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KS2 Resources

There are tons of resources available for KS2 kids, whether that's lesson plan ideas for homeschool or crazy crafts they'll love. By the time your child is in KS2 they'll have a grasp on reading and writing, which means online tools are great ways to encourage independence as they take part in the activities without needing too much guidance.

Two key stage 2 kids playing. Image
Happy young girl engineer with helmet holding bluepring isolated on yellow background

How To Make An Origami Sheep Easy Guide For Kids

Mum sat with her daughter helping her write out practice sentences to learn the passive voice in English.

Passive Voice Ks2 Made Easy For Parents

KS2 girl lying in the grass reading a book to help her learn about the possessive apostrophe.

Possessive Apostrophe Ks2 Made Easy

A father and daughter sit together at the table with pens and paper, they are learning about the present perfect tense.

Present Perfect Tense Ks2 Explained For Parents

Mum and daughter lying on the bed reading a book, mum helping daughter to understand figurative language.

Figurative Language Ks2 Made Easy

Mum sat on a bench taking a photo of her daughter who is holding a map.

Settlements Ks2 Explained For Parents

Mum sat at the desk with her son helping him learn about prefixes and suffixes.

Root Words Prefixes And Suffixes Ks2 Explained For Parents

Little girl lying on her stomach on the sofa reading a book for her KS2 book review.

Book Reports And Book Review Ks2 Made Easy

Dad and child resting on the back of the sofa smiling at each other as they talk about synonyms and antonyms.

Synonyms And Antonyms Ks2 Made Simple

Three completed origami penguins, two are black and white and one is grey and white, standing against a blue background.

How To Make An Origami Penguin Easy Step By Step Guide

Hand adjusting the minute hand on a clock

How To Teach A Child To Tell Time With These Easy Tips And Tricks

A mother and daughter are lying down reading a book together smiling, learning about idioms.

Idioms Ks2 Made Easy For Parents