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33 Amazing Facts About Bill Gates' House You Might Not Know About

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Bill Gates is a businessman from America and the founder of Microsoft Corporation.

With almost 136 Billion Dollar net worth, there's no wonder Bill Gates owns mega-mansions across the world. He has luxurious houses in Washington, Florida, San Diego, and many more places.

Along with being a businessperson, Bill Gates is also a great investor and philanthropist. Gates has consistently been one of the world's wealthiest people. Gates and his wife Melinda have four children, and all of them live in luxurious properties across the US.

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What is special about Bill Gates' house?

There are many images of Bill Gates' house available on the internet, including his main house on Lake Washington with a private Lakefront shore, another house with a big blue lawn, and yet another with an enormous library and huge swimming pool. Gates has three houses in the USA.

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, who is one of the richest men in the world, lives in a 66,000 sq. ft (6131.6 sq. m) mansion with 66 rooms, a 20-car garage, a two-story library, a 30 ft (9.14 m) pool, and a trampoline room. Gates' home is also one of the most high-tech and expensive homes in the world. The 66,000 sq. ft (6131.6 sq. m) home is worth approximately 100 million dollars. His house features the best high-tech sensor system in the world. Bill Gates is a big-time collector of modern art. Gates has more than 1,000 pieces of art and is placed in a special art deco-style room. Gates is known to have spent over 100 million dollars on art. The art collection includes works by Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Jasper Johns, and Cy Twombly. It was reported that in 1994 he bought a painting by the artist David Hockney for almost one and a half million dollars.

Bill Gates' House Description Inside And Outside

Not only is Bill Gates rich, but he is also known for his charitable contributions. He is a philanthropist that has pledged to give at least half of his wealth to charity. Bill Gates is a household name, and he has been for decades. But what do you know about his actual house?

Bill Gates has a home in Medina, Washington, priced an astonishing 127 million dollar amount. This 66,000 sq. ft (6131.6 sq. m) home comes with a vast library having a dome roof and takes up around 2,100 sq. ft (195 sq. m). This enormous library houses a massive number of books, two secret bookcases, and one of the bookcases has a hidden bar. The house also includes a trampoline room for enjoyment. The exercise facilities in this house have to be the most fun. The house features an over whopping 2,500 sq. ft (232.2 sq. m) area with an exquisite steam room, sauna, separate locker room for women and men. On the outside, the home features a swimming pool underneath a glass wall in a building with a 3,900 sq. ft (362.32 sq. m) area. People can use this glass wall to reach the terrace of the building. The property, located in an affluent neighborhood of Medina, overlooking Lake Washington, has seven bedrooms and 21,000 sq. ft (1950 sq. m) of living space.

What technology does Bill Gates' house have?

Most of us are familiar with Bill Gates' story. He dropped out of school at a young age to build a company that would eventually become the greatest and the most valuable company of all time. His name is synonymous with wealth and success. Having built the Microsoft Empire, it is not a wonder that his home would be technologically updated.

The main house of the Microsoft founder is a wonderland of technology. Can you imagine a pool with an underwater music system in your house? Bill Gates has such a unique pool! Technology doesn't stop here. As you know, Gates is a huge fan of the artwork. He has placed around 80,000 dollars worth of art on computer screens. He made it possible for anyone in the house to change the artworks on the computer screens display with a button click. This is an earth-sheltered house built to make sure the regulation of temperature in the surroundings is made more efficient. Gates is fond of a really old or almost 40-year-old Maple Tree that grew on his Lake house's driveway. He made sure he used the technology to the best and watered this maple tree automatically whenever it became dry.

Located in Washington, Gates' house is nicknamed Xanadu 2.0!

Bill Gates House Tunnel

As a charity, Microsoft holds private tours of Gates' futuristic home every year. It costs around 35,000 dollars per person to take this tour. Won't it be worth it to see a private tunnel hidden in his house?

Bill and Melinda Gates is undoubtedly the most famous couple and require their fair share of privacy. Hence, they made sure to construct a tunnel connecting their huge mansion to highway 106 in 2006. This is to make sure their guests can access the guest house easily. Watermark Estate Services paid for the tunnel. There are 84 steps that the guests can walk down to the lower or ground floor or opt for an elevator from the entrance.

Number Of Bedrooms In Bill Gates' House

Gates' is a fan of ranches, lakes, and oceans, which you can quickly see from the locations where he usually buys his homes. These houses are well equipped with technology, big rooms and different halls for parties and entertainment.

Gates' has one of the most significant homes in America. The home, Xanadu 2.0, features over 24 bathrooms, among which ten are full bathrooms, and others are half baths. Along with these, there are seven rooms with ensuite bathrooms each. There is a massive reception hall with plush seats for the guests, a dining room adequate for a castle's dining room, a private sauna, and a steam room with separate locker rooms for men and women. There are a total of six kitchens in this massive house.

Land Area Of Build Gates' House

Bill Gates owns various properties across the United States. Some of them include an oceanfront mansion in Florida, an 18 million dollar Rancho Paseana which includes a massive guest house, a race track, a vet's suite, and five barns. He also owns a 492 ac (199 ha) ranch in Wyoming.

But his main house is a lakefront mansion located in Medina, Washington. It spreads across 66,000 sq. ft (6131 sq. m) of space surrounded by the property's large walls, including a private Gates Beach, which has imported sand delivered from St. Lucia by a barge every year. It also has a vast 2,300 sq. ft (213.67 sq. m) reception hall that could accommodate 200 people at a cocktail event and seat up easily to 150 people at a dinner party. In the center is a 6 ft (1.82 m) wide fireplace made of limestone. He also owns a 5,800 sq. ft (538.83 sq. m) oceanfront home located in San Diego with six bedrooms and a ten-person jacuzzi and cost him around 43 million dollars.


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