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3200-Year-Old Tree: Fun Facts About The 'President' Tree

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When we compare ourselves to the environment around us, the Sequoia National Park reminds us how big the world is and how small we are.

The President tree, named after President Harding, is one of the giant sequoias found here. It is the third-largest tree in the world and the oldest known living sequoia, standing at 3200 years old and nestled in the Giant Forest.

This is not the tallest tree or broadest giant sequoia tree in the world, with an altitude of about 247 ft (77.28 m) and a base diameter of around 27 ft (8.2 m). It is the second-largest plant in the world, evaluated by trunk density, and the world's longest-living sequoia, at about 3,200 years old. The thickness of its trunk was approximately 45,000 cu ft (1,300 m³  ) when measured in 2012, with an added 9,000 cu ft (250 m³ ) of branches. In 1923, the tree was given the name after President Warren G. Harding.

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Amazing Facts About The President Tree

The President is the world's third-largest tree by trunk density and the oldest-known living sequoia, dating back about 3200 years.

The Hyperion tree, a coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), is the world's tallest known living tree. This redwood is 379.1 ft (115.54 m) tall. That is significantly greater than the Statue of Liberty, which stands 305 ft (93 m) tall. The location information of this tree is shrouded in secrecy to safeguard it from harm. On the other hand, the largest tree is the General Sherman tree, a giant sequoia with a density of 52,508 cu ft or 1486.8 m³. Because of its massive size, this tree has earned the well-deserved headline of the World's Largest Tree. The trunk of giant sequoia trees is the widest on the planet. Somewhere at the foundation of some trees, the outermost part of the bark is over 2 ft (0.60 m) thick.

Giant sequoias can defend themselves against natural hazards, enabling them to thrive for thousands of years. The tannic acid in their sap serves to protect the trees from bacteria and fungi rot, protects from parasitic infections, and serves as a fire repellent against minimal burn injuries.

The President Tree is a 3200-year-old tree still standing on the ground.

Unusual Facts About Sequoia Trees

The trunk of the giant sequoia tree has very little combustible pitch or resin, so if it were to catch fire in a forest fire, the circumference would prevent flames from contacting the wood within it.

Giant sequoias not only stay alive but thrive in forest fires. When a sequoia grove burns, the high temperature opens up cones on the jungle floor, releasing the seedlings within it. The fire consumes any stored up bush or deadwood on the earth, leaving over nutritionally beneficial ash where the saplings can grow and thrive.

Sequoia Tree Location Facts

The exact location of the world's oldest-known living sequoia is kept hidden from the public and the internet. This is done to protect the tree from woodcutters or others who may want to harm the tree.

Giant sequoias have some very particular weather specifications, so much so that they naturally grow only in a limited 55.66 sq m (144.16 km2 ) strip of blended conifer forest on the western flank of the Sierra Nevada mountains, mainly at elevations ranging from 5,000-8,000 ft (1524-2438.4 m).

Funny Facts About The President Tree

The President tree is so tall that it cannot be captured in a single picture. It has very rarely been captured in one complete picture.

The President tree actually benefits from forest fires. While all the other trees die in the fire, the President tree flourishes in these fires. The fire helps in clearing weeds, and the ash provides the ground with nutrients that help saplings of the president tree grow better.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created many interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 3,200 years old tree: fun facts about the "President" tree, then why not take a look at facts about trees or the oldest Bonsai tree.

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