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18 Astonishing Fear Street Facts That'll Give You Goosebumps

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'Fear Street' is one of the most famous book series by R.L. Stine.

The book series was published from 1989 to 1999. The series has been revived many times, with the latest being 2014.

There are more than 100 books in the series and the spin-off series, based on the original books. These books have also been adapted by Netflix for a series of movies named 'Fear Street 1994', 'Fear Street 1978', and 'Fear Street 1666'. Leigh Janiak has directed and co-written all three movies.

Cast Of Fear Street

Fear Street books have always managed to keep us scared and entertain us. Let's learn about the cast of the movies that are based on the book series.

Gillian Jacobs is probably the most known name to be cast in the 'Fear Street' movies.

Leigh Janiak is the director and co-writer of the movies. Leigh was a teenager in 1994 and took her own inspirations and experiences for the films. She is also from Ohio, like the characters in the book.

Sadie Sink, the 'Stranger Things' fame has appeared in the second and third installments, Fear Street Part Two: 1978 and Fear Street Part Three: 1666.

The first film's cast includes Julia Rehwald, David W. Thompson, Charlene Amoia, Benjamin Flores Jr., and many more.

 Book vs. Movie

The movies are based on the books themselves. There can be some differences which will be addressed in the following section.

The films were first meant to be released by Fox in 2020. However, after the acquisition of Fox by Disney, Chernin Entertainment was allowed to take their movies elsewhere.

The movies were not Disney-friendly, and Disney already had a list of movies to be released soon.

Netflix took over as they already stream the 'Goosebumps' series by the same author.

'Fear Street 1994', 'Fear Street 1978', and 'Fear Street 1666' are connected loosely as a trilogy. Some cast members appear in different films, but the films are set in different time periods. They include a camp murder, witch hunts, and a brutal tragedy.

The films are connected by the fact that they take place in Shadyside, Ohio.

The bookstore shelves in the movie's opening scene are seen with Fear Street books. The author's name is listed as 'Robert Lawrence'. R.L Stine's name is also Robert Lawrence. The book that the woman buys from Heather is called 'The Wrong Number'. The book was published in 1990 by Simon Pulse. It is the fifth book in the original series.

It took just two or three weeks for R.L Stine to write one Fear Street book.

Summary Of Fear Street

Netflix has adapted the books to make a trilogy of movies

Here are some facts based on the summary of Fear Street.

With the arrival of 'Fear Street Part 1: 1994', the audiences are thrown back into a period when the music was good, the stories were scary, and the fashion was simple. In the first film, some teenagers find events that have scared Shadyside for many generations. They find clues to connect these events and fall in danger from the things plaguing their town for centuries.

In 'Fear Street 1978', the story follows Camp Nightwing. There is a huge division among the campers, the counselors, and the staff due to the class divisions between less fortunate Shadyside and wealthier Sunnyvale. A tragedy puts everyone in danger, and they must come together to tackle it.

In 'Fear Street 1666', a colonial town finds itself in the middle of witch hysteria. This leads to witch hunts. All these events have repercussions, and the later generations of Shadyside still find it in their core. The tale goes back to 1994 in this movie, where the teens of the first movie fight the curse that has taken hold of Shadyside. One of the Fear Street movies, 'Fear Street 1666,' is probably based on the Fear Street Saga trilogy. The trilogy deals with Shadyside's history and the Fear family.

A lot of Fear Street spin-offs have been written. The Fear Street Sagas had 16 books that explored the cursed and twisted history of the Fier family. The Fear Street name came from here. Many trilogies are present, including Fear Street: Fear Park, 99 Fear Street: The House of Evil, Fear Street Cheerleaders, and Fear Street: The Cataluna Chronicles. The series 'Ghosts of Fear Street' was written with younger readers in mind.

About Author

Learn some facts about R.L Stine.

The three films are based on the Fear Street books by R.L. Stine. The roots of the stories began in a fight between an editor with another teen horror writer.

The title of the book series was not pre-planned. He thought the name 'Fear Street', in a perfectly normal, suburban town would be an excellent place to be cursed. 'The New Girl' was the first book in the series.

The author was told that a teen horror series wouldn't do well. Today, there are 51 books in the Fear Street series and numerous ones in the spin-offs.

R.L. Stine stopped the Fear Street series in the '90s after 'Trapped'. He only came back to Shadyside in 2014 with 'Party Games'.

There was a lot of body count in the book series. It was something that wasn't done before.

R.L Stine says that the depth his characters lack in the books is deliberate.

There is much to learn about the author, the book series, and the movies on Netflix. Fear Street books and the film series are well-known worldwide for people who love teen horror stories.


Why is it called Fear Street?
The title comes from the name of a street in Shadyside.

Do people like Fear Street?
Some of the books have been bestsellers and are loved by people worldwide.

Was Fear Street based on a true story?
The stories are fictional, even when a real Shadyside exists in Ohio.

How many fear streets are there?
There are three movies in the series.

What is Fear Street 1994 based on?
The story is not based on a single book by R.L Stine. However, there are influences from the initial book in the Fear Street Cheerleaders saga called 'The First Evil'.

Is Fear Street connected to Stranger things?
Although the stories are not connected, a few actors appear in both series. The director of the movies is also married to Ross Duffer (part of the Duffer Brothers who created 'Stranger Things').

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