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Al Corley is an actor, producer, and singer.
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About Al Corley

Al Corley born in Wichita Kansas, USA is the first actor to play the role of Steven Carrington in the soap opera 'Dynasty'.

Al Corley is an actor and singer best known for his hit single 'Square Rooms'. He is also the first actor to play the role of Steven Carrington in the soap opera 'Dynasty'.

Born on May 22, 1956, Al Corley is an actor, singer, and producer. His birthplace is Wichita Kansas, USA. His name at birth is Alford Corley.

Al Corley made his acting debut in the soap opera 'Dynasty'. Later he focused on his music career and released three albums in the '80s. In the '80s and '90s, he appeared in several films and television shows. As a producer, Al Corley has produced 19 films including 'The Gravedancers' in 2006.

The American actor lives in the Pacific Palisades of Los Angeles. Coming to his family life, the actor and producer was married to Jessika Cardinahl and had three children - Clyde Nikolai Corley, Ruby Cardinahl, and Sophie Elena. Sophie the oldest among the three children was born with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.

Al Corley Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Al Corley's net worth?

Al Corley has a net worth of $1,100,000. His net worth is accumulated through his acting career.

How much does Al Corley earn per year?

The exact amount of how much Al Corley earns in a year is not available. His primary earnings mainly come from his career as an actor, singer, and producer.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Al Corley?

Al Corley has a height of 6 ft 2 in (188 cm).

How old is Al Corley?

Born in Wichita Kansas, USA, Al Corley celebrates his birthday every year on May 22. As of 2022, Al Corley is 66 years old.

Childhood And Education

Born as Alford Corley in Wichita Kansas, the USA, there is no information available about Al Corley's childhood and education.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Al Corley’s partner?

In his family life, Al Corley got married to Jessika Cardinahl, a German actress in 1989. Al Corley and Jessika Cardinahl have three children Clyde Nikolai Corley, Ruby Cardinahl, and Sophie Elena. In 1999, Al Corley and Jessika Cardinahl got divorced. Before he got married, the actor was in a relationship with Carly Simon, a pop star.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

As an actor, Al Corley debuted on television in 'Women In West Point' (1979). Before his breakthrough role, he appeared in 'And Baby Makes Six' (1979), ABC Afterschool Specials (1979), 'The Women's Room' (1980), and 'The Love Boat' (1980).

In 1979, he appeared in the film 'Squeeze Play' credited as Alford Corley. He rose to fame when he was cast in the soap opera 'Dynasty' (1980) where he played the character of Steven Carrington. He left the soap opera 'Dynasty' in 1982. He again returned in 1991 for the mini-series 'Dynasty: The Reunion'.

In 1983, Al Corley appeared in the soap opera 'Bare Essence'. He also starred in the film 'Torchlight' (1985) along with Pamela Sue Martin, his co-star from the soap opera 'Dynasty'.

Some other movies he has worked in include 'Incident At Q' (1986), 'Hard Days', 'Hard Nights' (1989), and 'Don Juan DeMarco' (1994).

Al Corley is also a singer who rose to popularity with his hit single 'Square Rooms' from the debut album of the same name in 1984. He released two more albums 'Riot Of Color' (1986) and 'The Big Picture' (1988). In 2001, Al Corley appeared in 'Cowboy Up' and 'Scorched'. In 2005, he was the actor and director of 'Bigger Than The Sky'.

He acted in and produced the film 'You Kill Me' in 2007. As a producer, Al Corley has produced 19 films. In 2009, he was the actor and producer of the film 'Stolen'.

Some other films produced by him include 'In The Flesh' (1995), 'A Brother's Kiss' (1997), 'Palmetto' (1998), 'Drowning Mona' (2000), 'Noel' (2004), and 'The Gravedancers' (2006). In 2011, Al Corley appeared in the film 'Kill The Irishman'. In 2021, he appeared in the film 'The Ice Road' as an actor and producer.

Other Interesting Al Corley Facts And Trivia

  • Al Corley left 'Dynasty' after giving out his reason publicly. In an interview, he said the character of Steven does not laugh or have fun and is without any humor.
  • He wanted to move on and try other new things. After leaving 'Dynasty', the actor focused on his music career.
  • Al Corey is working in theater now and has set up his production company Neverland Films Inc in New York.

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Al Corley Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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