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Alex Meyers is famous for his YouTube content and funny commentary on movies and series.
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About Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers is a YouTuber from the United States renowned for his animated videos.
Alex Meyers's creative cartoons are based on his film, TV, music evaluations and analysis, and funny personal story moments. His videos have secured him millions of views.
He's known for his animated comic assessments and video essays on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Netflix's adolescent and young adult television episodes and films. To avoid boredom while remaining serious to the reviewer, Alex Meyers blends his videos with a bit of humor. In less than a year, Alex Meyers's YouTube videos achieved tremendous subscribers. Alex Meyers uses a character with no characteristics for his review videos of films.
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Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Alex Meyers's net worth?

Alex Meyers's net worth is estimated to be $1-5 million.

How much does Alex Meyers earn per year?

Alex Meyers's YouTube channel has over 400 million views, which amounts to around 600,000 views per day. On calculating, we see that Alex Meyers earns approximately $730,000 per year or $3000 per day. The salary of a YouTube content creator varies depending on the location.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Alex Meyers?

Unfortunately, details about Alex Meyers's height and other body measurements are unavailable.

How old is Alex Meyers?

Alex Meyers was born on May 17, 1988. He is currently 33 years old.

Childhood And Education

Alex Meyers was born on May 17, 1988, in Sioux city in the state of Iowa in the United States of America. We don't have much information about Alex Meyers's childhood, family life, and educational background. He was only known to have been an overweight youngster until losing weight in his early adolescent years.
Alex Meyers relocated to Japan in 2006, at the age of 18, after accumulating money from his call-center employment. Since then, he's reportedly been working in the IT industry, though it's unclear whether he went on to further his schooling in Japan.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Alex Meyers's partner?

In early 2016, Alex Meyers presented his girlfriend, whose name is unknown, on his YouTube channel. He mentioned that they had been dating for some months at the time. However, as Alex revealed on Twitter in June of that year, the pair married in early 2018. Unfortunately, Alex Meyers and his now-former wife split in early 2020 for unclear reasons. Alex Meyers made the announcement via a video webcast on his YouTube channel.
Alex Meyers tweeted many months after the divorce that he had a new girlfriend. His admirers eventually met her in November 2020 when he released a photo of them together.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Alex Meyers, since 2012, has been working in Tokyo in the pharma industry. Alex Meyers works in the firm's IT department. While he confesses that his current position is working on internal tech support, his early days at the company were less than pleasant. He was responsible for answering 'phone calls from distressed consumers.
Alex Meyers started his YouTube channel in 2015. In July of that year, Alex Meyers released his debut YouTube video, named 'The History Of GFW Radio - Part 1.', which was devoted to the renowned 'Games For Windows,' one of the earliest online podcasts established to assist PC gamers. Alex Meyers' second and third videos continued this theme, and the video saga eventually led to him gaining his first hundred subscribers.
Alex Meyers concentrated on mastering animation as a strategy to boost his professional portfolio because his channel was still a long way from becoming well-known. When he couldn't think of a serious method to criticize the second season of the show 'Riverdale,' he created his first animated-cartoon film, which he released some months later.
The good response to his video assessment of 'Riverdale' was accompanied by an increase in his subscriber base. Meyers was able to retain his concentration on only one topic with the aid of this new audience, which enabled him to submit the next piece of content.
Alex Meyers's YouTube channel has exploded in popularity since his debut animated video in 2018. Alex Meyers launched his own podcast, which he named 'Doin' The Devil's Tango,' in August 2020 to provide relationship counseling to his followers, who send him letters with their own tales.
Although his podcast episodes, which have their own YouTube channel, haven't garnered as much attention as his other work, they've been warmly welcomed by a segment of his dedicated audience who are interested in these issues.
People unfamiliar with Alex Meyers' content presume he doesn't disclose his face to his viewers since his most popular videos are animations. This is a false notion, as he has been honest about exposing his face in his videos from his early YouTube days.
Alex Meyers partnered with Teemil, a UK-based brand that helps people start their own clothing line. Because of Teemill's ecologically responsible fashion, Alex Meyers wanted to partner with them. People may return the t-shirt to be repurposed for future items and receive a £5 shop credit after it has reached the end of its life.
They exclusively utilize organically grown cotton and renewable energy-powered print-on-demand technology. The products are built from the ground up to be remanufactured several times. The cycle is self-renewing. There is no such thing as waste.

Other Interesting Alex Meyers Facts And Trivia

  • Alex Meyers used to have a dog named Charlie with his ex-wife, and she did, however, leave with the dog after the divorce. Alex Meyers's dog has an Instagram account and has tens of thousands of followers.
  • Alex Meyers admits that he wasn't physically appealing throughout his teenage years.
  • After writing a review for the movie 'Sharkboy & Lavagirl,' Alex Meyers says he doesn't want to see it again.
  • When questioned what he would do if he were the CEO(Chief Executive officer) of YouTube, Alex Meyers replied he would reform how the company handles copyright concerns because the present system is "unfair."
  • Alex Meyers believes that moving to Japan when he was young aided him in maturing as a person.
  • Alex Meyers' most-watched video is his review of the movie 'The Kissing Booth.'
  • Alex Meyers has all social media contacts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

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