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Originally Published on Apr 03, 2020
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During lockdown, it's really important that the whole family try and get some exercise in. It's a great way to stay sane and is also the perfect activity for everyone to do together. However, getting started and knowing how to workout at home in a way that that suits the whole family can be slightly overwhelming so we've searched the internet and found the best videos to help you if you're struggling with how to do exercise at home. Whether you're a family of beginners or fitness fanatics, there's a fitness video out there for you.

P.E With Joe - The Body Coach TV

The home workout that lots of families are talking about is P.E with none other than The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. He's doing 30-minute live workouts on his YouTube channel every week day at 9am for everyone to get involved with (they are also uploaded as videos so you can watch them later). Joe has designed the workouts to be child friendly so they're great for any age but don't be fooled, that doesn't mean the adults will find them easy! He starts by taking you through a quick warm up then gets straights into the exercises, talking you through with clear instructions and doing them at the same time. Each session is slightly different and they all stay on his YouTube channel so you can go back and do your favourites again. If you're looking for something to get your heart rate up then this is it, Joe combines fun HIIT moves like Superman squats and kangaroo jumps with classics like planks and bicycle crunches to give you and the rest of your family a brilliant workout.

Family Fun Cardio Workout - Popsugar Fitness

If you're looking for a workout filled with positivity and encouragement then this is it. Anna Renderer is joined by some friends for this quick 10-minute workout, it's the perfect short and sweet introduction to exercise or a good option if you haven't got loads of time. Anna takes you through some classic moves like star jumps, frog hops and sit ups but also incorporates some fun challenges to bring out your family's competitive side. This workout isn't particularly hard so is better suited to younger kids or families after a bit of fun rather than an intense sweaty session.

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Home Exercises For Kids - Nuffield Health

If you're looking for something with a bit of a slower pace or just some different exercises to add to your own routine,  this video from Nuffield Health featuring personal trainer Stephen Trussell is a great option. The workout ideas are pretty simple featuring things like shuttle runs and squats so this is perfect for beginners or younger children. Actually seeing kids do the exercises might help to inspire your family and we love the top tips featured throughout. The video itself is only 15 minutes so why not take the exercise ideas and create a little circuit yourself!

15 Minute Family HIIT - Coopers Digest

Join Cooper and his kids for this quick 15-minute HIIT workout, this is another great option for the whole family to do together, no matter what age your children are! There are some fun and slightly different exercises in this video, including squat punches, basketball jumps and punch-kicks which all help to add a bit more excitement to the workout. As well as the warm up at the beginning, Cooper makes sure to incorporate some stretching into the video to give those muscles some much needed relief. Although Cooper is meant to be leading the workout, there are a few moments where it seems like his son has taken charge so why not get your children to lead your session? The kids say its a pretty tiring circuit so let us know what yours think!

Can't Stop The Feeling Dance Tutorial - Kidz Bop

A guaranteed and fun way to get your heart rate up is by dancing. Learning a routine to the feel good hit 'Can't Stop The Feeling' is bound to leave you smiling. The routine involves a whole variety of steps like shuffles and jumps to give you a full body workout. The video itself is only seven minutes long but be aware you may need to pause it at points to master your moves. Some of the steps and the length of the routine means this video is best suited to kids over eight but Kidz Bop have plenty of other videos on their channel to check out. Once you've learnt the routine, why not film it and send it to your friends to show them what you've been up to. What're you waiting for? Get those dancing shoes on!

Mommy and Me Dance Workout - Fabletics

This is another great dance workout but it's slightly easier and focuses more on the exercise than the dancing. Rae and her daughter Harpur do a dance that's fun to follow along to and perfect for kids between 5 and 10. There are a whole range of dance moves from high reaches and quick wiggles so you can make sure you get every body part moving.  The video is less than five minutes too which makes it ideal as a quick way to get active at the beginning of your day. Rae's energy is contagious and she's really encouraging too.

5 Minute Move - The Body Coach TV

If you think going in with Joe Wick's 30-minute P.E lesson might be a bit intense for your family, don't worry, he has plenty of other videos on his channel to get you started. We love the 5 Minute Move series, which are just quick little workouts aimed at kids aged between 5 and 7. They're full of simple moves like high knees and jumping jacks to get your family's heart rate up. Of course, Joe explains each exercise clearly and does it along with you, keeping things fun as you go.

Mommy and Me Total Body Express Workout - LittleFit

Join Kristen and her daughter Indi for this at-home 15-minute circuit. This is a great video for all ages because how hard the circuit is depends on how much you want to push yourself, Kristen even suggests some ways to switch up how difficult the different moves are. The exercises are simple with things like lunges and mountain climbers that will help take you back to basics but also make sure you definitely feel the burn. Don't worry though, Kristen takes you through a warm up at the beginning and some stretches at the end so that you're not aching afterwards.

Saturday Morning Yoga - Cosmic Kids

It can be slightly difficult to get kids to calm down and relax but Cosmic Kids Yoga with Jamie is a brilliant way to encourage them to slow down and learn a slightly different form of exercise. Don't be fooled though, these Saturday morning sessions will still get your heart rate up and challenge you, even if Jamie does make it look easy! Each video is in a different setting and tells a story in a creative and entertaining way, there's everything from the world of Frozen to The Gruffalo! She does a brilliant job at explaining classic yoga moves like downward dog in a way that kids will find engaging and easy to follow. The nature of these videos means they are better suited to children under 8 but there are plenty of other yoga lessons online if you're looking for something for older kids.

Half-Hour Family Workouts - David Boost

Every Friday at 5.30pm join personal trainer David Boost and his family on a Facebook livestream as they show you how to work out together as a family in their Boostys Corona Buster sessions. You don't need any special equipment to take part; just you and some space in the living room or garden! We recommend the workouts for slightly older kids, so they're a great way to get your pre-teens and teens involved in exercise. If you miss one of the live videos, don't worry, as all past workouts go onto their YouTube channel soon after they've been streamed.

So there you have it, nine different home workouts for you and your family to try during lockdown! There are plenty of different exercise options to get your heart rate up and help you stay fit together, just give them a go and see what suits your family best.

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