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KS2 Resources

There are tons of resources available for KS2 kids, whether that's lesson plan ideas for homeschool or crazy crafts they'll love. By the time your child is in KS2 they'll have a grasp on reading and writing, which means online tools are great ways to encourage independence as they take part in the activities without needing too much guidance.

Two key stage 2 kids playing. Image
Child and mother learning

Online Ks2 Educational Resources

Young girl listening to a podcast on BBC Sounds.

Best Radio Ks2

Little girl playing with alphabets

Teaching The Art Of Letter Writing To Key Stage Two Kids

Boy assembling multicolored Rubiks cube

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Animals and kids have a special bond.

5 Best Educational Programmes On Netflix For Animal Loving Kids

Child listening to a free funny story on Audible.

Best Free Funny Stories For Ks2 Kids On Audible

Little girl listening to a story on Audible.

Top Free Stories On Audible For Ks1 Kids