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43 Father's Day Facts To Know Before You Buy Your Dad A Present

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Fathers are the ones who give us life, happiness and fulfill all our wishes. 

They are the ones who help us achieve our dreams and also see us grow as humans. So, Father’s Day is the time to celebrate your king’s birthday as a father figure in your world. 

Father's Day is that day of the year when you should make your father feel appreciated and loved. While Father's Day is a worldwide appreciation day dedicated to fathers, how you celebrate a father's special day to make him happy and feel respected might be different from how someone else celebrates. Children often celebrate this special day with activities to honor their fathers, grandpa, or any father-like figure they have in their life. Let's learn about what Father's Day actually is and other details related to its celebration.

Facts About Father's Day

The US President Calvin Coolidge first proposed the idea of celebrating Father's Day officially in 1924. The president of America signed a public law that the third Sunday of June should be celebrated as Father's Day. Further, in 1972, President Richard Nixon again signed a new law to give permanent recognition to this day as national Father's Day. 

Other facts associated with Father's Day include that Father's Day is at present the fourth most popular holiday after Christmas for greeting cards. When we talk about some fun Father's Day facts, then you probably don't know that there are almost 1.5 billion fathers all across the globe. Most cards and gifts purchased on Father's Day are purchased for husbands and grandfathers. This special Sunday event is often celebrated with Father's Day gifts which bring a profitable business to many gift shops in America.

Father's Day History

The Father's Day history dates back to 1910 in a place called Spokane, Washington. It began in the country of America by Sonora Dodd.

She was 27 years old, and she was the one who proposed the idea of Father's Day to honor her own father. She aimed to appreciate her father's effort, especially as he brought her up after her mother died while giving birth. Her father's birth month was June, so she decided to celebrate this day every year in the same month on the third Sunday. 

Father's Day is a wonderful occasion to gift greeting cards.

Things To Do On Father's Day

Father's Day is that time of the year when you can bring your whole family together for a holiday full of fun activities. If your father is an adventurous soul, then you can celebrate this day with a campfire, eating favorite dishes, showering him with gifts, and listening to your father sharing his fondest memories and stories with you and his family. Apart from that, you can host a lawn game tournament. The game tournament can include your father's favorite games!

One special thing which kids and fathers might bond over is the Marvel Universe. Maybe you can celebrate this Father's Day by streaming all the Marvel movies together. Don't forget to order some good food to top it all off.

There are plenty of things to do to enjoy Father's Day in the most loving and fun ways. All you need to do is to take some time out and plan things. 

Father's Day Significance

When we talk of the significance of Father's Day, we mean it is a celebration of fathers' love. This Sunday special event is a crucial day in which children celebrate by honoring fathers and celebrate fatherhood to appreciate the influence of fathers in society. 

Fathers do so much for their children and family and the least we could do for them is to mark a day dedicated to them and have a special Father's Day celebration. The importance of a father figure in a kid's life is truly unmeasurable. Instead of a holiday, this is more of a day to spend time with your father and thank him for all the love and care he has showered upon you. The main significance of celebrating a special day for fathers is to remember that in kids' lives it's not just the mother who looks after them, but the father equally plays an important role. 

In short, we can say that Father's Day is all about honoring and appreciating the joys of fatherhood and the bond between a father and his child. So, celebrate Father's Day to make his day ultra-special. 

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