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99+ Beauty Facts That Will Help You To Pamper Your Skin

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In this age of social media, beauty and skincare have gained so much importance.

Skincare and makeup have come into the limelight and are a high priority for many people. While makeup was seen as the solution to this in the earlier decade, skincare is now gaining popularity.

Whether you look at YouTube or Instagram, you can easily find beauty gurus, telling you which products are good for your skin, which make up technique gives a more natural look, which blending technique gives a more flawless and polished finish, which skincare products, moisturizer, and serums will give you a happier healthier more plump skin, how to make your nose the perfect shape, how to hide your double chin and elevate your cheekbones, which highlighter makes you glow like a disco ball and so on, the list is endless, as are the constant beauty facts and makeup trends.

Read on for some interesting beauty facts and afterward, also check Cleopatra beauty facts and basking in the sun.

Tips On Skincare

Having applied layers on layers of makeup has finally opened people’s eyes to the importance of good skincare.

  • People are now gradually realizing that makeup isn't all that great, and if you have healthy skin, you will find yourself happy and beautiful without the need for makeup, or with minimal makeup, if required. So here are some beauty facts particularly pertaining to skincare.
  • What you eat is more important than what you apply to your face. Well, surprise surprise!
  • If you did not already know, food contains all the nutrients we require to have healthy skin.
  • Instead of smearing your face with a serum containing vitamin C, you can just eat an orange or other citrus fruit every day and probably not require any product.
  • Sunscreen is your best friend and this cannot be stressed enough.
  • Sunscreen is like the holy grail for your skin, do not forget.
  • Now you may think that it makes your skin oily and sticky, but that is just because you are using the incorrect sunscreen for your particular skin type.
  • Getting a skin analysis is a great way to know which product will be most suitable for your skin type.
  • Sunscreen helps prevent early aging, hyperpigmentation discoloration of the skin, and protects your complexion.
  • Sunglasses are important when stepping outside in the sun, sunglasses are essential especially if you want to prevent getting crow's feet around your eyes, caused by all the squirting of eyes because of the sun.
  • Exfoliation is a must as the terrible amount of dirt, dust, and pollution we come across every day leaves our skin looking and feeling dull. This is where exfoliation comes in.
  • Every 7-15 days, it is suggested that we exfoliate our skin, whether by use of a scrub, a homemade mask, or even a loofa, to get rid of all the dead skin and leave our skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
  • Get your eight hours of sleep. Yep, that is right.
  • Not sleeping enough has direct effects on your skin, the most commonly known being dark circles, and no matter how many creams are applied, they cannot fix the issue as well as getting a good night’s sleep will.
  • Do not over-cleanse. Yes, keeping your skin clean is vital, but it is also essential that you do not cleanse it so much that you end up ripping it off its natural oils required to keep it healthy.
  • Too much cleansing will only require slathering more layers of chemical artificial moisturizers and facial oils and still not be good enough.
  • Using the correct cleanser for your skin type is extremely important.
  • While it is necessary not to over-cleanse, it is equally important to ensure you use the correct cleanser for your skin.
  • A harsh cleanser can leave your skin dry and rough, while a super mild one may not do the job of removing dirt and excess oil.
  • It is thus important to know your skin type and the correct kind of cleanser for it.

Tips On Cosmetics

Now while skincare is amazing and essential, cosmetics are also required to make yourself look more polished. So here are some beauty facts about cosmetics:

  • Foundation before concealer. It’s called foundation for a reason.
  • Before you go ahead, concealing all those dark spots, you need to build a smooth foundation base to avoid your makeup looking cakey.
  • Correct foundation choice is essential when it comes to your skin.
  • Believe it or not, the choice of the correct foundation is also dependent on your skin type and texture and even on the time or occasion for which you are wearing it.
  • For example, for oily skin, you need a mattifying foundation so that when you sweat, your foundation doesn’t start melting away with it.
  • Similarly, for a day event, you want a lighter foundation, so one which has light coverage and can be built up as required is a better choice, while for night events, a fuller coverage or heavier foundation, perhaps one which has a dewy finish can be used.
  • Primer so that we get an even, non-patchy makeup finish, primer is important.
  • A little bit goes a long way and is particularly helpful if you have big pores on your skin which eventually start to show through your makeup.
  • Cheek stain for days when a blush seems too much, or just too much work, cheek stains are the savior.
  • Cheek stains are a simple way of getting that slight sun-kissed look without going through the process of perfectly balancing your blush.
  • Women’s beauty products are incomplete without perfumes.
  • Sweet fragrances like floral scents are most associated with resembling the natural fragrance of women.
  • Wearing perfume completes your ensemble.
  • In fact, the power of a signature fragrance is so much that people are reminded of you when they smell a particular fragrance.
  • Brands like Coco Chanel make some amazing fragrances, loved by women everywhere.
  • Ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra would often use her signature fragrance to alert people of her arrival.
  • The peach fuzz management. Do you know the little tiny almost invisible facial hair women have? That is called peach fuzz.
  • While a lot of women opt to remove it periodically using a small razor, others do not want to disturb it.
  • If you remove it, it gives a better finish to your makeup, however, if you choose not to remove it, small techniques like applying your foundation in a downward direction must be used to get a beautiful finish.
  • Mascara on days when you do not want to do a full face of makeup or want to avoid eye makeup yet not look sleepy, mascara is the way to go.
  • Even if you want to skip the eyeliner and kohl, just applying a uniform thin layer of waterproof mascara goes a long way. It opens up your eyes to look a little bigger and more awake.
  • Color correcting is a very popular makeup trend. Color correcting allows you to effectively hide dark circles and other pigmentation spots to get an even makeup look.
  • Contouring is a very effective way to manipulate the shape of your face into how you want it to look is by contouring.
  • The history of contouring goes back to the '80s and '90s, unlike what you may believe, YouTube beauty gurus are not the ones to invent contouring.
  • In fact, the credit goes to drag queens, who in order to look more feminine, invented this and many other now popularly used techniques like cut creases and overlining of the lips with lipstick.
  • Nail polish is also a very important part of a well-groomed personality.
  • From an early age, we are taught to keep our nails clean and properly trimmed.
  • This is a basic level of grooming that is taught to us in school and at home.
  • When you grow up, it goes further, especially for women, to include nail polish within the definition of well-groomed.
  • Nail polish not only makes your nails look more presentable but also adds a little pop of color.
People now prefer natural beauty products over artificial ones.

Natural Products

Various natural products are now being used as opposed to chemical and artificial products in both skincare and makeup, however, while companies are producing natural, cruelty-free, and vegan products, what is natural is still subjective to individual companies.

  • There is no one definition for natural that can be applied to regulate a set of standards for governing how these products are made.
  • Coconut oil- Perhaps the best product for use all over the body, coconut oil has been in use for centuries. Coconut oil is an amazing natural product, which greatly benefits your skin as well as your hair and nail health. It works as a natural moisturizer keeping your skin supple and healthy.
  • Aloe vera- A natural soother, the aloe vera plant is one of the easiest to care for and has amazing beauty benefits. It works like magic on skin rashes and burns or for curing skin irritation.
  • Rosewater- Natural rose water is a great natural toner, which helps control excess sebum and oil secretion from the skin and maintains skin balance.
  • Sandalwood- Widely used in the Indian subcontinent, sandalwood is a great anti-inflammatory product that helps the skin by preventing or curbing bacterial infection, thereby reducing the occurrence of acne or pimples.
  • Coffee- Coffee works as an excellent exfoliator and scrub. It also works wonders as an antioxidant.
  • Honey- A perfect addition to your DIY homemade face masks and face packs, Honey acts as a source of packing in moisture to your face masks.
  • Olive oil- As we all know, natural oils are a great skincare product. Another in this category is olive oil, which works wonders for your skin as well as your hair. Olive oil, whether eaten or applied, is wonderful for keeping skin hydrated and healthy.

Interesting Beauty Facts

Here are some very interesting beauty facts:

  • Belladonna (which is poisonous) was used in the form of drops by Roman women to make their eyes (particularly their pupils) appear bigger as bigger pupils were considered prettier in the Roman beauty standards. This practice however did not last very long (for obvious reasons).
  • The Ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra who was famous for her beauty is said to have the sails of her ships soaked in her perfume when going on or returning from voyages so that people could smell it and become aware of her arrival.
  • Shaved armpits were not a norm until 1915 when regular women started shaving their underarms after having seen them in a fashion advertisement.
  • The famous cosmetic brand MAC was founded by two men, both of them named Frank in 1985.
  • The use of makeup has at different times in history been seen either as a status symbol, as something that can only be afforded by rich women, or as a characterization of loose morals.
  • Various cultures have associated makeup (and how much you have applied) as defining the moral compass of a woman.
  • While in some cultures makeup itself, even the littlest amount meant loose character, other more tolerant cultures held that difference based on how much makeup was being worn.
  • Actress Elizabeth Taylor is wildly famous as the actress who did not allow anyone onset of her shootings to wear red lipstick as it was her signature style.
  • Maybelline, one of the most famous drugstores makeup brands, was founded by Tom Lyle Williams in 1917.
  • Tom Lyle Williams was inspired by his sister Mable and hence, the company derives its name Maybelline from his sister Mabel. He started with eye makeup products, the first one being lash-brow, after which he made an eyebrow beautifier, and later created the first American mascara.
  • Williams then went on to produce eye shadow and eyebrow pencils.
  • During the Victorian era, the cosmetic products created and used were highly dangerous as they contained a mixture of lead ore and mercury among other dangerous substances. Lead ore is poisonous.
  • A very popular product of the Victorian era was an almond nut cream which proposed to fix problems like wrinkles and tan and provide a porcelain complexion.
  • Currently, it is a trend to create and use a mixture of a substance to see how they react to the body.
  • People sometimes use henna, they create a mix of henna-inspired makeup products by a creator and apply it to see its result. It does apply to seal the minute pores on the face.
  • There are various types of beauty products sold in the market.
  • Some beauty products sold are expensive, while some sold are cheaper. Even fake eyebrows, nails, and lashes are sold.
  • Fake lashes are really on a trend since maintaining lashes is quite a task.
  • There is even sunscreen to protect you from the sunlight since the sunlight can be harmful at times.
  • Body cosmetics just like eyelashes can sometimes be expensive.
  • Eyelashes and pink cheeks and red lipstick on the lips, really redefine the face.
  • The use of vitamins is also needed to maintain a healthy body and healthy skin.


Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for beauty facts then why not take a look at Ireland healthcare facts, or almond milk nutrition facts.

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