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Whether your child is interested in the gruesome bits of history, learning about their grandparents' lives or just want to look into your family tree, there are loads of ways you can deep dive into the past and have history lessons at home.

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Hampton Court Palace Garden Side view.

Tudor Ruff At The Ready: Hampton Court Palace Awaits Your Visit

Meet these children who accomplished something truly amazing.

Not Just Greta: Kids Who Achieved Amazing Things

Dinosaur nicknames are fun to read!

80+ Dinosaur Nicknames

It is exciting to know how personalities got some of the most famous nicknames in history.

64 Famous Nicknames In History

Theodore Roosevelt believed that the President's office served as a platform from which he could preach virtue and mobilize the public against the perpetrators of peace.

42 Presidential Nicknames

There are many Mesopotamia nicknames derived from different civilizations.

50 Mesopotamia Nicknames

Medieval style castle - Nicknames

136 Medieval Nicknames