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About Alex Vincent

Alex Vincent is an American actor.

Alex Vincent is known for his best performance in 'Child's Play'. It is an unique acting skill that Vincent showed to make his mark in the entertainment industry.

Alexander Vincent LoScialpo was born on April 29, 1981 in Newark, New Jersey. Alex Vincent was a child actor best known for his role as Andy Barclay in the 1988 horror film 'Child's Play' and its 1990 sequel 'Child's Play 2'. He played Chucky again in 'Curse of Chucky' in 2013.

Alex Vincent collaborated with Brad Dourif, who played Chucky in the 'Child's Play' horror movie. After his child acting career ended, Vincent became interested in music and worked as a sound engineer. Vincent is most known for his portrayal as Andy Barclay in the 'Child's Play' franchise, having appeared in 'Child's Play' in 1988, 'Child's Play 2' in 1990, 'Curse of Chucky' in 2013, 'Cult of Chucky' in 2017, and 'Chucky' in 2021 on Syfy/USA Network.

Alex Vincent's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Alex Vincent's net worth?

Alex Vincent has a net worth of $400,000. Vincent has made the most of his fortune from his successful career as an Actor, Sound Engineer, Singer, and Child Actor in the United States.

How much does Alex Vincent earn per year?

Alex Vincent is one of the most successful celebrities who was born in the city of Newark. Vincent is also one of the wealthiest movie actors, but his annual earning are not disclosed. It adds to family treasure.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Alex Vincent?

Alex Vincent has a height of 5 ft 5 in (166 cm).

How old is Alex Vincent?

Alex Vincent will be 41 years old in 2022 being born on April 29, 1981 in Newark.

Childhood And Education

Alex Vincent was born in Newark on April 29, 1981. Vincent grew up in New Jersey, earlier in Newark and subsequently in Maywood, with his two younger brothers. Vincent graduated from Hackensack High School in 1999. Then he went on to Full Sail University in Orange County, Florida, to pursue sound engineering and audio post-production. In 2009, he earned an Associate's Degree in Recording Arts.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Alex Vincent dating?

There is no information regarding Whom Alex Vincent is dating.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The acting career for Alex Vincent began at an early age. When he was cast in the 1988 supernatural slasher film 'Child's Play' his career took off. The first film in the iconic franchise and the first to feature the famous character Chucky was quite popular. The picture spawned a five-film franchise with initial filming. Vincent was just five years old when the filming began. He played Andy Barclay, a youngster framed for Chucky's crimes. The role shot him to prominence. The picture was a huge success, generating over $44 million against a $9 million production budget. Thus, in addition to making him a celebrity, it considerably increased Vincent's net worth.

Accepting his newfound celebrity, the young actor, Alex Vincent proceeded to land roles in lead part in films such as 'Wait Until Spring, Bandini' (1989) and 'Just Like in the Movies' (1990). This strengthened his status and increased his fortune.

Alex Vincent subsequently reprised his role as Andy Barclay in the 1990 sequel, 'Child's Play 2'. This further solidified Vincent's fame in the acting industry and boosted his net worth. The sequel was also a box-office hit, making over $28 million in the United States. In the following year, Alex Vincent featured in 'Child's Play 3', here it was however in an uncredited part as younger Andy Barclay.

Alex Vincent played Jeff Danieloff in the comedy film 'My Family Treasure' in 1993. When Vincent's career was in full swing, despite his growing fame and money, the young actor took a break from acting. Alex Vincent relocated to Florida to pursue his musical education at Full Sail University after he had finished at Hackensack high school.

In 2008, Alex Vincent returned to the performing industry with the horror flick 'Dead Country'. Other possibilities for acting followed, and he appeared in films such as the 2011 comedy 'On the Ropes'. He also acted in the 2013 horror thriller 'House Guest'. All of this increased his net worth.

Alex Vincent made his appearance as Barclay in the sixth edition of the 'Child's Play' series, 'Curse of Chucky', released in 2013. Vincent was most recently seen in the 2017 film 'The Dark Military'. Vincent is seen in other 2017 movies such as 'The N00bs', 'Scavenger', and 'Descending'. Alex Vincent has been last known to be a part of the upcoming seventh part of the 'Child's Play' trilogy, 'Cult of Chucky'.

Aside from his career in the acting world, Alex Vincent has a production and recording studio in Clearwater, Florida. Alex Vincent also sings lead in his band, Perception, and plays the piano.

What awards has Alex Vincent won?

Alex Vincent won the Horror Icon Award in 2020 at the Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest. Earlier he had been nominated for Best Performance by a Younger Actor in 'Child's Play' 1990, known as the Saturn Award.

Alex Vincent’s Hobbies And Interests

  • Alex Vincent likes to play pranks on friends and family.

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Alex Vincent Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Alexander Vincent LoScialpo

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166 cm

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Full Sail University

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