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About Andy Bean

Andy Bean is a well-known American actor and author.

Andy Bean was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 7, 1984. Andy Bean has gained popularity by appearing in the role of Alec Holland in the 2019 horror TV show 'Swamp Thing' that ran for only one season.

Moreover, he is also well-known for his appearances in TV shows, including 'Power' (2014-2020) as Greg Knox, 'Here And Now' (2018) as Henry Bergen, and 'It Chapter Two' (2019) as Stanley Uris. Bean's other notable works include his roles 'Bad Vegan And The Teleportation Machine' (2016), 'Poor Boy' (2016), and 'Leaving Hope' (2018). Andy Bean also had some minor roles in 'Transformers: The Last Knight' and 'Allegiant'. Andy Bean was also featured in a short film, 'Leaving Hope', portraying the character of Mike.

Andy Bean Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Andy Bean’s net worth?

Andy Bean has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

How much does Andy Bean earn per year?

The annual earnings of Andy Bean are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Andy Bean?

Andy Bean stands at a height of 6 ft (183 cm).

How old is Andy Bean?

Andy Bean was born on October 7, 1984. As of 2022, Bean is 37 years old.

Childhood And Education

Andy Bean was born on October 7, 1984, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. His family belongs to Mount Prospect. Bean grew up in Carrollton, Texas. He was also admitted to the Quad C Theatre department that belonged to Collin Country Community College, Piano, Texas.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Andy Bean’s partner?

Andy Bean is married to Lizzy Loeb. Andy and Lizzy married each other in 2014. The couple became parents to their first child, a daughter named Penelope Cuesta-Loeb Bean, on November 17, 2019.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Andy Bean is best known as an American actor.

Andy Bean first made his appearance in a short film named 'Neptunus Rex' in 2007. Later, in 2014, he portrayed the role of Greg Knox in the television drama series 'Power'. He appeared in 28 episodes of this series. In this drama series, he portrayed the character of an FBI agent who was assigned the Angela Valdes love interest and a ghost case.

In 2016, Andy Bean marked his appearance in three movies, namely 'The Divergent Series: Allegiant', 'Poor Boy' and 'Bad Vegan And The Teleportation Machine'. However, in 'Allegiant', he portrayed only a minor role as Romit.

Later, in 2017, the actor got an opportunity to play a minor role as a lawyer in 'Transformers: The Last Knight'. During the same year, he also got featured in the short film 'Magic '85' portraying the role of 'Fred.

In 2018, Andy Beans portrayed the main role of a homeless thief named Henry Bergen in the TV series 'Here And Now'.

In 2019, Andy Bean landed the role of Travis in the short film 'Find What You Love And Let It Kill You'. In the same year, Bean appeared alongside Wyatt Oleff, playing the role of Stanley Uris in 'It Chapter Two'. He was also cast in the DC Universe's 'Swamp Thing'. The American actor is also portrayed as Alec Holland in this television series. He appeared in 10 episodes of this popular drama series.

In 2021, Andy Bean recently appeared in two latest movies, ' Malignant' and 'King Richard'. He was featured as Frank and Laird Stabler, respectively.

Other Interesting Andy Bean Facts And Trivia

  • His birth sign is Gemini, and he celebrates his birthday every year on October 7.
  • Andy Bean was born in Chicago, Illinois, and holds American nationality.

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Andy Bean Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Andy Bean

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183 cm

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Actor, Author


Collin County Community College

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Lizzy Loeb
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