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110+ NBA Trivia Questions (And Answers): Can You Get A Slamdunk?

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

If you are a passionate fan of NBA, you're in for a treat with this basketball trivia for kids.

We bring to you over a hundred NBA trivia facts in this ultimate NBA trivia list. American basketball has come a long way since it started decades ago, evolving with time, adding rules and regulations as the league saw fit, and forming the stellar teams that are out to compete this year.

As one of the most widely watched televised sports events in the world, the NBA is an irremovable part of America's history and legacy to the world of sports. Every year, legends are born and made, some of whom become immortalized after they perform inhumanly accurate shots and showcase mind-numbing athletic prowess. Test your knowledge with this list of NBA trivia quiz. Why not check out our Super Bowl trivia or NFL trivia for more?

General NBA Quiz Questions

Basketball has been a crucial part of many lives.

As fans of the NBA, there are basketball trivia questions and answers you just have to be able to answer. Before we dive into the NBA hard quizzes, here are a few general terms and facts you have to know about the NBA Championships.

1. Question:  What does NBA stand for?

Answer: The National Basketball Association.

2. Question: How many players does an NBA team have in its roster?

Answer: 15.

3. Question: How many players of the 15 players in a roster are active?

Answer: 13.

4. Question: How many NBA franchises exist as of today?

Answer: 30.

5. Question: How many basketball players from the whole roster will be allowed on the court at a time?

Answer: Only five from one team will be allowed in court at a time, so in total there will be ten people in the court at any given time.

6. Question: In basketball terms, what is a 'starting five'?

Answer: 'The Starting Five' is the first five players who have been chosen to open any game a particular squad plays. These are usually the best players.

7. Question: What is the role of a point guard in a basketball game?

Answer: Also called 'the one', the point guard is supposed to facilitate the scores or dunks for the rest of the team, or for himself.

8. Question: How long does each contest in an NBA match last?

Answer: An NBA match lasts for 48 minutes, making it one of the lengthiest durations ever.

9. Question: How long does a collegiate basketball match run for?

Answer: A collegiate basketball contest would usually last for just 40 minutes.

10. Question: What is the length of a quarter in an NBA game?

Answer: In an NBA game, a quarter lasts for 12 minutes.

11. Question: On what occasion will there be overtime?

Answer: An overtime will be played if there is a tie at the end of a regulation period.

12. Question: How long does an overtime period last?

Answer: Overtime lasts for as long as it takes for a team to win with more points than the other.

13. Question: Who can call a timeout according to NBA rules?

Answer: Either a player in court or the head coach can call a time out and stop the game clock.

14. Question: How many timeouts is an NBA team allowed per half?

Answer: Per half, an NBA team can claim up to six full minutes and one 20 second time out.

15. Question: How many NBA stadiums are there?

Answer: 29.

16. Question: At any level of the game, how long do players inbounding the ball have to pass the ball into play?

Answer: They have five seconds as soon as the referee hands the ball to the player.

17. Question: What is the standard floor dimensions for a North American basketball court?

Answer: 94 feet long by 50 feet wide.

18. Question: What is the length of the three-point line in NBA?

Answer: The three point shot is the longest in the NBA, with shots from the top of the arc being 23 feet, 9 inches from the rim.

19. Question: What are the three parts of a hoop?

Answer: The hoop has three basic pieces; the rim, the net and the backboard.

20. Question: How many referee teams are used in the NBA?

Answer: The NBA always has three-man referee teams.

NBA History Quiz

Any hard basketball quiz should cover a section on the illustrious NBA history that the country has lived through. Iconic players have achieved historical milestones that stand in the hall of fame to this day. Read on to know about such evergreen moments from NBA history.

21. Question: Who is awarded with the title of inventing basketball?

Answer: Dr. Naismith.

22. Question: How many rules did basketball originally have?

Answer: Basketball originally had just 13 rules.

23. Question: When was basketball created?

Answer: 1892.

24. Question: Who invented the shot clock, which ended up bringing life back into the world of American basketball?

Answer: Danny Biasone.

25. Question: When was the shot clock introduced and first used in an NBA match?

Answer: 1954-55.

26. Question: When did the National Basketball Association get its official start?

Answer: 1948.

27. Question. The NBA was originally called by another name. What was it?

Answer: The Basketball Association of America.

28. Question: How many teams did the BAA start out with?

Answer: The BAA started out with only 11 teams, and lost four of them after the first season.

29. Question: The owner of Fort Wayne Pistons is credited for keeping the NBA financially afloat during its initial financial crises. What is his name?

Answer: Frank Zollner.

30. Question: How many teams did the NBA have in 1955?

Answer: The NBA only had 8 teams in 1955.

31. Question: Which team is officially acknowledged as the first expansion team?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls have an official expansion draft, even though they joined after the Washington Wizards.

32. Question: How many championships did the Boston Celtics win from 1957 to 1969?

Answer: The Boston Celtics won a whopping 11 championships in 13 seasons.

33. Question: In which era did we see the Minneapolis Lakers making a comeback?

Answer: They won 5 titles in the 2000s, making their comeback well established.

34. Question: Which is the only period in history that did not have a single franchise winning at least four NBA titles?

Answer: This happened between the 1970s and 2010s.

35. Question: When did the ABA merge with the NBA?

Answer: The ABA was a temporary rival to the NBA and merged with the NBA in 1976.

36. Question: Where was the league founded in 1946?

Answer: New York City.

37. Question: Which is the national governing body for basketball in the United States?

Answer: The USAB.

38. Question: Who is the most recent NBA championship winner, for the 17th title?

Answer: The Los Angeles Lakers.

39.  Question: Who was the first black player to actually play in an NBA match?

Answer: Earl Lloyd.

40. Question: When did the iconic NBA logo featuring the silhouette of Jerry West officially debut?

Answer: 1971, although changes to the typeface were made in 2017.

NBA Players Quiz

Tthe NBA  is made of highly talented basketball players who compete in the NBA championships. From Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan, these names have been immortalized even in the minds of those who are not basketball enthusiasts or avid followers of the League's games. Read on to know about every NBA player who has made his mark in history.

41. Question: The rivalry between these two players during the 1980s helped NBA grow into a widely watched televised program and helped the association cut highly profitable TV deals. Who are they?

Answer: Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

42. Question: The NBA began as a way for NHL owners to make profits on the days when the NHL teams were not playing. True or False?

Answer: True. This is why the first five teams were all in the cities which already had NHL Teams. For example, Boston, Toronto, New York, Detroit, Chicago.

43. Question: Who was the first African American player to get signed for a contract by a team?

Answer: Harold Hunter. He was cut from the team during his time at the training camp and never played for the team.

44. Question: Which player officially broke the NBA's color barrier and became the first non-white player in NBA history?

Answer: Japanese American Wataru Misaka in 1947-48.

45. Question: Which player's decision to switch teams, from Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat, had a whole show on ESPN called 'The Decision'?

Answer: Lebron James?

46. Question: When did Lebron James finally bring the NBA title to Cleveland Cavaliers after he returned in 2014?

Answer: 2016.

47. Question: Which NBA player was awarded the Double Helix Medal for his work in the field of raising awareness for cancer research?

Answer: Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who has been leading with Leukemia since 2009.

48. Question: Who is the youngest player to be drafted by the NBA number one?

Answer: Lebron James.

49. Question: After this player shattered the hoop and the backboard very often, the NBA had to turn, breaking the basket ring into a technical foul. Who is this?

Answer: Shaquille O Neal.

50. Question: ESPN voted this player to be the greatest center of all time, and the second-best player in NBA history after Michael Jordan. Who is he?

Answer: Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

51. Question: Which NBA player had trained under Bruce Lee and appeared in the film 'Game of Death'?

Answer: Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

52. Question: Which player holds the record for career regular-season scoring and playoff scoring average?

Answer: Michael Jordan, with a 30.12 PPG for regular season scoring average and 33.45 for playoff record average.

53. Question: Who is the only athlete ever to become a billionaire?

Answer: Michael Jordan. It was initially Tiger Woods, but due to his cheating scandal, he lost many sponsors, bequeathing the title to Michael Jordan.

54. Question: Who is the first guard to be drafted right out of high school by the NBA?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

55. Question: Which NBA player is ambidextrous and shoots with his non-dominant hand?

Answer: Lebron James is left-handed. He writes and eats with his left hand, but shoots with his right to emulate his idols, Michael Jordan and Penny Hardaway.

56. Question: Who are the only four players in NBA history to have a quadruple-double?

Answer: Nate Thurmond, Alvin Robertson, Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson.

57. Question: Which player got a note from Shaquille O'Neal after he outscored Shaq in every department in 1995?

Answer: Hakeem Olajuwon.

58. Question: How many shots has the shortest player in NBA history blocked?

Answer: 39.

59. Question: Which player got stabbed eleven times in his face, neck and back while trying to break up a club fight, but returned to the court three days later?

Answer: Paul Pierce. He also started 83 games that season for the Boston Celtics.

60. Question: Which NBA player went to medical school before he came to the court?

Answer: Pau Gasol.

NBA Teams

Think you have what it takes to ace this Basketball trivia?

Every year millions of Americans tune in to watch their favorite teams go neck to neck against each other on the basketball court. This would be an easy NBA quiz if we did not delve into the fun facts about the numerous teams who take part in the NBA championships every year. Read on to know more about NBA team trivia.

61. Question: Which team dominated the early decades of the NBA?

Answer: The early years of the NBA was when the Minneapolis Lakers had their golden era, led by their star George Mikan.

62. Question: This team has reached five consecutive NBA finals and won three of them in the past decade. Which team is it?

Answer: The Golden State Warriors.

63. Question: Which two teams have won the most titles in NBA history?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics have won 17 titles each.

64. Question: Which team signed the first African American man in NBA history?

Answer: Washington Capitols.

65. Question: Which team holds the record for NBA's longest winning streak?

Answer: With 33 straight games between 1971-72, the Los Angeles Lakers hold this record.

66. Question: From where do the Denver Nuggets get their name?

Answer: The Denver Nuggets are named after the 19th century mining boom, where many people rushed to Colorado to mine gold and silver nuggets.

67. Question: What is the original name of the New York Knicks?

Answer: The New York Knicks were originally called New York Knickerbockers.

68. Question: Where is the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame located?

Answer: The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is located in Springfield Massachusetts, and is dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of basketball.

69. Question: How many players have the Class of 2019, Hall of Fame, officially inducted?

Answer: 401.

70. Question: Which team had in its roster a three-term senator from New Jersey?

Answer: The New York Knicks had Bill Bradley in their roster.  He won two championships, made one all-star game team, and was a former Democratic presidential candidate.

71. Question: Which two teams played in the game with the largest margin of victory in NBA history?

Answer: Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, on 17 December, 1991.

72. Question: When did the Oklahoma City Thunder win an NBA championship?

Answer: In 1979, when they were playing as the Seattle Supersonics with the coach Lenny Wilkins, against the Washington Bullets.

73. Question: From where do the Indiana Pacers get their name?

Answer: The Indiana Pacers get their team name from the Indianapolis 500 automobile race as well as Indianapolis' long history with harness racing.

74. Question: How many NBA championship have the team Indiana Pacers won?

Answer: Three, in 1970, 1972, and 1963.

75. Question: Where is the team Golden State Warriors based in?

Answer: San Francisco.

76. Question: How many BAA titles do the Golden State Warriors hold?

Answer: One.

77. Question: While playing for this team, Isiah Thomas scored 16 points in 94 seconds and still lost. Which team is it?

Answer: Detroit Pistons, who were playing against the New York Knicks.

78. Question: Who was the first to score 2000 points in a season, and for what team?

Answer: George Yardley scored 2001 points for the Detroit Falcons in 1957-58.

79. Question: Which is the only team to win both the Dunk Contest and the Shootout?

Answer: Miami Heat.

80. Question: Which team had 10-game winning and losing streaks in the same season?

Answer: The Phoenix Suns.

Funny NBA Facts

Like any sport, there have been strange and funny moments in the history of the NBA. To lighten up the tone of this NBA basketball quiz, let's delve into some of the funny moments from NBA history.

81. Question: When was the Nike Air Jordan shoes first released?

Answer: 1985.

82. Question: There was a certain fine that players had to pay if they wore Air Jordans in court. How much was the fine?

Answer: Players, including Michael Jordan, was fined $5000 for each game he played wearing Air Jordans. Nike paid all the fines so that he could keep playing in his shoes.

83. Question: This player's parents had to co-sign his NBA contract because he was a legal minor at the time. Who is it?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

84. Question: Who is the shortest person to play in the NBA?

Answer: Muggsy Bogues, who stood at 5'3.

85. Question: Who is the tallest person to play NBA?

Answer: Manute Bol, who was 7'7.

86. Question: Which team had both the tallest and shortest players in NBA history playing for them at the same time?

Answer: The Washington Bullets.

87. Question: How many NBA players go broke after just five years of retirement, according to a study done by Sports Illustrated in 2009?

Answer: Around 60% of NBA players go broke after five years. This is due to the luxurious lifestyle they get used to while they are playing ball at the NBA.

88. Question: What is Kobe Bryant's middle name?

Answer: His middle name is 'Bean', after his father Joe Jelly Bean Bryant.

89. Question: Which NBA player performed the role of the Grandfather in the Pacific Northwest Ballet performance of the Nutcracker?

Answer: Vladimir Radmanovic from the Seattle Supersonics.

90. Question: Which player was well known for picking up his captain, Meadowlark Lemon, off the ground, throwing him up in the air and catching him?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

91. Question: Where did the three-point shot originally come from?

Answer: The three-point shot was a new rule the NBA adopted in the 1979-1980 season. Before that, it started in the ABA.

92. Question: Tim Duncan has this Disney character famously tattooed on his skin. Who is it?

Answer: Merlin.

93. Question: Which player met his wife at the set of a rap video?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

94. Question: What basketball technique did God Shammgod, a New York NBA legend, pioneer?

Answer: The Shammgod Crossover.

95. Question: How many games did God Shammgod finish before he went overseas to have a successful career?

Answer: 20, with the Washington Wizards.

96. Question: Who is the only coach to win championships both as a college and professional coach at the same time?

Answer: Larry Brown.

97. Question: Which player had the nickname 'The Pink Panther'?

Answer: Toni Kukoc.

98. Question: Which are the only teams to have never moved since the inception of the NBA?

Answer: The Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks.

99. Question: Who has had the most rebounds in a game?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain pulled down 55 boards against the Boston Celtics.

100. Question: Which player is called His Airness and is considered to be the greatest player of all time by many?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

101. Question: Where did the first ever All Star Game take place?

Answer: The Boston Garden was chosen to be the location for the first ever All Star Game in 1951.

102. Question: Who was the MVP in the first all star game?

Answer: Ed Macauley.

103. Question: What is Shaquille O'Neal's rap hit called?

Answer: 'What's Up Doc'.

104. Question: After which player is the Twitter Logo named after?

Answer: The blue bird on Twitter's Logo is named after Larry Bird.

105. Question: Which team retired Wilt Chamberlain's jersey in 2000?

Answer: The Harlem Globetrotters.

106. Question: Who is widely considered to be the best NBA free-throw shooter?

Answer: Mark Price with 90.4%.

107. Question: Who is the only player who had an entire season of Triple-Doubles?

Answer: Oscar Robertson.

108. Question: Who is the only NBA player of the modern era who made it to every NBA All Star game during a period that was actively playing the game?

Answer: Yao Ming.

109. Question: What is Kevin Durant's career high?

Answer: Surprisingly, only 54 points.

110. Question: Which player was drafted by Orlando Magic but was later traded for Penny Hardaway?

Answer: Chris Webber.

111. Question: Kobe Bryant was No. 13 in the NBA Draft for which year?

Answer: 1996.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for NBA trivia, then why not take a look at Olympics trivia, or basketball trivia?

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