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31 Important Facts That You Should Know About 2012 Inventions!

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Modern-day inventions are life saviors and become a big part of our day-to-day lives.

Innovations these days might not be drastically life-changing, but it's always great to have advanced technology helping us make our tasks easier. On this list, we have 31 such amazing innovations from 2012.

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What technology was invented in 2012?

This article details some of the prominent and tested technologies of 2012.

3D printing technology: Formlabs developed an ultra-precise 3D laser-based printer at a more consumer-friendly price range in 2012. People can now print three-dimensional objects to decorate their homes. Forks or plates can be 3D printed in no time at all!

Talk gloves: People who are deaf or mute can now communicate with people who do not understand sign language while still signing by means of sensors. The sensors in these gloves recognize the signs in their fingers. The gloves have 15 flex sensors that can recognize sign language and translate it into a text message and then convert it to spoken speech. This was created by a team of Ukrainian students.

Focused Ultrasonic: Imagine combining the detection capability of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with the power of ultrasound waves to create something truly amazing. The ultrasound process uses MRI guidance to heat and kill diseased or damaged tissue, helping to control tumors or other growths, like uterine fibroids, using high-intensity concentrated sonic energy.

Google Glasses: This smart eyewear brand consists of an optical head-mounted display shaped like a pair of glasses. Google Glass is a hands-free smartphone that shows information in a smartphone-like style. Wearers use natural language voice commands to communicate with these devices.

2012 Inventions Timeline

The list of the best inventions of 2012 was released in 'Time Magazine'. It included the following breakthroughs.

The indoor cloud by Berndnaut Smilde is an art in itself.

The following two items on the list are for DIY enthusiasts. A tractor was built by Marcin Jakubowski in six days. The second is the 4v MAX Gyro, which is a motion-activated screwdriver. The screwdriver potentially detects wrist motions in the same way that a smartphone or a Wii controller does.

LiquiGlide, the invention that will transform the world for ketchup junkies everywhere, is also on the list. This plant-based material generates a surface that allows anything to slide off.

The OraQuick home HIV test is next on the list. The test can identify the antibodies that suggest an HIV infection with a swab of saliva and a 20-minute wait.

Gabriele Diamanti designed the Eliodomestico solar water distiller as well. This was an advancement in solar-powered distillation technology.

Talking gloves are the next invention on the list, and they are designed to assist people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Next on the list is the new Tamagotchi, Techpet. Bandai's Techpet is an app that connects to a dog-shaped dock and recognizes motions and voice commands.

The Curiosity Rover Mars vehicle and the Z1 Space Suit, which provides extended radiation protection, are also on the list.

Baxter is another robotic construct that is featured. Rodney Brooks designed Baxter, who is ideal for light duties like packing or sorting and even has a face!

The Nike Flyknit Racer is also one of the year's top creations.

The next item on the agenda is self-inflating tires. Internal pressure regulators in these Goodyear tires pump air back into the tire.

Bounce Imaging is another incredible development from this year. This orb provides a complete view of a burning building or a hostage situation to police and firefighters.

Women's body armor is next on the list.

Google's next invention was the Google Glasses.

The MakerBot Replicator two, a 3D desktop printer, is the second computer-related item on the list.

Next up is the Switchblade Drone. The two-foot (61 cm) drone can be carried in a bag, and the pilot receives a visual feed from the drone to assist in aiming it into a precise target.

Bendable phones were a new concept that Samsung invented.

Many advances were made in different fields in 2012, from computers to new features on existing technology.

Best Inventions Of 2012

2012 is known for some of the most awe-inspiring inventions that ever happened.

The company QinetiQ was developing an integrated breathalyzer. QinetiQ created a sensor for your car that would help in testing the blood-alcohol concentration in your exhaled air in real-time.

A new type of suitcase that it follows you about was made. Technically, it is following your smartphone. The luggage has three receivers that interact with an app on your smartphone through Bluetooth, and it just follows the phone signal.

Another invention considered to be among the best invention of 2012 was the indoor cloud, designed by Dutch artist Berndnaut Smild, where he created a way to make a small, perfectly white, fluffy cloud in the middle of a room.

Additionally, just like the inventions of 2012, 2011 also saw remarkable creations like the flexible solar panels, the stark prosthetic hand, Siri integration into iPhones, DIDO eliminating the need for cell phone towers, and the medical mirror, to name a few.

Very Useful 2012 Inventions

An invention of any kind is usually beneficial to the future development of humankind. Some of them, however, excel at this.

The innovation of the tumor suppressor is of vital importance and use. The Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen is a carbohydrate structure found on the surface of many cancer cells that appears to play a key role in tumor spread. A mouse antibody, developed by UB scientists, binds specifically to this antigen, stopping its function and greatly lowering cancer spread in mouse studies.

One potential solution developed by UB medical and engineering experts was a method for producing customized blood artery segments that are programmed to regrow virtually normal blood vessels when implanted into patients.

These have had valuable inputs in the field of medical science that are of prime use.

Non-technical 2012 Inventions

Not only did the year see advancements in technology, but there were also many non-technical inventions!

One such creation was the destroyer of superbugs. When administered alone, Hamlet, a protein-lipid complex found in breast milk, had weak antibacterial properties. When used in combination with other antibiotics, however, a powerful synergistic effect developed, making germs more sensitive to medications.

Professor Kripa Varanasi and his MIT team created a material called LiquiGlide, which coats the interior surface of bottles and allows ketchup and mustard to slide out easily.

Artist Berndnaut Smilde devised the art of creating an indoor cloud in the center of a room, just like in nature. Of course, it needs considerable planning; the temperature, humidity, and illumination must all be precisely calibrated. A fog machine is used to create it.

Surely it must have been fun learning these interesting pieces of information!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 2012 inventions, then why not take a look at 2009 inventions or 2007 inventions?

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