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81 Alabama History Facts You Need To Know!

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Alabama is a state located in the south of the United States.

It is situated in the southeastern region. Its capital is called Montgomery.

The United States has 50 federal states. Washington DC is the capital of the United States. There are 50 stars on the American flag and 13 white stripes. The 50 stars represent the number of states, and the 13 stripes represent the original colonies that resided in the United States. Some are confused about whether there are 50 or 52 states. Washington DC is ruled under Congress, so it is not considered a state. Whether Puerto Rico is a state is disputed. It does not come under the US States. It is a territory of the United States but not a political part of it.

The state of Alabama is called the confederate capital. The civil war started there. Slave labor was abolished, leading to protests starting in this state. The Marshall space flight center is also situated in the confederate capital, Alabama. The army ballistic missile agency is situated in Alabama. Alabama has one of the lowest sea levels in the US. Being located just 500 ft (152.2 m) above sea level, it places itself among the top 10 lowest sea-level states in the US. The state motto on the coat of arms of the Alabama state flag is 'We dare defend our right'. This motto is adopted from the Latin slogan 'Audemus Jura nostra defendere'.

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The History of Alabama

It was formed as a separate territory in 1817. The Alabama region has a river running through it called the Alabama river.

It was formed as a state in 1819. Initially, there were 500 free people of color living there, and it was one of the first states in the country where this happened. Later on, in 1860, there were about 1 million free black people living there. Roughly half of the population is black. It was the center of the American Civil Rights Movement. The Montogomery bus boycott in Alabama is what lead to the outrage of the black movement in America. It was the home of a Native American tribe called Alabama or Alibamons. It is next to Georgia in the East, Tennesse in the North, Florida and Mobile Bay in the south, and Mississippi in the west.

Alabama is also called the Heart of Dixie. The first European settlement of Spanish explorers was located in this state. The Confederate flag is the state flag of Alabama. The civil rights memorial is situated there. The state economy mainly comes from cotton production. It is one of the oldest cities in the US. Russell Cave is a National Monument of the US that comes under the Alabama Department. It is known as a rock shelter, dating back to Paleolithic times. Creek Indians have also taken shelter in a tribal town just over the little river canyon in Alabama.

Interesting facts about Alabama

Alabama has housed many famous personalities and left its mark on the US.

The Black Pearl, featured in the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean', produced by Disney, was built in Alabama. It was built in Steiner Shipyard in Bayou la Batre. There is a place called Sweet Home Alabama, apart from the popular movie of the same name. This place is present in Bessemer. Bessemer is a historical place. The state tree of Alabama is a southern longleaf pine. The state bird is a yellowhammer, so it is also called a yellowhammer state. The northern flicker is another name of this state bird. The state flower is the Camellia, and the state animal of Alabama is the Perdido Key beach mouse and Alabama beach mouse. These actually look like foxes and are one of the rarest animals found in North America.

Alabama was the first of the states to participate in the American revolution. The state was encouraging farmers to produce cotton, and it became one of their major export, and the state's economy depended on it. The state of Alabama gave African Americans their right to vote and had the first black voters in the country. Alabama declared power from the British and gained control of the state in the 1800s. A legislative branch of Alabama is the Alabama Legislature. The Alabama Legislature consists of the house of senates and the house of representatives.

Facts about Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is a popular place in Alabama.

Alabama is synonymous with Birmingham. It is situated in the north-central region of Alabama. It is the second-most populous city in Alabama. It is the founding city for recognition of Veteran's day. The Veteran's day celebration is one of the oldest celebrations in the unites states. It is a large celebration where people gather in huge crowds.

It is also full of industry mines. Iron ore, iron, and limestone mines are located there. They are all within a 10 mile (16 km) radius. It boasts of being the national leader in urban green spaces. It has many biking lanes and hiking trails due to the presence of forests. The state university of Alabama is located in Birmingham. The Civil Rights District is a National Monument. It has become the largest employer in healthcare.

Birmingham is one of the oldest cities in Alabama. Alabama is the US geographic center and one of the most religious states in the US. Alabama boasts of a very long Gulf Coast on its shores. The Gulf Coast is a popular spot for picnics and has every facility within it. One more beach which Alabama is famous for is Mobile bay. It is in the North of Alabama. As the Gulf Coast is known for its clean and pristine beaches throughout the United States, Mobile Bay is also a popular spot in Alabama. It is a water inlet that comes from the Gulf of Mexico.

Alabama is a great example of both modern advances and natural resources.

Facts about Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama state.

It is also known as the capital of dreams. Martin Luther King Jr preached at Dexter Avenue, Baptist Church, after the Montgomery bus incident. It is the third most populous city in Alabama. It was the first capital of the confederate states of America in February 1861. The major production was cotton in the 1800s and was largely produced in Montgomery. It has one of the largest military bases in the United States. It has two ships named after it. The Alabama Shakespeare Theater, Alabama state capitol, Hank Williams memorial, First white house of the confederacy, and Alabama war memorial are all situated in Montgomery.

The Cheaha central park is one of the many state parks situated in Alabama. It is one of the main attractions of Alabama. Mount Cheaha, or Cheaha Mountain as it is called, is situated a few miles away from the park. National Memorial Day is a legal holiday in Alabama. There is a famous institution with the name Reach Alabama that helps foster youth and orphans. It also provides shelters for them. Its purpose is to empower the underprivileged by providing jobs for them. It also helps in assisting their studies and being a family. The University of Alabama's student care and well-being office also helps this organization. It teams up with Reach Alabama to provide food for the people residing there.

Major Historical Events in Alabama

There are many events that took place in Alabama starting from the 1500s.

The Spanish went there and discovered the land of Native Americans. They brought with them diseases, which lessened the number of people living here. In 1700, the French settled and formed a colony. In 1819, Alabama became the 22nd state of America. In 1861, the Civil war started, which marked the beginning to end of slavery. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared Alabama as one of the confederate states where black people could be free. In 1874, the democrats stopped African American people from getting any higher positions in offices or politics, thus giving birth to segregation.

On the fateful day of December 1, 1955, the bus incident happened. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man. This started a revolution that led to a bus boycott by black people in Montgomery. It marked the beginning of the modern civil rights movement. In 1965, black people fought for their voting rights and held marches across the state, which brought a revolution in the status of Black people across the country. Jefferson Davis was the president of confederate states from 1861-1865. He served in the civil war of America.

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