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Alice Bailey is a very popular neo-theosophy writer. Learn more about her birthday, family and net worth.)
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About Alice Bailey

Alice Bailey is one of the first writers to use the term 'New Age'.
An author of more than 24 books, Alice Bailey is considered one of the oldest female writers, covering topics such as spirituality, healing, and the solar system. Alice Bailey's teachings are often referred to as Ageless Wisdom.
Alice Bailey moved to the United States from England when she was 27 years old. It is said that she was guided by a force that asked her to be prepared for certain work that he had for her. Bailey and her writing were compared to that of Madame Blavatsky, the author who started the Theosophical Society. There were different schools of thought put forward by Alice Bailey and she was also considered the founder of the New Age movement. Alice Bailey also founded the Arcane School, which aimed to bring people together for meditation.
Alice Bailey was born in Manchester, UK, on June 16, 1880. She was 69 years old when she passed away. Though Alice Bailey was born in England, she moved to the United States in her 20s. In 1907, she reached the United States and stayed there until her death.
It is said that when she was 15 years old, a stranger who was wearing a turban and European clothes visited Alice Bailey and told her that she needed to develop self-control, in order to complete all the tasks that he had for her. This was the starting point of her spiritual journey.
By the age of 22, Alice Bailey was already engaged with the YMCA and the British Army, visiting countries such as India. It is said that Alice Bailey met her future husband in India, during one such travel.
After moving to the United States, Alice Bailey started writing about theosophy. It is said that she rediscovered the works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, or Madame Blavatsky, and became seriously involved by 1917.

Alice Bailey Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Alice Bailey’s net worth?

Her net worth was estimated to be between $1-5 million during the 1900s.

How old was Alice Bailey?

Alice Bailey was born on June 16, 1880. When Alice Bailey died on December 15, 1949, she was 69 years old.

Childhood And Education

Alice Bailey, born Alice La Trobe-Bateman, was born in Manchester, England on June 16, 1880. It is said that she was born to a rich British family with inherited money and was a part of the Anglican Church. She grew up receiving a Christian education.
Not many details are available about her education. There are records that Alice Bailey had a sister named Lydia Dorothy La Trobe-Bateman.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who were Alice Bailey’s partners?

When Alice Bailey visited India in 1907 to do evangelical work, she met her future husband, Walter Evans. The couple moved to the United States and had three children. However, Alice Bailey asked for a divorce in 1915.
Alice Bailey had a really difficult time after the divorce and had to work in a sardine factory to make money and feed the children. Alice Bailey then met Foster Bailey while being involved with the Theosophy Association. He became the National Secretary of the association in 1919 and the couple married in 1921.

Career And Professional Highlights.

Best Known For

Alice Bailey was considered to be a very liberal woman for the age that she lived in. It is said that many of her works talked about the millennial view, which was much ahead of the time she lived in.
The writer published her first book in 1922 when she was 42 years old. The book was titled 'Initiation, Human and Solar'. Alice Bailey subsequently published a series of books, all talking about the spiritual concepts that she believed in.
The writer has ardent followers to date and there have been several books written later on, that credit their work to Alice Bailey. Todd Harry Rundgren also released an album called 'Initiation', which is based on the book written by Alice Bailey.
Other theosophists were divided on their opinions about her work. A popular writer, Geoffrey Hodson, had once given a positive review saying that the work of Alice Bailey has placed all occult students in debt.
Alice Bailey always considered June a very special month, because it was in June that she had a visit from the stranger who paved way for all her other endeavors. The fact that she was visited by the European on June 30, is also mentioned in the autobiography of Alice Bailey.
There has been a lot of criticism for Alice Bailey. There were experts in the past who ridiculed her negative view of multi-culturalism and found them propagating racism. Some experts mentioned that her ideas were similar to that of racist writings during that period, especially sentences that asked her followers to eliminate Jewish inheritance from Christianity and reject the Jewish Bible.

Alice Bailey’s Hobbies And Interests

Alice Bailey considered her spiritual belief her hobby, passion, and life's purpose. From the age of 15, she spent her time learning and understanding Theosophy and its related branches.

Other Interesting Alice Bailey Facts And Trivia

Alice Bailey believed that most of her work was dictated to her through telepathy by a Tibetan Master of Wisdom. This master was later identified to be Djwal Khul.
On June 30, 1895, when Alice Bailey was just 15 years old, she claimed that a man wearing a turban visited her and said that she needs to start developing self-control for all the work that he had planned for her. Alice Bailey once said that this was the starting point of her journey.
Alice Bailey moved from Manchester, England, to the United States after she met her first husband. Most of her writings and the theosophical association started in this country, after her wedding.
Alice Bailey was involved in the Esoteric Section of the Theosophy group from 1917. She moved on to become the editor of the magazine 'The Messenger'. Some of her writings were published in the magazine, but she developed friction with the President of the society, Annie Besant.
This esoteric author founded the Lucis Trust in 1922, with her husband Foster Bailey. The society was based on the writings and beliefs of Alice Bailey. She handled the group until her death.
Her writing and teachings were based on the seven rays of energy, esoteric astrology, esoteric healing, discipleship and service, the Great Invocation, and organized religion.
According to Alice Bailey, man is said to be made of three elements; the lower personality that makes up the mind, emotions, and physical body; the soul, which is considered a higher mind; and Monad, the actual god or true self.
Alice Bailey is known as the founder of the New Age Movement. She coined the phrase New Age and used the words in several of her books.
The writer was an occultist. An occultist is a person who believes in supernatural phenomena.
Alice Bailey has also written extensively about other religions like Christianity.
Writer, Alice Bailey, met her soulmate when she was on a tour to India.
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Alice Bailey Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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