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131 Andre The Giant Facts That Will Absolutely Amaze You!

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Andre, the Giant, was the ring name of a gigantic professional wrestling legend of French-Bulgarian origin named Andre Rene Roussimoff.

Born in 1946 in Coulommiers Seine et-Marne, France, this wrestling legend’s life span, though short, managed to captivate the attention of several generations. Hailing from a humble background, Andre was born with a condition known as acromegaly, or in layman's terms, gigantism.

What this meant was that the growth hormones in his body were extremely active, causing him to grow into the giant we all know. Since he was always taller and larger than an average kid of his age, his father put him to work with himself on their farm, to which his brother Jacques remarked that Andre was big enough to fulfill the tasks of three men. Getting bored with farm work, Andre moved to Paris to work, where he began wrestling and went on to create various world records in WWE.

Little did he know that his gigantic size and the massive strength that accompanied it would lead him to become the most popular wrestler all around the world. Let's look at some of Andre The Giant facts to understand how he created wrestling history as a true giant.

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Fun Facts About Andre The Giant

Without a doubt, Andre the Giant made a lot of money for wrestling promoters across the world. Here are some of the most fun facts about Andre the Giant and his career with the WWE: -

He wrestled under the alias Jean Ferre. HBO made a documentary about this wrestling legend in 2018 under the title 'Andre, the Giant.'

When he was born, he weighed 13.2 lb (6 kg). His nickname was Dede. He was born with gigantism disorder and was described as larger than other kids with abnormally long hands.

By the age of 13, Andre was 6 ft 3 in (1.90 m) tall in height. He grew on to go over 7 ft 5 in (2.6 m).

When he returned home after having lived alone for about five years, his parents did not recognize him initially because he had grown into a massive giant.

Andre’s parents were not aware that he could be a wrestler until this time. Not only was his body that of a giant, but his fingers were also very big too. It is said that he could not dial a number on a telephone rotary without using a pencil or pen because his own fingers were too big to be able to fit in the little slots.

He always had a very uncomfortable ride. Whether cars, trains, buses, whatever the mode of transport, Andre would always have to slouch down in order to fit in, making it very difficult for him to travel.

He also knew the famous Irish playwright Samuel Beckett who lived close by and would often give Andre a ride to school. The two of them shared a common interest in cricket and talked about it on their rides.

He played the role of Fezzik in the amazing movie The Princess Bride. Several anecdotes and memories of him behind the scenes and his stage presence have been shared over the years.

The actors and directors of Princess Bride also said that he had inherent acting skills and did not need much direction or guidance regarding his acting or his role.

As per individual accounts, Andre was a gentle and jovial giant. He cared for the people around him and enjoyed having fun with his friends.

During the shooting of Princess Bride, he would also protect actress Robin Wright from the cold by placing his hand on her head.

He enjoyed shopping from the popular shopping channel QVC. He remained in his ranch house located in North Carolina. He did not enjoy shopping a lot as he found it tedious, which drew his attention towards QVC, from which he purchased several items.

He began his wrestling journey in Paris under the tutelage of a local wrestler Robert Lageat.

Starting his career as a professional wrestler under the name of Geant Ferre, he came to be known by several names in the various different countries where he went on to wrestle. In Japan, he came to be known as Monster Roussimoff when he made his debut in the International Wrestling Enterprise in 1970.

After his trip to Japan, he moved to Canada, where he became an instant success, with constant sold-out shows and performances. However, eventually, this also became a cause of losing popularity because his promoters could no longer find opponents for him to fight against.

In a historical event in Baghdad in 1971, Andre the Giant was defeated by Adnan Al Kaissie. Before this, he was an undefeated Wrestler.

The direction of his career, however, changed drastically once Vince McMahon, Sr. founder of the WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation), got involved.

His career trajectory started going down as McMahon suggested major changes, mainly around the idea of promoting Andre’s gigantic size. He envisioned Andre as an immovable giant and wanted to portray a similar image. An undefeatable, immovable rock of a man for whom there is no match.

This did not prove to be a good strategy in Andre’s favor because he would no longer perform any maneuvers or acts or tricks that he was known so popularly for.

According to certain stories and accounts, during his surgery in 1987, the doctors were unable to measure the quantity of anesthesia required to work on Ander’s body, so they guessed it on the basis of his alcohol tolerance.

Facts About Andre The Giant's Diet

Owing to his massive size, Andre did not have much effect of alcohol. It is said that he could drink up to 100 beers at a time without getting really drunk or experiencing hangovers or anything that could affect his performance in a match.

However, he did once pass out in a hotel under the effect of alcohol, and the hotel staff had to get creative to protect him from getting injured since he could not be picked.

Weighing almost 500 lb (226 kg) and having to maintain his strength, Andre is known to consume 7,000 calories in a day.

On days when he wanted to put on a show, he could also devour up to 12 steaks and five lobster in one sitting.

Because of his massive size, he was capable of drinking 12 bottles of wine at once and is known to have said that it takes two liters of Vodka just to make him feel warm.

Andre fought one of his most famous bouts against Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania.

Facts About Andre The Giant's Wrestling Career

It is said that he could lift cars with ease. Because of his massive size, stories of him moving around his friends' cars for fun or as a prank are very common. It is said that he did not require any weight training either.

Giants like Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been considered small when compared to Andre, the Giant.

His name Andre the Giant was only coined in the 1970s when he reached North America and had a fight in Chicago. His earlier stage name Jean Ferre was rejected on the grounds of sounding too much like the word fairy.

He gave more importance to his wrestling career than his health. It is said that Andre was not aware of his acromegaly until once when he hurt his ankle and went to a doctor, who noted his symptoms as those of gigantism. He is even said to have refused treatment to manage his symptoms out of fear of risking his wrestling career.

During his iconic Wrestlemania III match against Hulk Hogan, he was not in the pink of health, due to which, the match was created around his condition, however, Hogan remarked that Andre did not want to pre-decide the ending and went with the flow.

He took part in several wrestling events and was known a the tallest wrestler in Wrestle mania and WWE.

Facts About Andre The Giant's Family

His parents, Boris Roussimoff and Mariann Roussimoff Stoeff were immigrants of Bulgarian and Polish descent, respectively.

He was the third of five children, meaning that he had two elder and two younger siblings.

He is known to have mentioned in an interview that his parents were short, his mother was 5 ft 2 in (157 cm) and his father 6 ft 2 in (187 cm); his father had stated that his grandfather was 7 ft 8 in (233 cm). This perhaps could have been the reason for Andre being a giant.

After finishing compulsory education at the age of 14, he joined the workforce instead of gaining higher education.

His family worked on a farm, and he did not believe a lot of education was required for a farm laborer.

Andre has one daughter named Robin Christensen. Andre met Jean Christensen in the early 1970s and had a daughter with her. However, he was not always present. In fact, his daughter Robin has often been unwilling to discuss Andre publicly.

She has remarked to have seen him about five times in her entire life and that he was an absent father. Jean Christensen died in 2008.

Andre died at the age of 46 in 1993 in a hotel in Paris when he visited his town for his father’s funeral. The cause of his death was heart failure.

As per his will, he was cremated in the United States instead of being buried, and his ashes were scattered around his ranch house, which according to his will, was endowed to his daughter Robin as his sole beneficiary.

He made his home at a ranch in the small town of Ellerbe in North Carolina.

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