Bake Off: learn to bake cakes and shortbread

Have you and your kids watched a few too many episodes of the Great British Bake Off and now fancy yourselves as the next Mary Berry? With The Avenue Cookery School's cake and shortbread-making workshop you can make this dream a reality!

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Aug 27, 2019
Multiple Days Available

About the event

The amazing chefs at The Avenue Cookery School will be providing you with the best tips and tricks as they teach you how to make a range of wonderful cakes and shortbreads that you'll be able to recreate at home.


This class is the perfect opportunity to get your hands messy, learn some baking, and release your artistic side as you decorate! There will even be a friendly competition during the class to see who's the best cake decorator... could it be you? Of course, the best part is that you'll get to take home your tasty creations at the end of the class.


The workshop will be the most delectable treat for you and your older kids, so don't miss out. The Bake Off tent is calling your name!

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