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Angel Falls Venezuela: Curious Facts On The World's Tallest Waterfall!

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What happens when an angel falls from heaven; it is confined to earth, fighting the devil, just like this mystical waterfall.

The tallest natural waterfall in the world is called Angel Falls, situated in the Canaima National Park in Venezuela, South America. It falls from a spectacular height of 3,212 ft (979 m), from the top of a flat plateau-mountain called the Devil's Mountain into the waters of what is known as the Devil's Canyon.

Angel Falls is not only famous for being the highest uninterrupted waterfall, but it is also the third-largest waterfall in the world. At the base, the width of the waterfall is about 500 ft (152.4 m). The falls are named after Jimmie Angel, an American pilot, who is the first person to discover Angel Falls, or 'waterfall of the deepest place' as it is known by the Pemon, the indigenous people of Venezuela. A Latvian explorer named Aleksandrs Laime was the first person to reach Angel Falls on foot.

Angel Falls is safe to visit, as the government secured the Canaima National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The peak rainy season from June to November is the best time to visit Angel Falls, Venezuela. Visitors can only reach the national park by a small plane. From there, one can use a motorized canoe to cross the Canaima lagoon and take an adventurous hike to the viewing point of the waterfall. Besides the beautiful Angel Falls, one can also get a dazzling view of the Canaima national park, its diverse flora and fauna, and multiple rivers.

Read these interesting facts about Angel Falls in Venezuela before planning a visit for an adventure. Afterward, also check Bangladesh facts and Afghanistan culture facts.

What is at the bottom of Angel Falls?

Though Angel Falls seems dangerous from an aerial view, the bottom of the waterfall is just as calm. If the waterfall's flow is gentle, you can swim in the beautiful pool of water forming under the fall, but beware of the cold temperature!

A trek to the top of Angel Falls with trained professionals is risky and takes up to five days. But the refreshing water collected at the bottom is accessible to everyone. Surrounded by big natural rocks, rich rainforest, and gushing cold winds from the waterfall, you can expect great scenic beauty at Angel Falls during the wet season. On the excursion up to the waterfall from the base camp in the Canaima National Park, exotic wildlife and beautiful lagoons surround you.

If the flow is strong enough, while standing near the bottom of Angel Falls, you will be surrounded by misty clouds of water droplets formed by the water that evaporates before making it to the base of the waterfall. Kamarata is an old village nearby, belonging to the indigenous people of Pemon. There are a few places to eat and stay in this area, even an indigenous-run resort, making the experience at the bottom of Angel Falls genuinely authentic.

How tall is Angel Falls in Venezuela?

Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world, with a height of 3,212 ft (979 m)! Just imagine the speed and force at which the water would fall from such a great height!

Before its discovery in the mid-1900s, the indigenous people of Venezuela, the Pemon, knew of the existence of this incredible waterfall but stayed away from it, believing that such a tall natural wonder held strong and strange magical forces within it.

Angel Falls is so high and is situated in such an isolated place that only an aviator, by the name of James 'Jimmie' Crawford Angel, was able to discover it from the aerial view of his small plane, that too by accident. Ruth Robertson, an American journalist, determined the official and accurate height of the falls on May 13, 1949. Twenty-two years later, a group of four climbers became the first people to climb to the top of the Devil's Mountain. Angel Falls remains the highest waterfall in the world, three times as tall as Paris's famous Eiffel Tower.

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Where does Angel Falls get its water?

A question that beckons most visitors to Angel Falls is where does the waterfall get its water? There are no glaciers here, so what is the water source for Angel Falls? We have discussed these important details further for your perusal below.

Most big waterfalls get their water from major lakes, massive river systems, snowfields or glacier melts. But Angel Falls is situated not near giant water bodies or snowy areas but in the rainforests of Canaima National Park in South America. Therefore, it receives most of its water from the rainfall in the Bolivar State of Venezuela.

As it rains a lot in Venezuela, the water released by the dense vegetation in the rainforest and the rocks under the earth provide enough water for the Churun River, which flows off the edge of the Devil's Mountain and forms Angel Falls. Thus, a waterfall is created when a river flow reaches its end and flows off a high mountain or rock. In the wet season, from May to December, the water flows at its heaviest from Angel Falls, as the downpour over the rainforests surrounding it is at its peak. Because of its height, some of the water flowing from the top of the waterfall evaporates before meeting the land, forming misty clouds around Angel Falls. In the dry season, the flow of Angel Falls mellows down to a long but light drizzle.

Can you stand under Angel Falls?

Are you planning a trip to Angel Falls and thinking about standing under the falls for a compelling picture? Then before you embark on this adventure, do check these facts to know if it is safe for you to stand under the tallest waterfall in the world:

If the flow allows, you can definitely stand under Angel Falls and experience becoming a part of the world's highest waterfall. But if the flow is too strong, you may be injured by the whiplash of water. It is important to be cautious and take precautions before attempting to stand under the falls!

Although the rainy season in Venezuela begins in May and lasts all the way until December, the highest rainfall is always recorded between July and November. During this period, the continuous rain increases the strength of the water falling off Angel Falls. If you are planning to stand under the waterfall, you should not visit Angel Falls during these months.

Thus, it is not advisable to stand under the waterfall on a rainy day, as you might get pushed deeper into the pool of water below, jabbed by the rocks around you, and injure yourself. But on a calmer day, when the flow of Angel Falls seems mellow and kind, it is perfectly fine to stand under the waterfall. You can enjoy the sound of the world's most majestic fall around you and freshen your mind, body, and spirit to get in touch with nature in its purest form. Many people have enjoyed this exhilarating experience of standing under the world's highest waterfall.

Did you know?

Have you ever wondered how Angel Falls got its name? There is a fascinating story behind these falls being named Angel Falls. Many people are unaware that Angel Falls was named after a well-known US aviator by the name of Jimmie Angel. He was the first pilot who tried to fly over Angel Falls on November 16, 1933, during a mission to locate an extremely valuable ore bed in the surrounding forests.

While he was on his return journey from the mission, Jimmie Angel attempted to land his Flamingo Monoplane on the atop of Ayuan Tepui. The name of his monoplane was El Río Caroní. But during the attempt to land, his place got damaged as the plane's wheels sank into the marshy ground. As a result, Angel and his companions, including his wife Marie, were compelled to abandon the aircraft and complete the journey on foot.

They had quite an adventure during their return journey to the civilization as it took me almost 11 days to make their way back. This is the reason that the tallest waterfall in the world has been named angel falls in honor of this brave aviator.

When you are on a flight for your trip to Angel Falls, you will notice these majestic falls when the flight will fly over Canaima. But if you wish to see the falls from the ground, there is only one way to do so is to book a river excursion from the town of Canaima. This booking must be made with Curiaras, which are motorized canoes. You can make a booking for your river excursion even before you enter Venezuela.

Many service providers accept online bookings from international travelers, but many of them could be misleading. So, the visitors should make a booking when they land in Venezuela to get bookings at much lower prices. If you are looking for a bargain deal, you should explore Ciudad Bolivar or Caracas, as most service providers are located in these two locations.

It is generally impossible to book a solo trip as most tour facilitators accept only group bookings. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your trip with a group of friends or family. The bookings will usually cover your flight to Canaima and then a two to three-day trip to Angel Falls. The cost of your stay and food will also be included in the price of the trip. It generally takes around six hours for the canoe to reach Angel Falls. The time taken can vary slightly according to the water level in the river and the force of the current.

After descending from the ship, you will need to undertake a one-hour hike to reach Angel Falls. If you have a planned tour, the tour guide will help you explore the location. Otherwise, you can also explore the caves, go hiking, or take a dip in the rivers. It is extremely important to note that boats are allowed to reach Angel Falls during the monsoon season, which usually lasts from June to December. The waterfall is at its peak during this time of the year, making it the best time to make a visit to these waterfalls for an adventure.

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