70+ Video Game Trivia Questions: How Many Can Your Gamers Get? | Kidadl


70+ Video Game Trivia Questions: How Many Can Your Gamers Get?

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

You're not a video game expert until you've successfully passed this video game trivia gamer test.

If you think you're the best gaming quiz player, it's time to ask the ultimate trivia questions for a true game test. This trivia video game quiz on gaming promises to bamboozle even the most experienced game trivia player quiz experts, so watch out!

Want to know some fun facts about gaming? For example, Nintendo's main man, 'Mario', actually first appeared in the 'Donkey Kong' arcade game on 9 July 1981, and he was named Jumpman! Also, when Mario made his debut in this game, his profession was a carpenter, since the game took place at the construction site. It wasn't until 'Mario Bros.' was established, that his career changed to a plumber, as much of this game took place underground.

If you love this video games quiz, you can also check out our Computer trivia and 'League Of Legends' trivia for more questions about video games.

Best Video Game Trivia Questions And Answers

Which of these video games questions will you get right?

Test your character knowledge of video games by taking this quiz!

1. Question: What is the name of the final course of all 'Mario Kart' video games?

Answer: Rainbow Road.

2. Question: Mario originated as a character in which video game?

Answer: 'Donkey Kong'.

3. Question: Solid Snake is the hero of the famous video game franchise?

Answer: 'The Metal Gear'.

4.Question: Which famous video game franchise is the game 'V-Bucks' from?

Answer: 'Fortnite'.

5. Question: Nintendo began as a company that sold which products?

Answer: Playing cards.

6. Question: What is Pearl's signature colour in 'Splatoon 2'?

Answer: Pink.

7. Question: 'Astro Boy' is which type of video game?

Answer: Action.

8. Question: Which was the first Nintendo console for optical discs?

Answer: The GameCube.

9. Question: How many of overworlds are in 'Cuphead'?

Answer: Four.

10. Question: In 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,' what's the name of Jack Mitchell's best friend?

Answer: Will Irons.

11. Question: Who is the first character you play in 'Injustice 2?'

Answer: Batman.

12. Question: What was the best selling video game in December 2017?

Answer: 'Call of Duty: WWII'.

13. Question: Who's on the cover of the video game 'Madden NFL 18'?

Answer: Tom Brady.

14. Question: 'Fight Night 2004' is a game about what kind of sport?

Answer: Boxing.

The Best Gamer Quiz Questions

If you're someone who spends hours playing video games, take a shot at these online quizzes and learn some interesting facts. You can even time yourself with this video game trivia quiz!

We hope you enjoy this gamers quiz.

15. Question: What was the first video game in the world called?

Answer: 'Pong'.

16. Question: What is the highest grossing game of all time?

Answer: 'Pokémon'.

17. Question: Which French video game company is publishing the 'Far Cry' series?

Answer: Ubisoft.

18. Question: ‘Kingdom Of Hyrule’ is the main setting for which classic video game franchise?

Answer: 'The Legend Of Zelda'.

19. Question: Who is the most famous video game character of all time?

Answer: Mario.

20. Question: In the 'Pac-Man' video game, What's the name of the orange ghost?

Answer: Clyde.

21.Question:  What 2014 game gives you the name, Douchebag?

Answer: 'South Park: The Stick Of Truth'.

22. Question: Which game developer has released four 'Game of The Year' games?

Answer: Todd Howard.

23. Question: What's the best selling video game console of all time?

Answer: PlayStation 2.

24.  Question: What was Mario's first job?

Answer: Carpenter.

25.Question: In which game do players compete in the future version of soccer with cars?

Answer: 'Rocket League'.

26. Question: Which game was published by GT Interactive in 1996?

Answer: ‘Quake’.

27. Question: When was the first 'Call Of Duty' video game released?

Answer: 2003.

28. Question: What is the original first person video shooter game?

Answer: 'Wolfenstein 3D'.

29. Question: Rangers tried to sign which superstar after Alex McLeish was alerted to his ability through the famous video game 'Football Manager'?

Answer: Lionel Messi.

30. Question: Piemonte Calcio represents which real life club in the 'FIFA 20' video game?

Answer: Juventus.

31. Question: The most popular sports video game of all time is named after which former professional coach?

Answer: John Madden.

32. Question: Alongside Universal Interactive Studios, who else developed 'Crash Bandicoot', the video game?

Answer:Naughty Dog.

33. Question: When was 'Super Smash Bros.' released?

Answer: 13 September 2014.

34. Question:  What is the canonical name of the protagonist in the 'Persona 4' game?

Answer: Yu Narukami.

Easy Video Game Trivia Questions And Answers

Let’s try some classic video game trivia. These video game knowledge quizzes are really easy to answer and are loaded with lots of fun. These are computer game quiz questions and answers, see if you can ace them!

35. Question: What is the name of the circular object used to collect Pokémon?

Answer: Poke ball.

36. Question: Where's the best place to meet wild Pokémon?

Answer: In tall grass.

37. Question: What type of Pokémon is the Sand Shrew?

Answer: Ground type.

38. Question: How long did it take Markus Persson to make the first version of 'Minecraft'

Answer: One week.

39. Question: What's a Charged Creeper?

Answer: A creeper that’s been struck by lightning.

40. Question: How do you make obsidian?

Answer: Mix water and lava.

41. Question: When was 'Minecraft' first released

Answer: 7 October 2011.

History Of Video Games Trivia Questions

Ready player one? Are you up to the challenge of our video game trivia questions and answers? You’ll need your wits about you and an in-depth knowledge of the games. Let's see some trivia questions and answers from this '90s video game trivia quiz.

42.Question: When was 'Pong' released?

Answer: 29 November 1972

43. Question: What's the best selling video game of all time?

Answer: 'Minecraft'.

44. Question: What year was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) released?

Answer: 1991.

45. Question: What was the best selling gaming console in 2020 alone?

Answer: Nintendo Switch

46. Question: What year was Nintendo founded?

Answer: 1889.

47. Question: Blizzard Entertainment is best known for which video game franchise?

Answer: 'World Of Warcraft'.

48. Question: What video game company has been working with SONY on the PlayStation?

Answer: Nintendo.

49. Question: What does the name Nintendo mean?

Answer: "Leave luck to heaven".

50. Question: What gaming console did the United States Air Force use to create a cluster supercomputer?

Answer: PlayStation 3 (PS3).

51. Question: What kind of food was the character Pac Man modelled on?

Answer: Pizza.

52. Question: What was the name of the character that would later be known as Mario in the original arcade version of 'Donkey Kong'?

Answer: Jumpman.

53. Question: What's the best selling handheld gaming system to date?

Answer: Nintendo DS.

54. Question: What was the first character from a video game to have a balloon featured in the Macy's Parade?

Answer: Sonic the Hedgehog.

55. Question: What's the most expensive video game ever made?

Answer: 'Grand Auto V Theft'.

56. Question: In what year was the first virtual reality headset created?

Answer: 1995.

57. Question: Which crowdsource funding platform is responsible for the success of the 'Oculus Rift'?

Answer: A Kickstarter campaign raised $250,000 for the once-dead technology.

58. Question: How much did a virtual reality device cost in the '80s?

Answer: $49,000.

59. Question: What's the name of the '30s science fiction writer who predicted virtual reality?

Answer: Stanley Weinbaum.

60. Question: What year was the first prototype developed for a home-based video game console?

Answer:  1967.

61. Question: Which company released the first simulator flight game?

Answer: Microsoft.

62. Question: Which popular dining franchise is Atari's founder responsible for?

Answer: Chuck E Cheese.

63. Question: What role did the creator of the Game Boy originally hold at Nintendo?

Answer: Janitor.

Hard Video Game Trivia Questions And Answers

Try out this modern video game trivia, if you consider yourself an expert of all gaming questions and answers.  We hope you enjoy these classic video game trivia questions and answers? How many of these video game history quiz questions will you get right?

64. Question: What is the name of the fictional world that 'Super Mario Bros' is set in?

Answer: The Mushroom Kingdom.

65. Question: What was the first gaming console to have in-house memory?

Answer: 'The SEGA' Saturn had one MB of internal memory.

66. Question: In what game did the character Sonic appear for the first time?

Answer: Sonic first appeared as an air freshener in the 1991 Sega release, 'Red Mobile.'

67. Question: The reference to the "stolen sweet troll" was a running joke with which game developer?

Answer: Bethesda Software: 'Elder Scrolls' and 'Skyrim'.

68. Question: What was the original name of the gene bank in the game 'Bioshock?'

Answer: Plasmi-Quick Response.

69. Question: What's the name of the planet that hosts the 'Gears Of War' game?

Answer: Sera.

70. Question: What was almost a 'Gears Of War' weapon choice that was abandoned over creative differences?

Answer: The Gun of Chainsaw.

At Kidadl, we have created lots of family-friendly trivia for everyone! If you liked our video games trivia, then why not take a look at Fortnite trivia, or minecraft trivia for more trivia video games lovers will ace?

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