbit? Read by an all-star cast, this selection of popular and classic tales is sure to be a winner and bring back some childhood nostalgia for parents alike. Also, if you have the storybooks at home you can always combine the audio with reading and illustrations to get some of that quality time together.

Best Sounds In Music

Primary Music KS1

Notably, this is the closest exploration of sounds that children may learn at school.  Primary music delves into everything from historically famous people to instruments and songs, the latter meaning you might want to encourage your children to jump up for a jig! Supporting the Key Stage 1 music curriculum, this is already a great resource for teachers and therefore good enough for homeschool parents too! The collection made for 5 to 7-year-olds is broken down into:

History: Famous People - Includes 13 songs each devoted to a 'famous people' from the Key Stage 1 History curriculum.

Instrument Together - A five-part podcast that helps with a structured, fun introduction to the world of instruments.

Music Food Fest - Explores many aspects of food such as growing, eating and nutrition and includes some traditional material adapted in fun ways.

Sun, sea and song! -  A music series for kids based around the theme of the sea with seven songs to learn, including many traditional favourites.

The BBC Teach website has further instructions if you want to incorporate podcasts into a homeschool activity and the upside - it's all free to listen!

CBeebies Radio Station Podcast

Mum and dad have controlled the car radio since forever, so it's only fair the kids get access to a radio station all in the comfort of their own home! CBeebies Radio Station Podcast offers stories, series and songs from all of the popular CBeebies characters and shows. This is sure to be a hit at home and podcasts are uploaded weekly on the BBC sounds website!

Poetry Playtime

A selection of podcasts with an emphasis on poetry, words and rhythm. This is a fun kids listen that will remind children of those all-important sounds and rhyming couplets.

Ten Pieces Story Time

The ideal wind-down podcasts, Ten Pieces Story Time will ignite a new found love for classical music in your child. Cleverly blending storytime with music, the sounds will create a sense of calm along with a sweet story to soothe before bedtime.

Best Sounds In Activities

Stuck @ Home

Recorded in a bedroom, Bex and Conor are in lockdown! Stuck @ Home comes up with an array of things to do and stuff to use in isolation at home, making the news relevant to all. A great podcast for those at the older end of Key Stage 1, it would also make for fun family listening where parents can jot down some ideas to add to the timetable next week! Every episode has three questions at the end to test your knowledge, so make sure you're listening closely...

Go Jetters: Radio Recruits

Want a stimulating way to listen to a fun kids geography lesson? Children who are already familiar with the Go Jetters TV show can look forward to a new offering, guided by Ubercorn! Radio recruits discover famous landmarks around the United Kingdom from Buckingham Palace to Blackpool Tower.

Best Sounds In Factual

Nina And The Neurons: Go Digital

Great for any young budding scientists out there, five neurons come to life to help Nina, a neuroscientist, answer mind-boggling questions. Perfect listening for four to six-year-olds who want to explore how computers work and why robots are so clever!

My Pet and Me

Rory and Ferne explore the animal kingdom - some big, some small, some scaly and furry! Great for little listeners, illustrating the importance of kindness towards animals and looking after a pet at home.


Having just celebrated Earth Day 2020, Waterways might help answer any questions that have surfaced as a result. Kids can listen to ten free episodes on the BBC sounds website exploring H20 in many different ways. After listening to this podcast, those inquisitive little minds are sure to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of water!

Best Sounds In Sport

Sporting Superstars

Hear real-life sporting superstars share their stories and skills that children can even try out at home during lockdown! in a fun twist, stars are interviewed by children who cover topics such as football, cricket, and wheelchair basketball with top tips for how to get involved. Fun and inclusive for all!

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