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Discover interesting facts about the life and career of this famous actress, Alina Padikkal.
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About Alina Padikkal

Alina Padikkal is a famous Indian actress who also doubles as a model.

Alina Padikkal is an actress who became famous through her show 'Bigg Boss' and also 'Hot N' Spicy'. She is one of the treasured actresses of Indian descent.

This actress, Alina Padikkal, nurtured the intention to make positive changes in the filmmaking industry. She has been a voice for both the youth and adults. Her approach to life has brought a positive effect on her career. One of the best young actresses in the industry, growing and pushing new grounds. She has been credited as one of the few actresses to interpret and portray the intended views of screenwriters.

Having participated in many TV shows and series, Alina Padikkal has earned the respect of many in the industry, particularly those in TV shows. She has appeared in many series and many TV shows where she played different characters in the movies. One thing to keep in mind in the character of Alina Padikkal is that she has faced many challenges in the industry, but her die-hard mindset has always helped her scale through them all.

Alina Padikkal Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Alina Padikkal’s net worth?

Alina Padikkal has a high net worth when compared with her colleagues. She has made not just enough money for herself, but also an increase in her income. Alina Padikkal's net worth is estimated at $252 million.

How much does Alina Padikkal earn per year?

Alina Padikkal earns a sum of $5 million yearly.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Alina Padikkal?

Alina Padikkal stands at 5 ft 6 in (168 cm).

How old is Alina Padikkal?

Alina Padikkal was born on December 12, 1995. She is currently 27 years old.

Childhood And Education

Alina Padikkal was born on December 12, 1995, in the beautiful city of Thiruvanantha, Kerala, India. She was born into the family of K Padikkal and Bindu Philipose in India. She enjoyed the company of her father who was a small businessman. On the other hand, Alina Padikkal was a homemaker in Kerala. While it is clear that Alina Padikkal has siblings, she has not disclosed their names. Growing up, this actress, Alina Padikkal was a student at the popular Holy Angels I.S.C School in Kerala. Alina Padikkal obtained her B.A degree in English Literature and Psychology. Subsequently, Alina Padikkal obtained her MBA certification from the prestigious Oxford College, Christ University, Bangalore.

Alina Padikkal developed an interest in filmmaking as she chose her career path as an actress after her studies at Christ University. This was a defining moment for Alina Padikkal as she started reaching out to people who she believed would shine more light on her dream. She wanted to be on TV as a TV presenter. This was a dream she could never let go of. Some of the people she reached out to were on social media. Alina Padikkal was by all means interested in getting a headstart in her dream career as a TV host and actress. She eventually got her break on 'Bigg Boss'. This very show, 'Bigg Boss' brought Alina Padikkal many accolades.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Alina Padikkal’s partner?

Alina Padikkal is currently married to Rohit Nair, her long-term boyfriend

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

This Kerala-born, Alina Padikkal has made a couple of appearances in movies that brought her to the spotlight. One profound serial which brought her to the public was her role in Malayalam Film. Her determination to bring a unique flare to her audience on TV through her acting is remarkable. Alina Padikkal is one actress associated with both suspense and entertaining scenes in any serial.

She isn't only skilled in the craft of acting, Alina Padikkal loves the entertainment industry as a whole. This led her to partake as a celebrity contestant in the popular reality TV show 'Bigg Boss'. It is important to note that 'Bigg Boss' was instrumental to her rise in the entertainment industry. Many people watched her on TV on the 'Bigg Boss' show, which also generated wide engagement on social media. Alina Padikkal appeared in 'Hot n'Spicy', which was a cookery show. One cannot successfully talk about her success in the industry without mentioning the serial 'Bharya'.

Charity Work

There is no information regarding the charity works of Alina Padikkal.

What awards has Alina Padikkal won?

Alina Padikkal was a recipient of the Kerala State Television Awards in 2005.

Alina Padikkal’s Hobbies And Interests

Alina Padikkal loves spending tie with her family.

Other Interesting Alina Padikkal Facts And Trivia

  • Alina Padikkal responded to a troll on her interview on a YouTube channel through her social media account.
  • Alina Padikkal is active on Instagram. Alina Padikkal has many followers on Instagram who celebrate her on each birthday.
  • Alina.padikkal is the Instagram account of Alina Padikkal.

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Alina Padikkal Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Alina Padikkal

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168 cm

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Holy Angels I.S.C

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Rohit Nair


K Padikkal, Bindu Philipose

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