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Amberley Snyder, born on January 29, 1991, is an exceptional American rodeo and popular motivational speaker.
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About Amberley Snyder

Amberley Snyder was born in Orange County, California, USA, on January 29, 1991.
She is a barrel racer and motivational speaker who inspires millions of people all around the world. Her parents, Cory Snyder and Tina Snyder. had a great impact on her life.
Her father, Cory Snyder, was a baseball player and her mother supported her to a great extent to grow her love of horse riding. She attended Spanish Fork High School, Snow College, and Utah State University. She graduated with a degree in Agriculture Education.
In 2010, Amberley Snyder met an accident and she lost the feeling in all of her body below her waist. However, she was not ready to give up. She decided to fight back and soon after her treatment, she returned to her horses. She also decided to motivate others through her life story and with that intention she started a 'Wheelchair Wednesday' session on her social media, which depicts the day-to-day tasks in her life.
She also published a book titled 'Walk Ride Rodeo'. Her story was also portrayed as a biopic in the Netflix series 'Walk. Ride. Rodeo.'. She is no longer confined to her wheelchair and ditched the wheelchair to ride in the biggest rodeo. Contrary to the doctor's opinion, she managed finally to learn to walk again.

Amberley Snyder Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Amberley Snyder's net worth?

Amberley Snyder's net worth is about $10 million.

How much does Amberley Snyder earn per year?

Amberley Snyder earns almost $1 million per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Amberley Snyder?

Amberley Snyder is 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) tall.

How old is Amberley Snyder?

Amberley Snyder is 31 years old, as she was born on January 29, 1991 to Cory Snyder and Tina Snyder.

Childhood And Education

Amberley Snyder was born in Orange County, California, on January 29, 1991. She is the daughter of Cory Snyder and Tina Snyder. Her father, Cory Snyder, was a baseball player. She grew up at her family home with her siblings, Taylor James Snyder, Autumn Snyder, JC Snyder, and Ashley Snyder.
Amberley Snyder has been passionate about barrel racing since her childhood. She loved horses very much and this love turned to her passion when she grew up. When her father retired from playing baseball, her family moved to Utah. Amberley Snyder has five siblings and all her siblings are active in sports and other extracurricular activities.
Amberley Snyder was always passionate about horses and her mother, Tina Snyder, supported her to grow her passion toward horse riding. During her childhood days, Amberley Snyder also participated in games such as goat tying and barrel racing. She was also interested in pole bending and won national prizes for pole bending during her school days. Amberley Snyder attended Spanish Fork High School and Utah State University where she completed a Master's degree in School Counseling. She was also active in the FFA organization and was the President of FFA at the state level in 2010.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Amberley Snyder dating?

There is currently a rumor that Amberley Snyder is dating Tate Watkins, but neither has confirmed this.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For

She is best known for her contribution as a barrel racer and a motivational speaker.
Amberley is a National Little Britches Rodeo Association champion.

Charity Work

After her accident, she learnt new lessons in life and realized that she had been given a wonderful opportunity to motivate and inspire people. She decided to change her pains into pleasures for the benefit of others. She turns the bad experience in her life into motivating lessons for others. Her inspiring talks earn her a lot of fans all around the world. Her relentless spirit and enthusiasm often make her a model for others. She proved that she was a competitor deep inside her spirit and never gave up on anything in life. The 'Wheelchair Wednesday' vlog, which she posts weekly, depicts the challenging tasks of her day-to-day life.

What awards has Amberley Snyder won?

Amberley Snyder won the 'Nothin' But Try' scholarship from Shane Drury. She was voted at The American by RFD TV as the World's Richest One Day Rodeo. She was also listed among the top five by the Association of Rocky Mountain Pro Rodeo and in 2016 she also won the association card of the Women's Professional Rodeo Association. She also qualified for the finals of the Pro Rodeo Wilderness Circuit in 2021, for the first time in her life.
She won the 2009 All-Round Cowgirl World Championship in the National Little Britches Rodeo Association. She was the 2009–2010 Utah State FFA President.

Amberley Snyder's Hobbies And Interest

Travel and riding horses are the major interests of Amberley Snyder. She is also interested in pole bending and barrel racing. Amberley Snyder likes to motivate others through her life story.

Other Interesting Amberley Snyder's Facts And Trivia

Amberley Snyder is a strong fighter who never gives up in her life. In January 2010, she was in a horrific car accident that ended her rodeo career. She was driving towards the Denver Stock Show and Rodeo in her car and unfortunately she did not put on her seat belt. For a second, she looked at her map and lost control of the car and her car collapsed as it headed against a metal beam.
She was injured badly and her back was broken as she hit a post. This accident changed her life as she lost the feeling in her legs. After surgery, doctors told her that she lost movement of body parts below her waist and she lost all her feelings below her waist.
The doctors also told her that the absence of a seat belt had made the outcome much worse. Amberley Snyder is a fighter deep inside her heart and she decided not to be defeated and started to fight back. Her passion for horse riding called her back to life. Soon after her treatments, she returned to her horses.
Amberley Snyder decided to learn again. She took her degree in Agriculture Education and also her Masters in School Counseling. Amberley Snyder completed her Masters from Utah State University.
Amberley Snyder was also famous for the portrayal of her story in a biopic on Netflix titled 'Walk. Ride. Rodeo.'. Amberley Snyder and her younger sister, Autumn Synder, performed in the biopic. She also starred in the third season of 'Yellowstone'. Amberley Snyder also published a book in 2017, titled 'Walk Ride Rodeo' that depicts her story. The book vividly portrays her journey of tragedy to triumph and it was the success story of the life of Amberley Snyder.
Amberley Snyder is now a successful motivational speaker who works hard to satisfy her audiences. She is still active even after her accident and always inspires people to do great things. Her personal life has been a mixture of sorrow and happiness and she was always young at heart. She is now enjoying a successful career, using her great communication skills to inspire others.

Main image credit: Glenn Highcove / Shutterstock.

Amberley Snyder Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Amberley Snyder

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Orange County, California



180 cm

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Child Star?



Rodeo Competitor


Utah State University

Net Worth



Tate Watkins


Cory Snyder, Tina Snyder


Ashley Snyder, JC Snyder, Taylor Jams Snyder, Autumn Snyder
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