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69 Fun Things To Do In Minecraft Whenever You Are Bored

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By far, one of the best video games available right now has to be Minecraft.

The video game Minecraft was developed by Mojang Studios, and it's classified as a sandbox game. To play the game, you require to build things inside the world and also take part in quests or adventures to fulfill goals.

Even though the game was first released in 2009, it was fully introduced to the market in 2011, and since then, it has been breaking the charts. Minecraft is quite a creative game, with different modes such as the survival mode and the creative mode, so you always have an option to get interesting gameplay.

As of 2021, Minecraft has almost 140 million monthly users. The best part about Minecraft has to be the unique 3D blocky design. This game can surely be played alone, but many people like to use the multiplayer function to interact with their friends. Having said that, constant gameplay can often drain you of ideas regarding what to do in the Minecraft world.

Hence, we thought of giving you an idea of things to do in Minecraft creative when bored, along with other tips. So, do keep reading if you want to know about several fun things to do in Minecraft.

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Fun Things To Do In Minecraft Survival

There are several things that you can do in the Minecraft survival mode, so let's break it down into a list.

If you haven't already, the next time you feel bored, think about digging a quarry. To make it happen, you will need to dig till reaching the bedrock. Do remember to gather wood and prepare some digging tools before beginning to dig the giant quarry.

Now, most of you must be playing Minecraft survival in the normal mode. But, if you want a bit more push, definitely try out the hardcore mode, as it provides access to many more cool things. Yes, in such a mode, the mobs leave much more damage, and you will need to ration food to avoid dying from starvation. Do remember that dying in this hardcore mode means that you can only return back to the spectator mode.

Have you already tried and aced the hardcore mode? Then do think about trying the ultra-hardcore mode. One of the biggest challenges of this mode is that you are restricted to single life.

Whenever you are bored of playing Minecraft, think about building an army. All you need to do is to jump on the server and talk to other players to form a strong army to take over the Minecraft world.

If you have never done it before, then try out exploring the world when it's night in survival mode. Just remember to keep enough survival tools and food with you while going on such adventures.

It might be hard in real life to think about building a giant statue, but it's always a great idea in Minecraft. Along with gathering the usual blocks, try using some other stuff to give it a special look. The statue of a giant sword seems like a cool idea.

Try to find a pixel tool to create pixel art from a picture, and then use dyed wool and your other favorite textures to form pixel art in Minecraft.

You can try to build a rollercoaster in the overworld by using rails and supercarts.

More advanced players can actually make the rollercoaster in the nether, and you may even mix a portal in-between the worlds to travel via the rollercoaster.

Try to create Redstone circuits to open up more horizons in Minecraft build.

Build a secret base inside any well.

Have the courage to play with TNT or try blowing up a village with it.

When you play Minecraft in multiplayer mode, try wreaking havoc in the village or area of someone else.

Try getting into the creative mode and build a sky base.

You may not have space to have huge libraries in real life, but in Minecraft, you can get into the creative mode and try building the library from Beauty and the Beast.

Enter the creative mode, and construct a 12 x 12 box that is three blocks. Then, take the help of spawn eggs to create villagers and zombies, and you can enjoy seeing them fighting it out.

If you are in multiplayer mode, take to a few people, and get someone who has access to the creative mode. Then, create a circle in an area, and summon creepers using spawn eggs, and fight them. It should keep you busy for a while.

Fun Things To Do In Minecraft Alone

If your friends aren't online and you need to play Minecraft alone, don't worry as there are a lot of things that you can do, including building cool things.

Have a village? Think about assigning custom banners and nameplates to all the houses. You can also give the village a brand new look by upgrading the amenities present for the villagers. Also, try adding better houses and maybe a wizard tower.

You can build a mob farm and also add a mob arena. Then have fun fighting them off all alone.

Get into the creative mode, and think about building a whole resort. You can add pools, gambling areas, cottages, camp-grounds, a detailed fountain, a wooded area, hiking paths, and even a ticket area.

If you have enough farm animals, think about building a race track to see the animals compete.

You can even build an animal pen up in the mountain and live like a wandering shepherd.

Try building a 400+ block rail that would go to and from your mine and back to your home or base.

One of the most interesting and adventurous things to do when alone is to go squid hunting.

If you are still a beginner in playing Minecraft, think about exploring the Nethers.

Find the highest point in an area, and build a tower over there.

A crazy idea would be to build a town underneath huge jungle trees. You can make an area for it by removing bushes and small trees.

If you have always cherished the idea of building treehouses, use the creative muscles to make some in a forest area.

Make a colorful candy house and add a witchy character to it.

Create your very own historical zombie scene by clearing out some area in the forest and by adding a zombie wearing diamond armor and carrying a diamond sword. Now, add some screaming citizens, and your scene will be ready.

Go to a desert area and build an oasis surrounded by tropical trees. You can even add a floating island to provide more details.

Make the biggest wheat farm you can imagine and watch it grow.

Collect as many diamonds as you can and build a palace out of it.

Create an elaborate volcanic wasteland using lava formations and lava blocks.

Take up the monk challenge where you need to defeat your enemies without using any weapons and just your fists.

Try building a scary scene and put large skeletons while keeping the lighting as dark as possible.

Demarcate an area in the forest and make a tribal village with tree houses and rope bridges.

Build a prison to trap in all the mobs you can find.

When you have enough mobs, build an area that releases mobs on its own.

Recreate your home in Minecraft and try to make a similar interior.

Create a wolf army by trapping as many wolves as possible.

Try to capture yourself the best nether fortress.

Use the area of your nether fortress to make it look like the overworld.

Use custom trees and tree stumps to create a mysterious forest setting.

Another stupid yet cool thing you can try is to visit the iron farm of another member and punch a golem to see what happens.

Go mob hunting in the nether world wearing your best diamond gear.

Get into creative mode while playing Minecraft.

Fun Things To Do In Minecraft Bedrock

Let's look at the different things to do in Minecraft Bedrock, but the best thing you should start by is to download a recommended mod to open up the world as much as possible.

Next, try adding a mythological creature like a dragon. You can also make an effort to add other creatures like pixie, drake, wendingo, and trolls by finding the right mods. We really like mods that allow you to add mythical mobs of fairies, giants, minotaurs, among other creatures.

Go to survival mode and build yourself an entire city.

Create an eerie village that contains a witch hut.

Make command blocks and Redstone contraptions like secret doors and elevators.

Give a facelift to the old farms to make it look like the fancy farm games you can play on the smartphone.

Try to find the rare mushroom in the game to milk it and create the mushroom soup.

Find a desert biome with a desert pyramid and capture it.

Try to make a huge forge under your iron farm and fill it up with molten metal. Now, place the golems in such a way that it seems they are being smelted into the molten iron.

Find a mountain in your base and lay twisted tracks that go around it; then, try to descend it by sitting on a minecart.

Try digging up tunnels near a river.

Take your time and build the biggest chest room that can house almost anything that you can think of creating in the future.

Fun Things To Do In Minecraft With Friends

Minecraft is definitely more fun when you play it with your friends. Hence, here are some more suggestions to have fun with them.

Recreate the world of Super Mario with your friends. It's best if you can also somehow recreate the character of both brothers. It's a plus if you can build the castle.

Along with your friends, go around the world searching and trapping as many exotic animals as possible to make up a zoo.

Take your friends to a desert biome and start creating an Egyptian pyramid. Make sure to add some native plants from Egypt along with sphinxes and statues to give an authentic touch.

Miss going out together? Build a Mcdonald's or Starbucks in Minecraft for an easy hangout.

Try adding sky-high pools to take the fun of diving.

Try creating a sustainable living environment that's situated underground.

Create a gang and destroy the bases of other people.

Make up the courage to visit The End to slay the Ender Dragon.

Find out as much Redstone as you can to build a computer that can run Minecraft.

In the festival season, find Redstone to create an elaborate light show to enjoy with your friends.

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