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79 Amazing Fantastic Beasts Facts For Kids To Enjoy

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J.K. Rowling's popular 'Harry Potter' books were made into eight hit movies, and the 'Fantastic Beasts' movie series followed, leading us into a new phase of the magical world.

Originally, it was thought that the series would consist of only three films. However, J. K. Rowling stated on October 14, 2016, that the film series would actually have five instalments.

'Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them' is the first movie in the 'Fantastic Beasts' film series of the Wizarding World franchise. It acts as a prequel to and spin-off from the 'Harry Potter' series, and is based on J.K. Rowling's 2001 guidebook with the same title.

The first film in the franchise, 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them', debuted in November 2016, followed by, 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald', which premiered in November 2018. 'Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore', the third film in the series, will be released in cinemas on April 15, 2022, in the United States.

Facts About Fantastic Beasts

'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' began as a fictional textbook set in the Harry Potter universe, written by the intriguing fictional character, Newt Scamander. The following are some enchanted facts about the 'Fantastic Beasts' series.

David Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter films, is the director of this movie.

J.K. Rowling stated that she already knew more about Newt than she needed to know, which is why she decided to write these books.

J.K. Rowling created the term Choranaptyxic, particularly for the movie.

Choranaptyxic refers to a magical creature that may shrink or expand to fit the remaining space.

In the film of 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban', the name Newt Scamander appears on the Marauder's Map.

'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' is a movie franchise based on the novel.

According to this fictional world, 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' was first issued in 1927, and for decades it was a required book at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The sequel to 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' was set in Paris, whereas the first film was set in New York.

The identities of all those who died in the witch trials are included in the United States' Magical Congress.

The set where 'Fantastic Beasts' was filmed was an exceedingly realistic replica of '20s New York that was totally created in the United Kingdom.

To gain ideas, the cast watched classic Harry Potter flicks.

Each actor was given the opportunity to create their own wand.

The cast went to wand school to learn how to use them properly. They also had a movement trainer was on set to help them handle their wands more naturally.

The character of Grindelwald was first mentioned in 'Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone'.

J.K. Rowling approached Johnny Depp about playing Grindelwald and gave him complete creative control over the production.

Depp added the frightening eye to Grindelwald as a personal choice.

The second film contained fewer creatures and had a stronger emphasis on Grindelwald.

In the films, the witches and wizards wear normal clothes instead of robes. Because of this, it's easy to forget that in the novels they wore robes throughout.

In 'The Crimes of Grindelwald', no one wore a robe at all, at least not in the wizarding world.

In these films, Jude Law portrays a young Dumbledore. The wand he uses throughout the film is actually CGI.

Law's wand was particularly unique because it meant that he was one of the few actors who was never required to go to wand school during filming.

Since the 'Harry Potter' novels, J. K. Rowling has stated that Dumbledore is homosexual. However, there is no mention of his sexuality in any of the 'Fantastic Beasts' series.

It has been stated that the music of these films was composed simultaneously with the films' production.

Newt, like any other Hufflepuff House member, is a fantastic finder.

During 'Fantastic Beasts,' the names Deliverance Dane and Mercy Lewis are both introduced as catchphrases.

During the Salem Witch Trials, both of these ladies were said to be practicing witchcraft.

J.K. Rowling wrote the song that was played at the underground club.

The seven books of Chadwick's Charms are shown on the bookshelf behind Jacob in one scene.

A number of scenes were deleted from the final film which would have provided much more detail on Newt Scamander's life.

A magical law in the U. S. prevents magical and non-magical folk from having contact according to the Magical Government.

Newt was banished after accepting responsibility for Leta LeStrange's research, which put a student's life in danger.

It is against the law to use Extension Charms for personal benefit. However, Newt Scamander created an invention to allow his workplace and many worlds be within his own suitcase.

Newt Scamander's yellow and grey scarf in the last scene of the film refers to the idea that he was a Hufflepuff House student at Hogwarts.

'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' is the first Harry Potter film to not include the broomstick, which is a traditional wizarding form of travel.

Discover the new beasts and insects featured in J.K. Rowling's most famous 'Fantastic Beasts'.

Facts About The Characters

While a frightening evil force tries to destroy New York City, Magizoologist Newt Scamander enlists the help of Jacob to capture several runaway magical creatures.

'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' is the first film in the series to have a protagonist, Jacob Kowalski, who lacks magical abilities.

Newton Scamander was born on February 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Scamander and is their youngest son. Within the novel, it is unclear whether he's full-blooded or a muggle.

Newt was born in 1897, therefore he was roughly 30 years old when 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald' took place.

During the '20s, Newt Scamander used an Extension Charm on a suitcase.

Newt's character has always had a fascination with magical creatures, and his mother raised hippogriffs, so he was surrounded by them since he was a toddler.

Newt has been to over 100 countries to study magical beasts.

Queenie's character is styled extremely similarly to Blanche DuBois in the first scene of 'A Streetcar Named Desire'.

Rowling had said she sees Ron Weasley in Jacob Kowalski.

Leta Lestrange is played by Zoe Kravitz.

The magic of character Newt's never-ending magical suitcase has some similarities with the magic carpetbag owed by Hermione Granger in the final 'Harry Potter' movies, on which she places an Undetectable Extension Charm.

Luna Lovegood married Rolf Scamander who is Newt's grandson according to the books.

Newt casts the magic spell 'revelio' at the end of 'Fantastic Beasts' to expose that Percival Graves was indeed Grindelwald.

The throne of Seraphina Picquery was designed to resemble Dumbledore's initial royal throne at Hogwarts.

Gellert Grindelwald is a major character in 'Fantastic Beasts' and he is referred to as a 'dangerous force on the European Continent' throughout the film.

Long before the advent of Voldemort, he is also a significant character in 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows,' where he is widely described as the most dangerous dark magic wizard in history.

Through Newt's photo, the viewer sees Leta Lestrange, a relation of Bellatrix Lestrange, in the first 'Fantastic Beasts' movie.

Facts About The Beasts

In the 'Fantastic Beasts' magical world, there are many fantastic magical creatures. Some aren't as terrifying as others, particularly the more powerful ones.

Dragons appear in multiple forms in myths all throughout the world. They are all, however, extremely powerful and dangerous creatures with enormous strength, and fireball breath.

The film's first beast is the charming but obnoxious Niffler. The story starts when the creature escapes from Newt's bag.

Nifflers are basically kleptomaniacs who swipe whatever sparkly they can find.

An Occamy is a lovely, one-of-a-kind creature, blue, shimmering, and small bird. However, they may expand or shrink to match their surroundings.

Bowtruckles have to be one of the cutest magical animals around. They're formed of twigs and branches and have small faces that they like to tuck into pockets.

A Billywig, is a bluebird insect, which is so fast that it can't even be seen, which is why we don't see much of it in 'Fantastic Beasts'.

Murtlaps are rat species without hair. Luckily, their bites aren't deadly, but they do appear to become quite serious over the period of 48 hours.

Swooping Evils spend the majority of their time in a small cocoon.  When the monster is disturbed, however, the cocoon opens and the creature transforms into a massive, terrible butterfly, which is a skull-faced nightmare.

The Thunderbird is one of the most amazing beasts in these flicks, and also in the entire 'Harry Potter' universe. Frank is the name of Newt's magnificent beast.

Graphorns are massive animals with tentacles and horns around their skulls. Their skin is said to be stronger than a dragon's and more immune to spells.

As Newt and Jacob leave the Graphorns, the Fwooper, a strange-looking pink bird, sits on its perch. Fwoopers come in four different shades.

Biting fairies are known as Doxy. They have two sets of sharp, deadly teeth, and bites from them require anti-venom therapy.

According to the 'Fantastic Beasts' book, the Demiguise is an animal creature from the East with a loving nature, deep black eyes, and long white hair.

The creature that attacked Harry during the competition in 'Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire' is known as Grindly Low and is seen in fantastic beasts.

Nundus are both beautiful and terrifying creatures. A Nundu is so strong that it takes 100 wizards to defeat just one of them.

An Obscurus is an entity that represents agony, sorrow, misery, and rage. It's the physical embodiment of the suppressed magical force of youthful witches and wizards and are known collectively as Obscurials.

Behind The Scenes Facts About The Movie

Almost everyone in the 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' film was flawlessly cast. Check out these behind-the-scenes facts if you're still not convinced!

Niffler is a lovely tiny critter inspired by the honey badger.

Eddie Redmayne had tried out for the role of Tom Riddle in 'Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets' but was rejected.

Eddie was cast as the Magizoologist, Newt Scamander, several years later. He was the only consideration for the part.

For his role, Eddie Redmayne trained with real zoo staff. He also conducted a lot of research on how he should act when confronted with magical creatures.

'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' included a number of deleted scenes, including one that must have been very difficult for Eddie Redmayne to hear about, because he had spent so much time preparing for it.

David Yates was undecided about directing another Wizarding World film.

The film's visual effects crew worked very hard to make the creatures appear as natural as possible, even modeling their movements after wild animals.

Lionel Wigram, a co-producer, had the thought to create a documentary about Newt.

Before casting in the film, Collin Farrell revealed that he had never read any 'Harry Potter' books.

Many members of the cast were unaware of Johnny Depp's role.

The actors had to use their imaginations to summon up some bizarre creatures.

The effects crew had puppets representing the beasts on set throughout their scenes in an attempt to make imagining them a little bit easier.

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