5-12 YEARS

The Bells of London at the Foundling Museum

Make your own bells out of clay at this awesome free Foundling Museum event! You won’t want to miss exploring this totally unique combination of art and music, taking place on one day only.


Next available date:

May 31, 2019
Multiple Days Available

About the event

The workshop is inspired by the new Hogarth & the Art of Noise exhibition, which focuses on William Hogarth’s innovative use of sound within his art. You’ll work with artist Isobel Manning as you take a step back in time and explore the sound of the bells from 18th-century London, uncovering the kinds of noises that Hogarth himself would have heard when he was living in our city. You’ll then get to create your own clay bell to experiment making cool sounds with.


Bring your future da Vincis and Mozarts to this exciting event - you won’t bell-ieve the fun you’ll have!  


This workshop is free for children and up to two accompanying adults, and include complimentary admission to the museum both before and after the session. Book a place on the day.

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