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With every discovery the experts make about our planet, the more there is to learn! Discover the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, get hands-on with weather and volcano projects and dive into ocean conservation and sustainability crafts.

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Arizona is famous for The Grand Canyon, but there are so many more cool facts to learn about the Copper State.

Fun Facts About Arizona How Many Do You Know

Korea has some beautiful scenery and bustling cities.

Interesting Facts About South Korea How Many Do You Know

Find out all about life in Honduras with these facts.

Interesting Facts About Honduras That Kids Will Love

Wisconsin is home to many lakes, natural springs and rivers.

Fun Facts About Wisconsin For Kids

The Dominican Republic is a popular travel destination thanks to its beautiful beaches.

Facts About The Dominican Republic For School Projects

Iowa is famous for its corn.

Fun Facts About Iowa Get To Know The Hawkeye State

Kansas is the Sunflower State.

Funny Facts About Kansas Let The Sunflower State Brighten Your Day

The giant ferris wheel in London is called the London Eye.

Cracking Facts About London How Well Do You Know The Old Smoke

Nevada is one of the driest states in the United States because of its deserts.

Fun Facts About Nevada All About The Silver State

Detroit is the biggest city in Michigan state, but it isn't the capital.

Fun Facts About Michigan How Much Do You Know About The Wolverine State

Over half of the city of Warsaw was rebuilt after WWII.

Incredibly Interesting Facts About Poland You Have To Know

Vermont is famous for its ski slopes.

Vermont Facts Things You Might Not Know About The Green Mountain State