6-12 YEARS

Comedy Club 4 Kids

Comedy-loving grown-ups rejoice! Now's your chance to bring the kids along to see some of the best stand-ups and sketch acts from all over the world without needing to cover their ears. The whole family will be roaring with laughter at the Comedy Club 4 Kids at the Underbelly Festival.



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Jun 2, 2019
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About the event

This brilliant show is guaranteed to please both adults and parents alike, with top comedians doing their usual shows, sketches and jokes without any of the swearing and rude bits. 


The show is totally family-friendly without being patronising, which is especially great for older kids. It's staged pretty much like a normal comedy club, except it's on during the day, kids are allowed in, and the hecklers are probably a lot shorter and cuter than the ones you're used to. 


Now this is a genius idea if we’ve ever heard one! 


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