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A Fan Of BTS? 77+ Astonishing Bangton Boys Facts For You

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

BTS is one of the world's most recognized K-pop boy bands from South Korea.

BTS is widely recognized by another name, Bangton Boys. BTS started its career as the first K-pop group or K-pop boy band in 2010 and launched the first Korean language album under Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS, the best-known group from South Korea, has performed multiple times on American talk shows.

The members of this K-pop boy band are Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin. They all write and produce their own songs and K-pop act series. The Bangton Boys are best known for creating super hit songs with profound meaning.

In the beginning, the Bangton Boys belonged to the hip-hop genre, but later, with the passage of time, their genre evolved. Big Hit Entertainment provided them with the right platform, and now they are well recognized throughout the world and have received the Best Billboard Music Awards.

As most of them, in the beginning, were themselves adolescents studying either in Korea Arts High School or another, they mostly preferred to depict the concept of individualism, mental health, self-love journey, and the other turmoil of adolescence. The songs are so loved by their fans that their songs have the best-selling physical albums even in this free streaming era.

K-pop album songs have often made references to various psychological and literary concepts. The first K-pop album was called '2 Cool 4 Skool,' which was a single album released on June 13, 2013, and was launched by Big Hit Entertainment. 'The Dark and Wild' was their first studio album in the Korean language. Then in 2014, the group also launched the first studio album in the Japanese language.

In 2016, 'Wings' was another studio album in the Korean language that the people most liked, and more than 1 million copies of the studio album were sold in South Korea.

BTS became more famous at a global level in 2017 when their followers rapidly increased in the United States of America. Their single album, 'Mic Drop,' gave them certification from the Recording Industry Association of America.

In this regard, they were also the first group from Korea to receive this honor. Even the studio album, 'Love Yourself: Tear,' received the first Korean act as it was ranked among the top of the US Billboard 200 in 2018. In the same year, the next album by BTS, 'Love Yourself: Answer,' became the first Korean album to receive platinum certification by the RIAA.

Following The Beatles, it was BTS who achieved four number one albums in the United States in less than two years.

The first South Korean act that made it to the top of the Billboard Global 200 was BTS in early 2020. They were ranked first and second on the Billboard World Albums list, for which they received a Billboard Music Award.

The single, 'Dynamite,' made them reach the US Billboard Hot 100 and receive a Grammy Award.

The other known songs by BTS are 'Savage Love,' 'Butter,' 'Permission to Dance,' and 'Life Goes On.'

Introduction To BTS

The BTS is a short form of writing Bangtan Sonyeondan, which is a phrase taken from the Korean language and means 'bulletproof boy scouts.'

One of the members of BTS, the K-pop group J-Hope, explained the name of their group. The group name, as he explained, means eradicating all the expectations, stereotypes, and criticism that are targeted at the life of an adolescent like a bullet.

In Japan, they are widely recognized with the name 'Bodan Shonendan,' which also means the same as above.

The group, in 2017, announced that the group would also be referred to as 'Beyond the Scene' as they were new in the industry. All the deep meanings in the name of the group, along with their songs, are meant to connect with their followers following them from across the world who are doing their best to keep the ability to face hardships and keep moving forward all the while.

BTS, or Bangton Boys, are known for their group of seven members who all mostly belong to Seoul in South Korea. It is a group of seven members, and mostly when this group started best-selling physical albums, they were only adolescents themselves.

They started as a hip-hop group in 2010 and moved on to become a K-pop group later.

In a very short period of six to seven years, the group has amassed a worldwide fan base and recognition. This is because of the deep, meaningful lyrics in their songs, as well as good whimsical music. The K-pop group has gained immense worldwide attention.

They focus on the themes like individualism, psychology, and self-discovery in most of their songs. This is why their listeners are able to feel the connection that makes them love BTS so much.

They were given the label of 'Princes of Pop' by the magazine Times and have had many accomplishments in their lives. Despite Asia being a treasure trove of talent, in a time period of 10 years, this South Korean artist group is the first group from Asia to perform in front of the Wembley Stadium.

Many times they have appeared on the front page of the international magazine Time as 'The Next Generation Leaders.' It is not an ordinary feat to become an Asian band that ranked in the top 10 of the US Billboard 200.

As they were being recognized in and out of South Korea, and the President of South Korea awarded them with the Order of Cultural Merit. They are making a huge impact to the recognition of South Korean culture.

The album, 'Map of the Soul:7', is categorized among the best-selling physical albums in the history of South Korean music.

The Global Artist Chart of 2018 ranked them at number two.

Popular BTS Songs

Many songs by BTS are popular, and they have been awarded time and again for the kind of songs they write and launch.

BTS, a South Korean group with a single in English, 'Dynamite,' has been doing well. The song swiftly made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it lasted for two whole weeks. The song made them the first K-pop group of Korean acts that made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. In the music industry, it was the second time a non-western act was able to reach the top of the chart.

The song was also able to continue on the list for a straight eight weeks. This way, it became one of the most liked songs by the BTS group, and the track was able to gain success.

Some of the other songs by BTS are 'On,' 'DNA,' and 'Boy With Luv.' These songs are popular on a worldwide level. Even during the time of the pandemic, the group was able to give their best through songs, and 'Boy With Luv' became one of the most known and nominated songs. The BTS group made this song with Halsey.

Another song, 'Butter,' is also well recognized and listened to by people all over the world. The 'Boy With Luv' was the most listened-to music video on YouTube in one day before the release of 'Dynamite' and 'Butter.' The number of Spotify plays of this song from 'Map of the Soul: 7' is the most, along with other popular songs such as 'DNA,' 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears,' and 'Fake Love.'

BTS is known for making history as a group and as individuals. One of BTS members became the first Korean artist to have more than 50 million listens on three of his solo songs on Spotify. In the track 'Euphoria' by Jimin, Jungkook became the first K-pop artist to have a Spotify commercial sponsored by and for followers.

BTS was likewise the first group that appeared at an open Grand Central Terminal in New York City, singing the track 'On' from the 'Map of the Soul: 7' album. However, the K-pop boy group delayed its 2020 global concert due to the pandemic and subsequently recorded and launched innovative tracks, notably 'Life Goes On' and 'Dynamite.'

The song 'Dynamite' is also known for getting the group nominated for the Grammy Awards because of its more than 100 million views. They are also the first K-pop group to make it to the Grammy Awards nominations. Irrespective of whether they received the award or not, getting nominated for the Grammy Awards was a big accomplishment for the group.

Some fans believe that the song marked the end of an era while ushering in a new one for the K-pop artist group. 'Butter' and the remix version of 'Butter' are also well appreciated by the followers. Megan Thee Stallion is mentioned in the song.

'Permission to Dance' is another song by the group that gained worldwide recognition through different platforms of social media, such as Instagram and TikTok, where the followers started the trend of making their best dance moves to the song.

The song 'Friends' also gained popularity in Marvel's 'Eternals.' The popular Korean language studio albums are: 'Be,' launched in 2020, 'Map of the World' in 2020; 'Wings' in 2016, 'Dark and Wild' in 2014; and 'Love Yourself: Tears' in 2018, while the studio albums in the Japanese language are: 'Map of the Soul: 7-the Journey,' launched in 2020, 'Face Yourself' in 2018, 'Wake Up' in 2014, and 'Youth' in 2016.

BTS songs are popular all over the globe.

Awards Won By BTS

BTS is especially famous for having been nominated for and having won many awards and for many world-recognized events where they have been nominated.

They have been given certain certifications in South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Japan. 

This South Korean group of artists is recognized at a world level and has been awarded many prestigious and coveted music awards.

They have received six awards from MTV Video Music, six from the American Music Awards, 19 awards from Gaon Chart Music, nine from the Billboard Music Awards, 20 Seoul Music Awards, 24 Golden Disc Awards, 33 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and 29 Melon Music Awards.

At the Billboard Music Awards, BTS was the first group to achieve the Top Song Sales Artist title, along with five wins in a row for Best Social Artist.

In South Korea, the group is extremely popular in the music industry and has sold more than 20 million albums, according to the Gaon Music List. They were able to break the record of 17 million albums by Shin Seung-hun.

BTS have sold four platinum and five multi-million dollar launches as singles.

Apart from this, in the United States of America, they have one gold album, three platinum singles and albums, one double platinum single, and three gold singles.

In Japan, they have received a certificate of 1 million for their single, along with two multi-platinum singles and albums.

Apart from this, they also have four gold albums and two platinum albums in Japan.

In the United Kingdom, BTS is the first K-pop group to be awarded certification for two silver singles, five silver albums, three gold albums, and one gold single.

The song 'Boy with Luv' of BTS has been nominated for several MTV Video Music Awards.

Fun Facts About BTS

Here are some more fun facts!

BTS has performed many times on American live talk shows with songs such as 'Idol' and 'Mic Drop.'

The group has performed their songs 'I'm Fine' and 'Idol' on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.' They, especially Sugo, had expressed their desire to be nominated for the Grammys during their appearance on the talk show, and soon enough, they were nominated for the Grammy Awards!

'DNA' is known to have broken many of the records for the group.

They are ambassadors for Fila at a global level.

For almost a year, the CEO of BTS was not able to recognize V, who was also one of the main members of the group.

Jungkook, one of the important members of the group, once expressed his desire to be a tattoo artist.

Jungkook and V are known to be very close friends with each other.

Jin is very good at playing the game of Jenga.

The followers and supporters of the K-pop group, BTS, are known by the name 'Army.'

The member of BTS who is affectionately called the 'mother of the group' is J-Hope.

In one of his interviews, Jin was revealed to be very close to his stuffed animal toys and mentioned that he would not leave anyone in the group who dared to touch his toys.

Every single time they come up with a new idea for a music video, the BTS group is very colorful and has different themes.

For at least three years, V has been known to play the saxophone.

In the beginning, the group suggested other names, such as Young Nation and Big Kidz. 

Not only as a group, but the BTS members also produce and perform music individually.

Jimin gained the title of being the first artist from Korea to have three back-to-back solo songs with more than 50 million listens on Spotify.

Jungkook also gained the title of being the first K-pop artist to have a Spotify commercial sponsored by his followers, boosting his single track 'Euphoria.'

The Philippines is the country with the most BTS fans.

On October 1, 2019, Fila, an Italian sneaker company, collaborated with the K-pop group BTS and became the first Korean group to become ambassadors at the global level for an Italian sportswear or sneaker company.

The company wanted them to do the promotion of their shoes throughout the world, in the United States, Asia, Europe, and no doubt in Korea as well.

They promoted the shoes under the theme of 'One World, One Fila.'

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