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Amazing CNCO Facts: A Latin American Boy Band Based In Miami

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CNCO is a 2015 formed music group with its origin in Miami, Florida.

The crew had initially started with five members who had participated in the reality show named La Banda. The members were Christopher Vélez, Joel Pimentel, Erick Brian Colón, Richard Camacho and Zabdiel De Jesús.

CNCO focuses on Latin pop genres, and they released their first album named Primera Cita in 2016. Their second album was a self-titled studio album called Reggaeton Lento, released in 2018. The crew's third album called Deja Vu, released in 2021, is their new album that has taken over the Billboard charts for the longest duration in Latin American Music.

CNCO got doubly famous due to their One World Tour with Ricky Martin. During this tour, the boys had released their first ever single named Tan Fácil in 2016 as the show's opening act.

Read on to know more about CNCO claiming to be unlike any old-boy-bands.

History Of CNCO

Christopher Vélez, Erick Brian Colón, Richard Camacho and Zabdiel De Jesús are a hit amongst Latin American Music fans since 2015.

CNCO started as the winner of a reality show in 2015. It is a boys group that is now known to take the boy band into a new era. Ricky Martin mentored this boy band, and their lessons were focused on as a band and as a solo artist. Joel Pimentel quit the band to pursue and explore different artistic avenues.

Key Members

Read on to know striking facts and interesting details about the CNCO key members.

CNCO members namely Christopher Vélez, Joel Pimentel, Erick Brian Colón, Richard Camacho and Zabdiel De Jesús are 26, 22, 21, 25, and 24 respectively.

Christopher came from a struggling background and had multiple odd jobs in his earlier stages. Richard, on the other hand, had started singing and dancing when he was three years old. Zabdiel had started singing at the age of 12 with his church salsa and hip-hop group. Erick is just 21 years old, making him the youngest member of the band.

CNCO boy band became a hit after winning the first season of La Banda in 2015.

Discography And Music

They created almost 24 singles ever since their formation, and they've been ruling the Billboard charts.

CNCO has created 24 music video singles focusing on Latin pop, ballad, and reggaeton as their genres. They have three major albums, two extended plays apart from their lead, and featured artist or promotional singles on CDs and digital streaming platforms.

Awards And Recognition

They have received almost 80 accolades and nominations since the year 2017.

After winning the initial season of La Banda, CNCO went on a world tour with Ricky Martin that started with San Juan in May 2020. They've won around 18 awards since 2017, including the latest People's Choice Awards, Premios Juventud, MTV Video Music Awards, Lo Nuestro Awards, and Gardel Awards of 2020.


What is CNCO known for?

CNCO is known for winning the first season of La Banda in the year 2015.

What language does CNCO sing in?

CNCO boy bands sing in the Spanish language.

Does CNCO know English?

Yes, all the CNCO band crew is fluent in English.

Where is CNCO from?

CNCO's origin is said to be Miami, Florida, in the United States.

How old is Joel from CNCO?

Joel Pimentel is 22 years old.

Where do CNCO live together?

CNCO lives together in Miami, Florida.

How old are the members of little mix and CNCO?

Little Mix band members are between the ages of 27-29. While CNCO members between the ages of 21-26.

How tall is Christopher Velez from CNCO?

Christopher Velez is 5.9 ft (1.8 m).

What does CNCO stand for?

The name CNCO stands for the word 'five' in Spanish. Pronounced as 'Cinco', it is spelled C-N-C-O in English.

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