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Akiko Matsuura had earlier dated English actor Charlie Heaton.
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About Akiko Matsuura

Akiko Matsuura, known by the stage name Keex, is an internationally recognized musician hailing from Osaka, Japan. While she was born and raised in this dynamic port city in Japan, her musical journey has led her to reside in the United Kingdom. Matsuura's impressive musical adventure showcases her strength and talent as a guitarist, drummer, and vocalist.

Akiko Matsuura entered the music scene at a remarkably young age. As time went on, Matsuura's distinctive musical style and captivating performances began to draw the attention of the international music community. Today, she is celebrated as a renowned musician not only in Japan and the UK but also across the globe. Her journey, characterized by dedication and expressive artistry, continues to inspire budding musicians worldwide.

Akiko Matsuura Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Akiko Matsuura’s net worth?

As of 2023, the estimated net worth of Japanese musician Akiko Matsuura stands at approximately $1 million. This substantial net worth is a result of her involvement in various music bands since her debut.

How much does Akiko Matsuura earn per year?

The specific yearly earnings of Akiko Matsuura are currently undisclosed.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Akiko Matsuura?

Akiko Matsuura has a height of 5 ft 3 in (160 cm).

How old is Akiko Matsuura?

Born on November 2, 1980, Akiko Matsuura turns 43 in November 2023.

Childhood And Education

Akiko Matsuura was born in the bustling city of Osaka, Japan. Her early years were spent in Osaka until her family sought new horizons in the global metropolitan city of London, United Kingdom. The specifics of Akiko's academic journey are not widely known, signifying her preference for privacy. Despite this, it's evident that the beat of music caught her interest from a tender age, igniting a passion that would ultimately shape her career.

As a child, she was introduced to the world of culinary delights, as her parents were owners of a barbecue restaurant in their hometown. Akiko would occasionally assist in the shop, which is where she developed her fondness for fried food. It is said that she is the only child in the family, with no reported siblings.

From Osaka's local elementary school to a high school in London, Akiko's education path is as diverse as her musical talents. In 2012, she graduated high school in the historic city of London. It was during these formative years that Akiko discovered her passion for art and developed a particular liking for painting.

Her artistic pursuits and exposure to various cultures would eventually lead her to carve a successful path in the music industry. Akiko remains relatively private about her personal life, so not many details about her early years are known beyond these reported facts.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Akiko Matsuura dating?

Akiko Matsuura is currently believed to be single. However, she is well-known for previously dating the celebrated English actor and movie star Charlie Heaton, who is popularly recognized for his role as Jonathan Byers in the hit series 'Stranger Things'.

The couple was introduced to each other at a common friend’s party in early 2010, and they subsequently bonded over their shared love for music. Charlie even became part of the Comanechi rock band, where Akiko was the lead vocalist, adding depth to their relationship. As time passed, they evolved from band members to partners and welcomed their son, Archie Heaton, on May 19, 2014, in England.

Nevertheless, a few months after Archie's birth, Akiko and Charlie decided to part ways. Charlie Heaton's ex-girlfriend now lives with their son in London, while maintaining a cordial relationship with Charlie.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

While still at school, Akiko Matsuura exhibited a talent for playing the drums and singing. She founded the British noise rock band PRE in 2005 alongside Kevin Hendrix, Matt Warburton, guitarist John Webb, and drummer Richard Bennett. The band released several singles, including 'Dudefuk', which was featured in the 'Counter Culture' compilation CD launched by Rough Trade Shop in 2006. The group also recorded the 'Treasure Trails' EP and released an album titled 'Epic Fits' in September 2007.

In 2008, the electronic rock band known as The Big Pink was established by Milo Cordell and Robertson Furze. Recognizing her talent, they invited Akiko to join the band, where she contributed as both a singer and drummer. However, she soon chose to leave the group to concentrate more on her personal music career.

Subsequently, in 2009, Akiko formed a new band, Comanechi, diverging completely from her commitment to PRE. She met Simon Petrovitch, her Comanechi bandmate, at a barbeque party - their mutual love for barbeque dishes and enthusiasm for creating a band resulted in an immediate connection. Comanechi released several singles, such as 'Death Of You' and 'R.O.M.P.', which later featured on their first album 'Crime of Love'. Notably, Akiko's ex-boyfriend Charlie Heaton joined the band as the drummer in 2013.

Comanechi began touring both the UK and abroad. In September 2013, the band showcased their talent in Toronto and appeared at the Pop Montreal Festival. Akiko Matsuura, as the frontwoman of the band, tours extensively around the UK and collaborates with various other noise rock bands, including Divorce, Big Lonely, and Ell V Gore.

What awards has Akiko Matsuura won?

Akiko Matsuura, along with her music group ‘The Big Pink’, has been recognized in the music industry with some notable awards. They've received the Philip Hall Radar Award for the Best New Act, a prestigious recognition for rising music talents. Additionally, one of their singles, ‘Dominoes’, bagged the Best Track Award in the New Musical Express (NME) Shockwave Awards, further attesting to their creativity and dynamic musical style.

Other Interesting Akiko Matsuura Facts And Trivia

  • Akiko Matsuura is known to be a great lover of animals. She has a particular fondness for cats and dogs.
  • Akiko Matsuura doesn't confine herself to a single genre. She is known for playing punk rock, experimental rock, noise rock, and avant-garde music. This clearly demonstrates her wide range and appreciation for various kinds of music.

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Akiko Matsuura Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Akiko Matsuura

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160 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown


Singer, Guitarist, Drummer

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