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Amazing 'The Help' Facts: Is The Movie Better Than The Book?

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There are only a few movies that are as famous as 'The Help', this movie is less of a fictional story and more like a real-life drama, which most can relate to in one way or the other.

'The Help' is a famous film that is connected to a novel written by Kathryn Stockett. The drama in this movie is also loosely related to the book with some subtle variations.

Tate Taylor is known to draw meaningful stories from real-life events. It is adapted from the novel "Gute Geister', which is about a white woman and her black maids. The reader gets an inside into the relationship between these two women and learns much more than just the work-related relationship between a woman and her help.

Characters Of 'The Help'

It didn't take the book long to become a best seller and it did earn many awards. One such award is the Academy Award. Director Tate Taylor is the hand behind the making of this film.

There are many reasons why this movie is so famous. One such reason is how it draws a direct connection to black lives. The movie shows the relationship between a white woman and her black maids. Since the movie is so close to the lives of black people and their civil rights, it continues to till date inspire many. In the movie, you can see Bryce Dallas Howard in the role of Hillary, also known as Hilly. The actress Emma Stone plays the role of Skeeter. It's very true that because of Emma Stone, Skeeter's relationship in the movie looks more relatable. Aibileen Clark also is a very important character in the movie, with it being played by the talented Viola Davis. We cannot forget the beautiful Octavia Spencer when counting the cast members of the movie. Octavia Spencer won an oscar all because of her flawless acting. The role of Sissy Spacek as Walters is also crucial to draw the line of understanding of the film, the best thing about this character is how many fans can relate to it. Minny Jackson is seen as an aspiring lady who someday wishes to become a journalist. Her role is known to be touching and thoughtful at the same time by readers and the audience. The key feature here is the chemistry between Viola Davis and Minny. Despite Viola Davis and Minny being maids and having the same dream, they are very different from one another and are known to bring out the best in each other.

The Movie Vs. The Novel

'The Help' is produced by DreamWorks Pictures and the movie unfolds and shows the audience the lives of two black maids in Mississippi.

The movie is directed by Tate Taylor and he successfully portrayed simple and at the same time complex characters, such as Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson. Despite the movie being very famous, many literature enthusiasts believe that the book is better. This is because many believe the book gives a much more detailed overview of the story of the protagonist in the Mississippi suburb. Nonetheless, the acting by Viola Davis is also the reason why the other half of the audience pool sides with the movie being better than the book. Some characters, such as Stockett's brother, have much more depth in the book than in the movie. The character of Hilly Holbrook also carries a lot of detail in the book. In the movie, some characters are not that detailed. This is a very valid scenario, as books are often there to give us an inside about the lives of characters. On the other hand, movies focus on the whole story and how one incident leads to another.

Awards Won By 'The Help'

The book was published in the year 2009, following which the movie came out in the year 2011.

After the release of the movie, some characters were quick to become fan favorites. Some of them are Bryce Dallas Howard and Viola Davis. The movie gained many positive reviews and as a result, it also won many awards. There are a total of ten plus awards that the movie received, due to its relevant storyline and excellent acting. Some of the most famous awards are the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Golden Globe Award.


'The Help' talks about the story of two black maids and their life in Mississippi. We get an insight into the characters and get many valuable lessons about age, race, and gender.

The movie beautifully explains how it is difficult to be these two women in their uniform, often being unseen and unheard by the surrounding public. Nonetheless, they still find strength in it and dare to dream of a better life. The movie tells how strength and love can conquer even the biggest of mountains.

The overall lesson is no matter which color, race, or gender you belong to, you are important and you are making a difference.

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Was 'The Help' successful?

Yes, both the movie and the book were an epic success. Both of them are timeless classics and they are still successful in making people cry after reading the book.

Is 'The Help' based on a real story?

No, it's not based on real-life, but it does talk about real-life problems of common people.

How accurate is 'The Help' movie?

It's very accurate in portraying the plight of people of color.

Why is Eugenia called Skeeter in 'The Help'?

Eugenia is called Skeeter because her older brother Carlton gave her that name.

What is the message of the movie 'The Help'?

The movie talks about remaining brave and fighting for your dreams despite your race or your color.

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