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Maths, the universal language! Whether you find maths easy or difficult, there are loads of ways to make it fun. No matter what your ability is, with learning games galore and a focus on making the subject interesting and simple to digest, maths has never been so accessible.

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The number 5 is the atomic number of the chemical element, Boron.

Amazing Facts About The Number 5

Learning addition facts to 20 paves the way for further math skills.

Addition Facts To 20 Explained For Kids And Parents

Basic addition facts are the building blocks of math.

Explaining Addition Facts To 10 To Kids For Parents

Doubles facts are a great way to teach children addition and subtraction.

Doubles Facts For Kids And Parents

Proportion And Ratio (KS2) Made Easy For Parents

Proportion And Ratio Ks2 Made Easy For Parents

An image of a small gold clock which uses Roman numerals.

Roman Numerals Ks2 Everything You Need To Know

Young boy smiling at himself in the mirror to see the symmetry in his face.

Symmetry Ks2 Explained

Father and daughter sat together at the table whilst he explains rounding to her.

Rounding Ks2 Made Easy For Parents

Brightly coloured plastic geometric shapes to help understand translations.

Translations Ks2 Explained For Parents

Young boy at his desk in school writing out improper fractions in workbook.

Improper Fractions Ks2 Top Heavy Fractions

Boy sat at the table doing KS2 fractions in his workbook.

Ks2 Fractions Made Easy For Parents

Dad sat at the table with his daughter helping her with her KS2 maths, with an abacus on the table.

Area And Perimeter Ks2 Made Easy