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55 Algeria Fun Facts We Bet You Didn't Know Before

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Among the many African countries, if you check the Algeria map, it is the one that the Sahara Desert covers extensively.

Algeria is a north African country, but the country is not just a desert. It is a country rich in culture and history, and some other interesting Algeria facts.

Algeria has many natural resources. Petroleum, natural gas, zinc, and iron ore are some of the natural resources found in this place. The country is also known for its petroleum and natural gas exports. There are many petrochemical and mining industries in this place. Even if the place is covered by the desert in great amounts, it is still rich in culture and exports. Let us learn some interesting Algeria capital facts to understand this beautifully rich African country a little better. Read on and discover the beautiful land of Algeria.

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What is Algeria known for?

The Democratic Republic of Algeria is a country situated in North Africa. It is the largest country in Africa. The capital city of this country in north Africa is called Algiers. Algiers is also a city with some interesting facts.

The capital city of North Africa is the third-largest city in the whole of Africa. The capital of Algeria is also the main seaport in the country. The capital city has a rich history and is known as the 'Casbah of Algiers'. There are the remains of many empires and palaces in this place. The remains of citadels, old mosques, and ottoman style palaces make this city rich in cultural heritage. The shiny white buildings in Algiers gave it the nicknames of 'Algiers the white' and 'Algiers the Dazzling'.

There are many famous monuments in this capital city. One of the most famous monuments is the Notre Dame d’afrique. Among other African countries, a large part of Algeria is covered by the Sahara Desert, and the little land left for the population consists of the large city of Algiers. The city of Algiers and the nation of Algeria are rich in history. Algeria used to be occupied by Roman civilization. Some of the places in Algeria used to be Roman town areas. The Roman ruins of the Roman empire are proof of that. The northern regions of Africa also have a rich export culture too. The capital city is a coastal region of Algeria.

The currency of this country is the Algerian dinar. Algeria has no external debt to other countries. There are two well-known Nobel prize winners from Algeria. Albert Camus and Claude Cohen- Tannoudji are Algerian Nobel prize winners.  Algeria is not bad at sports either. Since 1964, they have competed in all the summer Olympics, winning gold medals for the country. The country has won five gold medals and 17 medals altogether. There are seven UNESCO world heritage locations in Algeria. Al-Qal’a is a historic citadel that Napoleon visited in 1860.

What is interesting about Algerian culture?

If we are to talk about Algeria's cultural facts, there are plenty of interesting facts to discuss. Algerians live in the desert, but their hospitality is a famous feature.

You will feel very welcome in this African country. What are some of the customs in Algerian culture that make us feel very welcome?

Algeria is a country known for its cherries and dates. Algerian dates are extremely famous around the world. The Sahara Desert and the mild climate provide the right climate for these tasty dates. It is one of the popular gift choices when people visit Algeria. Algerian women and men wear dresses worn by Muslim Arabs. The nation has a rich culture of hospitality. An Algerian home will always welcome visitors.

The Algerian cuisine and tasty dishes are a bonus for the visitor. There are tea rooms inside every house in Algeria. The Algerian mint tea is famous. It is also known as Moroccan mint tea. The Algerians always welcome people to have a cup of tea with them. It is also customary to bring a gift when visiting a house for the first time. Algerians are primarily male-dominated with a clearly defined gender role. The men work and the women take care of the house and children. But it is not a rule in Algeria. In fact, the female student population is greater in Algeria than in any other country. 70% of Algeria's judges are women. In Algerian culture, it is considered impolite to have direct and honest conversations.

Being polite and formal is well appreciated over anything else. Algerians live a simple life, and their hospitality is what makes them stand out from other countries. Very few countries have a rich culture with hospitable customs. Algeria is one of those countries. when you visit an Algerian house, you will always be treated to a meal. You can enjoy the national dish of Algeria, called couscous, during such visits, along with some tasty dates and cherries.

Interesting cultural facts about Algeria.

Is Algeria a free country?

Presently Algeria is known as the people’s democratic republic of Algeria now. But this wasn't always a free country. They gained their independence in 1962.

The country of Numidia (now Algeria) was ruled by Romans, Germanic tribes, Turks, the Spanish, and the French. The reason for Algeria becoming one of the UNESCO world heritage sites is because of this. There are many architectural UNESCO sites with cultural importance in this nation. The main exports from Algeria are fossil fuels. Between the 8th and 11th centuries AD, Islam came into Algeria and the social and economic condition of Algeria changed drastically.

The influence of Islam is still prominent in the country. The French conquered Algeria in 1830 and ruled it till 1962. The French defined the borders of Algeria. Although the French ruled Algeria, there were some Muslim colonies that still remained separate from the French. In the two world wars, the Muslims fought with the French, but after that, from 1954 to 1962, the Muslims fought against the French for their independence. Finally, in 1962, the country gained independence from the French and became a free country. The Algerian flag represents the struggle for freedom for the Algerian people, along with some other cultural symbols. With the French gone, Algeria became the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.

What language do they speak in Algeria?

We have learned many Algeria fun facts, let's learn more. Since Algeria is a UNESCO world heritage site, it would mean that many cultures have been there in Algeria.

When there are many cultures, it affects the language as well. In terms of language, what is the official language of Algeria now? Is there more than one language?

The official languages of Algeria are Arabic, Berber, or French. Most of the Algerians speak Arabic, though. Algerian Arabic is called 'darja'. The official religion of Algeria is Islam. Algeria is among the Islamic nations of the world. The legal system of this largest country in Africa is based on the French court system and sharia law. The World Bank puts Algeria in the category of middle-income nations, which makes it self-sufficient and not poor. Algeria was occupied by many empires, but the influence of Islam is seen even now.

After Islam prevailed in the country, the French conquered Algeria. That is when the French language became more common in these regions. But even after the French occupation, Arabic survived in Algeria. After the independence of Algeria, the language spread even more. French is used in some business matters even now. The Berber language in Algeria has different dialects like Amazigh or Tamazight. English is spoken in Algeria, but it is not the official language of the country. The schools teach English as a language as well. Since nowadays, English is almost an essential part of our lives, the language is also taught in Algeria. But the primary importance is given to the Arabic language.

The national animal of Algeria is the fennec fox. The national football team is named after this national animal. The football team is called ‘les fennecs’. The fennec fox is a small desert fox with large ears.

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