Warner Bros Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter from King's Cross St Pancras or Paddington

Alohomora! Take your kids to unlock the mysteries that lurk behind Harry Potter’s cloak. From flying on a broomstick, to taking a stroll in Diagon Alley, this Warner Bros studio tour offers an unforgettable, fun-filled family day out.  



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May 21, 2019
Multiple Days Available

About the event

From either Paddington or King’s Cross St Pancras (not platform 9 ¾!), you’ll be transported by bus to and from the enchanting world of Hogwarts. Watch the Weasleys’ kitchen spring to life, feast your eyes on Fred and George’s Puking Pastilles or step into the Forbidden Forest - if you dare! With a treasure trove of Harry Potter gems to discover, this is a day that you muggles will never forget!  

Discover how the special and visual effects teams created filmmaking magic and learn all about how magical creatures were brought to life on screen. From technical drawings to scale models, kids will get an insight into how their favourite film was created. 


Kidadler Ema says: "We have just got back from Harry Potter Studios. I’m not a big fan but my children and husband are! We had the most amazing time, loved every minute of it!!! It wasn’t packed even though it’s half term, we spent 6 hours there and could have easily stayed more! Spent far too much in the shop (soooo expensive) but loved it!"

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