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KS2 Resources

There are tons of resources available for KS2 kids, whether that's lesson plan ideas for homeschool or crazy crafts they'll love. By the time your child is in KS2 they'll have a grasp on reading and writing, which means online tools are great ways to encourage independence as they take part in the activities without needing too much guidance.

Two key stage 2 kids playing. Image
Proportion And Ratio (KS2) Made Easy For Parents

Proportion And Ratio (KS2) Made Easy For Parents

 Tudor medicine was very different to the practice we know today.

Tudor Medicine, Doctors And Illnesses Facts

Happy family on holiday in Rome standing by the Trevi Fountain, little girl pointing to Roman architecture she learned about in school.

Roman Timeline (KS2): Everything You Need To Know Romans

Close up of hands folding paper to make origami animals, some origami birds lying on the table.

How To Make An Origami Sheep: Easy Guide For Kids

Mum sat with her daughter helping her write out practice sentences to learn the passive voice in English.

Passive Voice (KS2) Made Easy For Parents

Young kids in science class being shown experiments to learn about states of matter.

Solids Liquids And Gases (KS2) Made Easy

KS2 girl lying in the grass reading a book to help her learn about the possessive apostrophe.

Possessive Apostrophe (KS2) Made Easy

An image of a small gold clock which uses Roman numerals.

Roman Numerals (KS2): Everything You Need To Know

Four Viking runes written on blocks on wood placed on rocks.

Viking Gods (KS2) Explained For Parents

Teacher reading to her KS2 class about Stone Age tools.

Stone Age Tools (KS2) Fun Facts And Activities

Young girl standing looking out over the view of ancient ruins in Greece.

Ancient Greece Timeline (KS2): Everything You Need To Know

A family are sat at the table together sharing a meal, the salad they are eating will travel through the digestive system.

KS2 Digestive System: Everything You Need To Know