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11 Aloe Vera Facts Which Explain The Popularity Of This Plant

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The plant Aloe vera belongs to the genus Aloe which in itself contains around 500 different species of flowering succulent plants.

Succulent plant refers to those plants which have thick flesh and have adapted to water storage techniques; Aloe vera as a fact is made up of 99.5% of water and 0.5% is the solid active nutrients. The Aloe vera plant is believed to have originated in North Africa in hot and dry climates which made the Aloe vera plant adapt such a thick flesh for retaining water.

Over the recent past, numerous studies have been conducted on Aloe vera gel, and it is believed to be a wonder for human health. The Aloe vera plant has been in use for years but nowadays it is being used more than it has ever been. Owing to scientific developments and studies, the plant is now cultivated all over the world especially for the aloe gel. This Aloe vera gel has multiple uses; it is used in food as a flavoring agent, it has a considerable medicinal value, it can be found in beauty products and is used for skin treatment and in treating burns. Additionally, Aloe vera is also grown as a decorative product other than all the health benefits it offers. The all-valuable Aloe vera gel is in fact a preparation of the leaf pulp from the plant's parenchymal tissue. This aloe gel has protein containing amino acids, Vitamin E, and several other nutritious components.

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Aloe Vera Species

Other than the Aloe vera gel present in the leaves, it also contains aloe latex. The latex is a yellow-colored liquid present just where the aloe gel is. Now, this latex is also manufactured in some cases. You can also find dried aloe latex in the market available as 'aloe dried juice'. Just like the various uses of Aloe vera, there are also various species of it that exist. So, let us get to know some more about them.

There exist around 250 species of Aloe vera which are known to humans, but interestingly, only four of them out of the existing 250 offer health benefits. There are several wild Aloe vera species as well and they can live for as long as a century! Now out of all Aloe vera species, Aloe vera barbadensis is the most cultivated one owing to its medicinal benefits, and this species is native to North Africa. Aloe ciliaris is another Aloe vera plant that is a very good option when it comes to garden plants. It has bright green leaves along with flowers that are red-orange in color.

Aloe x principis is a species of the Aloe vera plant native to South Africa. It can grow up to 9 ft (2.7 m) in height and also produces orange color spikes during the winter. Well-drained soil for water absorption and full sun are the ideal conditions for the best quality growth of Aloe x principis. Coral Aloe is another species of the Aloe vera plant which grows up to 18 in (45.7 cm) in height and is famous for its production of orange-colored flowers from winter to early spring. Fan aloe is another type of Aloe vera plant which is famous for its fan-shaped leaves and orange-red colored flowers. Moreover, such is the beauty of the flowers of this plant, it has won the International flower awards on several occasions.

Health Benefits

History dictates that Aloe vera is among the oldest noted plants in the world owing to its health benefits. Some old documents provide information that the Aloe vera juice was used around 6,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. As a fact, it is said that the beauty queen Cleopatra applied the Aloe vera gel on her body as it was a part of her beauty regimen. Aloe vera has several health benefits ranging from treating skin conditions to diabetes.

Many people out there are perhaps unaware of this but an Aloe vera tooth gel is pretty effective when it comes to controlling cavity-causing bacteria. Aloe vera plant is also used for wound healing purposes and in the treatment of burns. Compounds named anthraquinones are found in aloe latex which can effectively reduce pain because of its anti-inflammatory effects. The Aloe vera gel also protects the human skin from harmful UV radiation, and it was also found to be beneficial in treating the wrinkles formed due to aging. Radiation therapy is often used when people are treated for cancer, and a study conducted showed that owing to the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients present in Aloe vera, the skin healing process is faster. Some of the other health benefits of Aloe vera include boosting the immune system, helping in the treatment of dandruff, soothing heartburn, preventing and controlling diabetes.

Aloe Vera is a succulent with numerous health benefits.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is extracted from the leaf of the aloe plants. People all over the world, and especially in Africa, the native place of the Aloe vera plant, have been using this gel for thousands of years for its health benefits and skin maintenance. It can treat constipation, skin disorders, and second-degree burns with ease.

This Aloe vera gel extracted from the leaf of the aloe plant contains around 200 active compounds, 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and above 75 nutrients. When it comes to skin treatment, Aloe vera gel is especially effective at treating psoriasis, acne, skin abrasions, burns, and dandruff. Additionally, if you undertake oral consumption of the famous aloe juice, the latex content in it can prove to be a powerful laxative. Although in the recent past, any laxative which contained Aloe vera was advised to be reformulated for additional safety purposes. Interestingly, one can benefit from not only applying Aloe vera gel but also consuming it, the gel can lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

Using Aloe Vera For Skin

Along with improving one's health condition, the aloe is widely used for its skin healing and improving benefits. Reports claim that regular and proper use of the aloe gel can treat multiple skin conditions including acne, sunburn, and eczema.

The Aloe vera gel contains Vitamins A, E, B12, and C; this gel when applied to the skin serves various purposes. The use of Aloe vera gel has proven to limit scarring after surgery, as well as reduce the time taken to heal after a wound. First-degree and second-degree burns can also be conveniently treated by Aloe vera gel. Models often use Aloe vera to keep their skin flexible and supple and prevent it from becoming stiff and leathery. Moreover, the gel can also be used to treat rashes and sunburns during extreme conditions.

Using Aloe Vera For Hair

Did you know that this wonder plant is not only a boon for skin purposes and decorations, its nutritional contents also make it a great supplement for hair care? Although Aloe vera gel's effectiveness at hair care isn't as concrete as its role as a skincare product, it is still used by a large number of people.

Some studies have shown that the use of Aloe vera in hair has led to healthy and abundant hair. The reason behind this has been the presence of minerals including the likes of zinc and copper and several plant steroids, amino acids. The fact that Aloe vera is a natural product also minimizes the risk of any side effects due to which people trust using Aloe vera rather than most of the chemical products.

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