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25 Ever-So Curious Twenty One Pilots Facts For Skeleton Clique

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Music may mean many things to people and may sometimes redefine the lives of individuals too.

That is the power of music we are talking about here. We discover how a powerful piece of music can be and transcend regional, cultural, and social barriers to connect human beings all over the world.

One of the pop groups that have caught the attention of their fan base is Twenty One Pilots. Twenty One Pilots is a two-member American pop band originating from Ohio. The band members currently are Tyler Joseph, who features as the lead vocalist, and Josh Dun as the drummer.

The Twenty One Pilots are famous as they have connected with the audience through expressive and meaningful music. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun's music portrays the fear and insecurities a person has to deal with in their life. The fans of Twenty One Pilots are called Skeleton Clique.

The meaning of the Twenty One Pilots band name finds its origin in the Arthur Miller play named All My Sons. All My Sons was a play in which the play's protagonist is torn by a moral dilemma that forces him to send faulty aircraft parts to World War II, resulting in the death of 21 pilots.

The lead character in All My Sons by Arthur Miller kills himself at the close of the play. The message conveyed by the band's name here is that people always need to be reminded that they have the choice to choose the easy path to wrong calls or the arduous path to the right decisions.

They should constantly strive to be virtuous in life. Twenty One Pilots portray the 'Ø' symbol on their album Blurryface, which has roots in Danish and is a citation to Søren Kierkegaard, alternatively called the father of existentialism.

Have you discovered enough facts about Twenty One Pilots yet? Read on to keep yourself engrossed in rare deep-rooted facts about Twenty One Pilots you could ever find.

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Twenty One Pilots: Origin, Member, And History

Twenty One Pilots was forming its seeds of inception when Tyler Joseph recorded his first solo project called 'No Phun Intended' in the year 2007. Nick Thomas, a high school buddy of Tyler, contributed through guitar to his songs in the project.

Later, Tyler got acquainted with Chris Salih at a party at the Ohio State University, and Tyler, along with Nick Thomas and Chris Salih, went to become a three-member band conceptualizing their ideas into music and lyrics. The band began in 2009 with them releasing their first album named Twenty One Pilots.

Twenty One Pilots initially gave performances at various venues like clubs in Columbus and also drew attention with their quirky costumes and stunts on the stage. Josh Dun was a friend of Chris Salih who collaborated together for a few musical efforts in church Five14. So when Nick Thomas and Chris Salih left the band in 2011 to pursue their personal aspirations, Josh Dun joined Twenty One Pilots at the behest of his music buddy Chris Salih.

Did you know what Tyler Joseph's favorite movie is? As per Tyler, Donnie Darko is his favorite pick of movies. Josh Dun, on the other hand, loves to watch Fight Club. Twenty One Pilots were on their own to promote their albums, with even instances where they promoted their second album known as Regional At Best free of cost to all spectators at the Albany High School in Ohio. From distributing their albums for free at the Albany High School to being signed up by the Atlantic Records in 2012, they put tremendous work into their music to get where they are today.

At a personal level, we know that Twenty One Pilots are not a couple. They are happily married to their respective spouses. Tyler married Jenna Black in the year 2015, and they have a daughter named Rosie, born in February 2020. Drummer Josh Dun is married to the American actress and singer Debby Ryan.

Awards Won by Twenty One Pilots

With the wide array of performances and music videos to their credit, are you interested to know more about Twenty One Pilots and their achievements? Let us find more information on the awards won by the artist duo.

It is interesting to note that Twenty One Pilots have been nominated 127 times, out of which they bagged awards 36 times.

Some notable wins to mention are the Best Artist of the Year and also the Best Album of the Year title for Blurryface album in 2016 at the Alternative Press Music Awards. At the same forum, they took the Most Dedicated Fans award in the year 2017. At the American Music Awards (AMA), they won the Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock title in 2017 and 2020 too. In 2016, Twenty One Pilots were the Favorite Duo or Group – Pop/Rock at AMA's.

At BBC Radio 1, they stole the limelight for Jumpsuit and won the title of Hottest Record of the Year. Between 2016 and 2017, they won seven awards at the Billboard Music Awards. Twenty One Pilots have a Grammy award for their song Stressed Out in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category. They also have four awards from the MTV Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

Twenty One Pilots are only the third artists' duo recorded in history with two singles simultaneously featured in the Billboard Hot 100 breaking into the top five.

The Genres Performed By Twenty One Pilots

These great performers' duo has been under the radar of autotune critics. Twenty One Pilots use a very mild version of autotune in their songs, but some of the songs have been known to employ heavy autotune too. So apart from this fact, let us understand what genres of music are have been touched upon by these famous artists.

Twenty One Pilots have six studio albums to their credit. Their commercial success came from their fourth album, Blurryface. They have been under the Atlantic Records subsidiary Fueled By Ramen since 2012. They perform genres like alternative hip hop, alternative rock, pop-rock, electropop, and the likes. They have the unique distinction to be named alongside Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Twenty One Pilots are only the third set of artists, along with Elvis Presley and the Beatles with a rock act to feature two singles simultaneously chart on the Billboard Hot 100 in the top five.

One interesting anecdote to share here would be Tyler was a part of the Killers concert raking the lawn. He had his eureka moment, and he claimed he wanted to be the next Brandon Flowers and quit and left the scene. There was no looking back for Tyler from here.

Famous Songs By Twenty One Pilots

Did you know all the songs featuring on the first album of Twenty One Pilots, also going by the same name, were created by Tyler exclusively? This album also becomes the only album the ex-band members Thomas and Chris Salih feature on. So let us now discover the famous songs that keep us hooked on the Twenty One Pilots playlist.

A fun fact about the Twenty Pilots will be that their music video for the song House of Gold features Will Smith's ranch in the city of LA, California. Air Catcher and Addicted with a Pen are their famous songs from their first full-length album, Twenty One Pilots. Their second album, Regional at Best, featured a song called Anathema, which had lyrics captured from Tyler's album, No Phun Intended.

Car Radio was one of the most well-known songs from their third album, Vessel. It was written when Tyler had his car radio stolen. Blurryface was the game-changer for Twenty One Pilots. Lane boy, Stressed Out, Heavydirtysoul is a few of the famous singles from this legendary record album.

Lane boy is also one of his favorite songs for Tyler to play from the Blurryface album. Jumpsuit, Bandito, Levitate are the memorable compositions from the fifth album called Trench. It touched upon some sensitive issues like mental health, self-doubt, and issues faced by teenagers. The recent album in 2021 was labeled Scaled and Icy.

Popular singles from Scaled and Icy include Level of Concern, Choker, and The Outside. One interesting facet of the album is that it was produced by Tyler from his home studio while Josh provided his contributions remotely. The period of song production was coinciding the Covid 19 pandemic.

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